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Words for Production 14. spice [ spaIs ] n. [U][C] excitement and interest; something made from plants to flavor food 趣 味;調味料 Some people just need gossip.

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2 Words for Production 14. spice [ spaIs ] n. [U][C] excitement and interest; something made from plants to flavor food 趣 味;調味料 Some people just need gossip to add a bit of spice to their dull lives. Spices, such as ginger and garlic, are commonly used to flavor food. * add A to B 將 A 加至 B

3 Words for Production 15. scene [ sin ] n. [C] a view of a place 景色,風景 The night scene of the city from the top of the hill is out of this world. 詞類變化 * out of this world = magnificent 極佳的

4 scenery [ `sin1rI ] n. [U] 景色,風景 The scenery in Mt. Ali attracts tourists from all over the island.

5 scenic [ `sinIk ] adj. 風景的;景色優美的 Yangmingshan National Park is famous for its scenic beauty. * be famous for 以 … 而著名

6 Words for Production 16. lodge [ lAdZ ] vi. to stay, usually for a short time 寄宿 Paul lodged with a family when he attended a summer school in America. * attend school 上學

7 Words for Production 17. hue [ hju ] n. [C] a color 色彩 The diamond shone with every hue in the sun.

8 Words for Production 18. abundance [ 1`b^nd1ns ] n. [U] a very large amount or quantity of something 豐富,大量 Mangoes can be found in abundance on this island in summer. 詞類變化 * in abundance 豐富地

9 abundant [ 1`b^nd1nt ] adj. 豐富的,大量的 Many countries in the Middle East have abundant supplies of oil. * the Middle East 中東

10 Words for Production 19. bleach [ blitS ] vt. to make something white or lighter in color 變白,漂白 My mother can bleach stains out of my blue jeans as I never could. * blue jeans 牛仔裝

11 Words for Production 20. outward [ `a5tw2d ] adj. on the outside; outer 外面的,表面的 The man showed no outward signs of emotion when he heard the bad news.

12 Words for Production 21. fragile [ `fr8dZ1l ] adj. easily broken 易碎的 These china vases are fragile. Please handle them with care. * China 中國 china 瓷器 * with + 抽象名詞 = 副詞 with care = carefully with caution = cautiously

13 Words for Production 22. rare [ rEr ] adj. uncommon; unusual 稀有的,罕見的 In Taiwan, it is rare to have hot weather like this in December. 詞類變化

14 rarely [ `rErlI ] adv. 很少 My family rarely eat out because it is too expensive. * rarely = hardly = scarcely * eat in 在家吃飯 eat out 在外面吃飯

15 Words for Production 23. prey [ pre ] n. [U] an animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal 獵物 The fly fell prey to the spider’s sticky web. * fly v. 飛行 n. 蒼蠅 * fall prey to : be seized, caught by 被 … 捕食

16 Words for Production 24. shelter [ `SElt2 ] n. [U][C] protection, especially from danger or bad weather; a place that gives protection or cover 遮蔽;避難所 Next

17 Words for Production 24. shelter After the severe earthquake, the stricken people were in urgent need of food, clothing, and shelter. It suddenly rained cats and dogs. All the passers-by on the streets sought shelters from the heavy rain. * strike 之三態變化如下, 有兩個過去分詞. strike struck struck 用於動詞詞組 stricken 用於限定形容詞前位修飾 * in need of 需要 * = It rained very hard. 降傾盆大雨

18 Words for Production 25. loyal [ `lOI1l ] adj. faithful; true to one’s friends, group, country, etc. 忠誠的,忠心的 He has remained loyal to the team even though they have lost every game. 詞類變化 * be royal to = be faithful to 忠誠於 * even though = even if 即使

19 loyalty [ `lOI1ltI ] n. [U] 忠誠,忠心 The soldiers were awarded medals for the courage and loyalty they displayed in the battle.

20 Words for Production 26. dazzling [ `d8zLI9 ] adj. very bright or impressive 令人眩目 的,耀眼的 The dazzling coral necklace around her neck caught the attention of people at the party. 詞類變化 *catch attract the attention of 吸引 … 的注意力

21 dazzle [ `d8zL ] vt. 使目眩 The sunlight dazzled me as I walked out of the house.

22 Words for Production 27. array [ 1`re ] n. [C] (usu. sing.) a large number of wide range of impressive things or people 一大群 There was a dazzling array of movie stars attending the Oscar ceremony. * a large number of = a lot of = many

23 Words for Production 28. delicate [ `dEl1k1t ] adj. easily broken or hurt; finely made 脆 弱的;精緻的 Next

24 Words for Production 28. delicate The woman is particular about what she eats because she has a delicate stomach. The delicate pattern on the china vase reveals that the artist made it with great attention to the smallest details. 詞類變化 * be particular about = be critical about

25 delicacy [ `dEl1k1sI ] n. [U] 纖弱;精緻 The delicacy of roses makes them unfit for an extreme climate.

26 Words for Production 29. degraded [ dI`GredId ] adj. impaired in physical structure or function ( 生態、環境等 ) 變差的 With the chemicals dumped in it, the river is in a degraded condition. 詞類變化

27 degrade [ dI`Gred ] vt. 使 ( 狀況 ) 變差、惡化 Scientists have tried to find ways to meet human needs without degrading the environment. * meet the need = satisfy the need

28 Words for Production 30. vital [ `vaItL ] adj. necessary; of the greatest importance 必要的,重要的 Under no circumstances can the trees be cut down, as they are vital to the survival of many rare birds. * Under no circumstances 為否定副詞. 否定副詞置句首, 主動詞應倒裝.

29 Words for Production 31. wanton [ `wAnt1n ] adj. having no good reason or just cause 恣意妄為的 When there is a drought, we should avoid any wanton use of water.

30 6. algae [ `8ldZi ] n. pl. very simple, usually very small plants that live near or in water 海藻,水藻 Words for Recognition

31 7. photosynthesize [ &foto`sInT1&saIz ] vi. (for green plants) to make their food by using sunlight as energy 光合作用 Words for Recognition

32 8. sponge [ sp^ndZ ] n. [C] a simple sea creature with holes on its body 海綿 Words for Recognition

33 7. in turn as a result of something; one after the other, especially in a particular order 結果;輪流 The traffic was very heavy and this, in turn, made her late for school. Except for Annie, all her classmates came down in turn with the flu. Idioms and Phrases * late for school 上課遲到 * except for + N 除了 … 之外 ( 有惋惜之意 ) * come down with 感染

34 8. play host to to provide the place, food, etc. for a special event or meeting 主辦 Korea and Japan played host to the 2002 FIFA World Cup ( 世界盃足球賽 ). Idioms and Phrases

35 9. take part in to participate in 參加,參與 She takes part in after-school programs, such as playing in the band. Idioms and Phrases * take part in = participate in

36 10. to (cause to) become separated from the main part by force ( 使 ) 折斷 After the severe typhoon, tree branches broke off and fell to the ground. Idioms and Phrases

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