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Bioluminescence Life-light

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1 Bioluminescence Life-light

2 What is Bioluminescence When an organism emits light from its body –It can be voluntary (on purpose) –Or involuntary (not on purpurose)

3 Some organisms that produce bioluminescence…..

4 Fireflies

5 Squid!!!

6 Jellyfish

7 Mushrooms!

8 Many Deep-sea Critters

9 Bacteria and Phytoplankton

10 Why use bioluminescence? Warning to predators Camouflage Navigation Communication –Finding mates Attract prey –Angler fish

11 Camouflage Cookiecutter shark - Counterillumination. As this shark rises closer to the surface, it lights its underside so a predator looking up from beneath does not see its full silhouette. The shark “disappears”. Widder

12 Attracting Mates Atlantic midshipman Communication

13 Attract Prey ; Angler fish--- the lighted lure attracts prey. Cookiecutter shark- Since only a small part of its body is easily visible, it looks like a smaller animal—attracting something that thinks it is going to get a meal, but instead becomes a meal for the much larger shark. Widder

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