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A giant billboard-size figure of a bull is silhouetted against the sky near Zaragoza, Spain.

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3 A giant billboard-size figure of a bull is silhouetted against the sky near Zaragoza, Spain.

4 Horses from a herd of white Lipizzans stand in a stable near Novi Sad in Serbia. This breed of horse is usually born with a dark coat that lightens with age.

5 A 1-week-old giant anteater, the first to be born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C., clings to its mother. The giant anteater, which is threatened by hunting and loss of habitat, can be found in savannah grasslands from Belize to Argentina.

6 An ambitious dog steals a soccer ball during a high-school scrimmage in Franklin, Ky.

7 Two-day-old giraffe Inge nuzzles her mother, Elli, in the Tierpark Berlin zoo in Germany. After just two days, Inge was already 6 feet tall.

8 Two juvenile kangaroos dance around each other at Namadgi National Park near Australia's capital city of Canberra. Australia's military is planning to relocate hundreds of kangaroos at risk of starvation on drought-hit defense bases in the national capital after a public outcry about shooting the animals.

9 A bird flies over the Ticamaya lagoon, one of the country's protected, in Honduras. The lagoon has recovered its beauty after being covered by heavy, dense growth.

10 Saint, a 3-year-old golden retriever, catches a wave in Morro Bay, Calif. His owner, Kat Young, said he has been surfing most of his life.

11 Jiwlew, a Pomeranian, pushes a shopping cart during the opening of the Pet Expo Thailand 2007 in Bangkok.

12 A seal climbs out of a fisherman's net in Gastineau channel in Juneau, Alaska.

13 A pigeon lingers along the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California. While other communities in the state control their pigeon populations by trapping and killing them, Hollywood is turning to birth control. In the coming months, a substance called OvoControl P will be placed in kibble on new rooftop feeders. The OvoControl P will prevent the pigeons from reproducing by interfering with egg development and is expected to shrink the population 50 percent by 2012.

14 A member of a herd of Scottish Highland cattle picks pears from a tree near Zurich, Switzerland

15 A 2-day-old piping plovers runs along a beach just ahead of waves lapping on the shore in the Quonochontaug Conservation Area in Westerly, R.I.

16 Ring-tailed lemurs eat iced watermelon at Ever land, South Korea's largest amusement park.

17 A group of genetically engineered medaka fish developed by the Taikong Corp. glows in a tank at the fifth Bio Taiwan 2007 exhibition in Taipei.

18 A spider awaits its prey in its web in Fort Smith, Ark.

19 Two adult Sumatran orangutans get friendly while a baby sits among them at Singapore Zoo. The zoo puts a lot of effort into educating the public about Sumatran and Bornean orangutans, which are categorized as critically endangered with approximately only 55,000 Bornean and 7,500 Sumatran orangutans left in the wild to date.

20 A parrot collects a donation of 100 Thai Baht currency to help care for animals at a zoo in Bangkok, on Buddhist Lent, a public holiday in Thailand.

21 A jellyfish is taken out of an aquarium of the Burgers Ocean Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Burgers Ocean, one of the only zoos in Europe to successfully breed captive jellyfish, currently holds extremely large numbers of jellyfish.

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