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Manman to ERP LN Migration August 2006 Strategic Systems Group, Inc. David Cervelli

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1 Manman to ERP LN Migration August 2006 Strategic Systems Group, Inc. David Cervelli

2 Manman to ERP LN  Strategic Systems Group Overview  Manman to ERP LN Migration  Environment  Conversion Process  Manman to ERP LN Conversion (short list)  Manman / ERP LN Differences  Conversion Schedule Highlights  Conversion Methodologies  Conversions Pitfalls  Successful Conversions  Conclusions

3 Strategic Systems Group Overview Founded in 1991 Software Development for Classic Manman, MK, Baan and ERP LN Platforms and Applications: Manman, Manman/X, MK, Baan IV and V, SSA ERP LN, Great Plains, Oracle and Web- based Applications Worked with Computer Associates as Implementation Partner SSA-GT Preferred Business Partner Performed many conversions to/from Manman, Baan and MK Active CAMUS and SSAU Member

4 Strategic Systems Group Overview SSG worked closely with ASK and Computer Associates: Pre and Post-Sales Support Installed, Implemented and Trained Clients as a Computer Associates Partner Performed Level One Phone Support for Manman and MK as a Computer Associates Partner Provided Application and Technical Training at Client Sites and Computer Associates Offices for both Customers and Support Personnel Current SSA Business Partner responsible for data migrations to SSA ERP LN

5 Manman to ERP LN Migration Manman Application is being retired SSA offering a license swap from Manman to ERP LN at reasonable cost Conversion efforts and investments include:  Hardware  Data Conversion  Training  Pilot Testing  Business Process Impact Analysis  Customizations  Three to Six Month Business Impact

6 Environment ERP LN 5x to 6 (Gemini in Beta released late 2004) UNIX or Microsoft NT Both very reliable and able to support large environments Oracle, MS-SQL, Sybase (NO ISAM) True ODBC, very scalable, numerous 3 rd party tools Primarily UNIX / Oracle or Microsoft NT / MS-SQL environments Fairly mature and stable. Version 4x had some stability issues. Version 5x has been a fairly sound release.

7 Conversion Process No two conversions are the same All conversions have some similarities (both good and bad conversions) Project Manager should be internal company employee Cross-functional business teams should represent all significant departments Pilot test and perform user training with your company data

8 Conversion Process Identify gaps and business process changes early Identify migration and process issues Manman Customer and Suppliers become Business Partners Manman Addresses Financial Integration Mapping What data will be converted? Master Data Open Transactions History Historical companies 3 rd party databases Will Manman system be retired or used for historical purposes? Will 3 rd party products be migrated to LN?

9 Master Tables Master tables contain data that must be migrated Customer Master Bill To – Ship To Masters Vendor Master Item Master Bill of Materials Routings Chart of Accounts Structural differences between applications will require a process to map and translate data from Manman to ERP LN

10 Production Tables Production tables Open transactions; data used in day-to-day operations Data must be migrated to ERP LN (manual or programmatically) Inventory Open Accounts Receivable Open Accounts Payable Open Sales Orders Open Purchase Orders Open Production Orders Data structure is different between Manman and ERP LN; cross-reference tables will be required to migrate this data.

11 Historical Data How will you access Historical data? Accounts Payable Distribution Closed Sales Orders / Sales History Closed Purchase Orders / Purchase History Closed Production Orders / Production History Sales Order Bookings Receipt History Closed Accounts Payables Closed Accounts Receivable Transaction Log Migrating historical data into ERP LN may be not worth the cost Option 1: Leave data on the Manman system Data can be accessed for historical purposes Manman system would need to remain online for some time Option 2: Data warehouse Move historical data to a data warehouse for user access Eliminate Manman from active maintenance and upkeep

12 Business Partners Enterprise Units Financial Set-up and Processing Cash Management Module  A/R receives cash  A/P processes payments Central Invoicing Enterprise Planning Numerous others Manman to ERP LN Differences

13 Manman to ERP LN Conversion (Short List) Customer File Mapping Bill To number(ERP LN 6 characters, Manman 10 characters) Ship To number (ERP LN 6 characters, Manman 10 characters) Customer Financial Group Line of Business Area Route Terms of Payment Vendor File Mapping Supplier Number (ERP LN 6 characters, Manman 10 characters) Line of Business Area Route Terms of Payment Item Master Mapping Item Type; Item Group Cost Price Component Product Type Single Code Price Group Statistics Group Order Policy; Order System; Order Method

14 Business Partners (Customers and Vendors) share some tables ‘Roles’ distinguish Business Partner activities You can Sell To or Buy From the same Business Partner ERP LN Business Partners

