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Populations Review KY Core Content SC-HS-4.7.5 Kimberly Valerio.

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1 Populations Review KY Core Content SC-HS-4.7.5 Kimberly Valerio

2 The number of individuals of a single species per unit area is known as 1.Carrying capacity 2.Logistic growth 3.Population density 4.Population growth rate i

3 The movement of individuals into an area is called 1.demography 2.Carrying capacity 3.Immigration 4.Emigration

4 The graph below represents 1.Age structured growth 2.Logistic growth 3.Limiting factors 4.Exponential Growth

5 The maximum number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported by an environment is called 1.Logistic growth 2.Carrying capacity 3.Exponential growth 4.Population regulation capacity

6 If a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of its environment, the 1.Death rate may rise 2.Birthrate may rise 3.Death rate may fall 4.Immigration rate may increase

7 Density-independent limiting factors include 1.Predation 2.Hurricanes 3.Competition 4.Parasitism

8 In logistic growth, what is used up to cause population growth to slow or stop? 1.Resources 2.Biomolecules 3.Carrying capacity 4.Water only

9 A limiting factor that depends on population size is called a 1.Density-dependent limited factor 2.Density- independent limiting factor 3.Predator-prey relationship 4.Parasitic relationship

10 Which of the following describes a condition in which logistic growth would occur 1.Bacteria grows at a constant rate 2.New Immigration laws in the 1920s slowed immigration in the U.S.A

11 Which of the following is a long term effect of competition of two species competing for the same resources? 1.Rise of prey would be followed by rise in predators. As predators rise, prey declines. Since there are less prey, predators will decline 2.Rise of prey would be followed by rise in predators. Prey will reproduce more rapidly to balance out the reduction of organisms eaten by the predators. The prey will eventually overpower the predators, resulting in more prey

12 How can you account for the fact that human population has grown more rapidly the last 500 years? 1.The development of agriculture and industry made life easier thus making food supply more reliable 2.Improved sanitation, medicine and healthcare 3.Improved living conditions increased life expectancy 4.Birth control is not used enough

13 Which of the following is a true statement about age structure of a population? 1.Populations with nearly equal numbers of people in each age group will have a fast growth rate 2.Populations with many more young children and many more teenagers than adults will grow at a faster rate 3.Populations with many young children and less older, will grow very slow

14 Which of the following is true about the population of the U.S. in 2000? 1.There are more older males than females 2.There is a larger middle age group than any other age group 3. There are more females that are teenagers

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