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From the Phylum Actinopoda

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1 From the Phylum Actinopoda
ACtinopods From the Phylum Actinopoda

2 Basic description Unicellular protists
Mostly marine plankton organisms Have axopods that protrude through pores in their shells Axopods are strengthened by a cluster or microtubules


4 What do they eat? Unicellular algae

5 How do they Eat? Actinopods use axopods to trap prey
Prey becomes entangled in axopods & is later engulfed outside the main body Cytoplasmic streaming carries prey back within the shell

6 Do they photosynthesize?
Yes Photosynthesize through algal endosymbionts

7 reproduction By binary fission or budding

8 Movement Some produce flagellated reproductive cells

9 Radiolarians Classified as an Actinopod
Some Actinopods secrete shells made of silica, which are known as radiolarians Radiolarians are usually not visible to a light microsope

10 The end!

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