15 Manman / ERP LN Customer Differences Manman BILMAS Customers CUSFIL Postal Address CUSFIL Delivery Address ERP LN tccom100 Business Partners tccom130 Addresses tccom110 Sold To Business Partners tccom111 Ship to Business Partners tccom112 Invoice To Business Partners tccom113 Pay From Business Partners Customers are now called Business Partners Addresses are kept in a separate table Tables are organized by functionality

16 Manman / ERP LN Vendor Differences Manman VNDMAS Vendors VNDMAS Postal Address ERP LN tccom100 Business Partners tccom130 Addresses tccom120 Buy From Business Partners tccom121 Ship From Business Partners tccom122 Invoiced From Business Partners tccom124 Pay To Business Partners Vendors are now called Business Partners Addresses are kept in a separate table Tables are organized by functionality

17 Manman / ERP LN Item Master Differences Manman IM Item Master ERP LN tcibd001 General Item Data tcibd200 Ordering Data cprpd100 Planning Data tcibd007 Costing Data whwmd400 Warehouse Data tdisa001 Sales Data tiipd001 Production Data tdipu001 Purchase Data Tables are organized by functionality Item Master changed substantially

18 Manman / ERP LN BOM and Routing Differences Manman PSF BOM’s RTFIL Routings ERP LN tibom010 BOMs tirou101 Routing Codes by Item tirou102 Routing Operations

19 Manman / ERP LN Inventory Differences Inventory has been split into separate Warehouse modules: wh wmd – Warehousing Master Data wh inh – Inventory Handling wh inr – Inventory Reporting Separate ERP LN modules exist for warehouse inbound, outbound, analysis, lot control, planning, and more Manman Invfil Inventory ERP LN whwmd210 Warehouse - Item Data whwmd215 Item Inventory by warehouse whinr140 Inventory by Warehouse tcibd100 Item Inventory

20 Manman / ERP LN Sales Differences Manman SOEFIL S/O Header SODFIL S/O Line SOEFIL S/O Header History SODFIL S/O Line History ERP LN tdsls400 Sales Order Header tdsls401 Sales Order Line tdsls450 Sales Header History tdsls451 Sales Line History Tables names changed but functionality remains same Additional fields added

21 Manman / ERP LN Purchasing Differences Manman POMAS P/O Header POFIL P/O Line POMAS P/O Header History POFIL P/O Line History ERP LN tdpur400 Purchase Order Header tdpur401 Purchase Order Line tdpur450 Purchase Header History tdpur451 Purchase Line History Tables names changed but functionality remains Additional fields added

22 Manman / ERP LN Open A/R & A/P Differences Manman ARFIL, INVIL Open AR VCHFIL Open AP PADFIL Open AP Detail ERP LN tfacr200 Open AR Items Sales Invoices and Receipts tfacp200 Open AP Items Purchase Invoices and Payments

23 Manman / ERP LN General Ledger Differences Manman GLMAS Chart of Accounts GLDFIL GL Transactions ERP LN tfgld008 Chart of Accounts tfgld102 Non-Finalized Transactions tfgld106 Finalized Transactions Training will be a key requirement Finance changed significantly Financial Integrations added

24 Financial Integration Mapping Benefits  Better financial information  Easier access to data  Drill downs Cost  More complex set-up

25 Conversion Schedule Highlights Choose and Install Hardware Install ERP LN Software and Database Configure ERP LN test company Conduct Functional Overview Training and Gap Analysis Convert Data from Manman to ERP LN Test Initial Data Conversion Train, Train, Train Test, Test, Test Adjust ERP LN Parameters and Data Conversion Processes Reconvert Manman Data to ERP LN Go Live on ERP LN

26 Conversion Methodologies SSA-GT Tool Migrates data directly from Manman to LN Converts data Supports mapping Still need to validate data after it is migrated Not a turn key solution Customer is responsible  Data mapping  Data validation

27 Conversion Pitfalls Don’t do it all at once  Keep major business restructuring changes separate from the implementation  Time phase the implementation, if feasible  Stick to the scope of the project; don’t fall prey to ‘creeping elegance’ Resource Allocation - don’t be a one person implementation team Recognize the impact the conversion can have on day to day operations immediately following conversion Maintain clear scope on customizations and modifications

28 Successful Implementations  Project Management  Planning  Scope containment  and much more  Cross Functional Implementation Team  Business Process Impact and Gap Analysis  Business Requirements Definition  Well Orchestrated Data Migration  Training and Pilot Testing  Other Requirements:  Interface to disparate systems  Customizations and modification  Migrating disparate data

29 Bring it all together

30 Conclusions Converting from Manman to ERP LN is challenging but manageable Key Issues Resource Allocation Training and Testing Data Conversion Business Process Impact Scope Management Consider keeping an ODBC-Compliant repository for the Manman Data If needed, draw resources and knowledge from a 3 rd party provider

31 Questions ? David Cervelli Strategic Systems Group, Inc.

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