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Snow Monkey By Alyssa A Snow Monkey has a good coat of fur because they live in cold weather.

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2 Snow Monkey By Alyssa

3 A Snow Monkey has a good coat of fur because they live in cold weather.

4 TIGER One of the tigers adaptations is it has sharp teeth to help catch its prey.

5 TIGER A tiger has sharp claws that are helpful in catching prey.

6 Cheetah By Drew

7 At the age of three months they stop drinking milk because they have camouflage so they can hunt for them selves

8 A cheetah hunts by stalking their prey because of their brownish yellow color and their eye site

9 Deer By Rachel

10 Deer Deer have a tough pad at the top of their mouth instead of teeth. It is used for tearing plants and twigs. The pad helps the deer adapt because it helps the deer eat the food it finds.

11 Deer Deer are reddish brown in summer and gray brown in winter. They change their color of fur to help them camouflage so other animals won’t find it.

12 Mustang One of the adaptations of the mustang is that it has a bushy tail to get away the flies.

13 Mustang The Mustang only moves it’s ears and eyes to watch for danger so they won’t get hurt.

14 Adaptation #1 The kangaroo has long legs, too help it jump far and high.

15 Giraffe By Anna

16 Giraffe One Adaptation is giraffes have long necks to reach their food more easily. (leaves are giraffes food.)

17 Giraffes Another adaptation is giraffes have great eye sight to watch out for Danger.

18 Giraffes have a keen sense of smell to smell their predators. Giraffe

19 GORILLA They have long arms to help them climb trees and for food.

20 Black fur Black fur for the Gorilla is to catalogue them deep in the forest.

21 The Jack Rabbit They have brown/gray and white to help it blend in with the desert.

22 Jack Rabbit They have huge ears for sound and to keep them cool in the summer.

23 Jack Rabbit Jack Rabbit The blood passes out into the ears and cooled by the breeze. That helps the whole body cool down.

24 Chimpanzee They have very little bodies so it is hard to eat them.

25 Tarantula Tarantula’s fangs help protect them. By Nate

26 The tarantula’s under ground burrows help them hide from their enemies.

27 One adaptation of a Octopus It can taste with its tentacles to and escape from enemies By, Maddy

28 It uses its tentacles to catch prey.

29 An Octopus Can’t live in fresh water so it lives in salt water

30 Spider monkey It uses its tail to swing around in the forest

31 Spider monkey The spider monkey has a prehensile tail for grabbing fruits and such

32 Koala By Paul

33 The baby koala is only ½ of an ounce when it is born so it has to stay in its moms pouch

34 The koala has sharp claws to climb trees.

35 RACCOON One adaptation is a raccoon has fur so it can stay warm.

36 CLIMB The raccoon has claws so it can climb trees

37 Lions have sharp claws so they can kill and eat their prey such as zebras and antelopes.

38 Lions also have very sharp teeth to also kill their prey.

39 The Snowy owl

40 The Snowy owl It has large claws for grabbing prey and protecting from predators.

41 By Jake

42 Dart frog One adaptation is it being small. By being small it’s hard to be seen.

43 Adaptation Another adaptation is bright colors, when the sun hits the bright colors the colors get really bright so the can’t be seen!

44 Poison This frog has the deadliest poison so it can catch prey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45 Fake This type of frog can fake drown so when animals come by it can give it’s poison to the animal

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