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Some things you just can’t change….

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1 Some things you just can’t change….
Inherited and Learned Characteristics... Some things you just can’t change….

2 Likenesses between Parents and Offspring (that’s you)
Do you have the same color eyes as your mother or your father? Do you have the same hair color as either parent? Offspring (children) - are often like their parents in many ways. Ex: a seed from a yellow rose plant will grow into another yellow rose plant. Both plants (parents and offspring) will have the same type of leaves. This also is true for humans. If your parents both have earlobes that are attached to their head, chances are, you will too!

3 Earlobes

4 Inherited Characteristics
Inherited characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring (children). These cannot be changed. Physical Characteristics such as earlobes, height, eye color are examples of inherited characteristics. The genetic “instructions” are given to the offspring by the parents.

5 Examples of Inherited Characteristics
Some people can roll the edges of their tongue up and others can’t. Some people can move their fingers in two groups to make a “Vulcan” sign like Mr. Spoc on Star Trek. Some people have a “widows” peak hairline while others have a straight hairline.

6 Instinctive Behaviors
Inherited traits include instinctive behaviors, which means animals are born with them. Here are a few examples: Birds having the desire to fly south for winter. A baby turtle hatching from its shell and heading towards sea. Some animals hibernate in the winter in order to survive. Baby Turtle returns to sea

7 Learned Characteristics
Not all likenesses between parents and offspring are inherited. Some likenesses are learned. Learned behaviors are behaviors that an animal, especially humans, that develop in response to their environment.

8 Examples of Learned Characteristics
Worker ants can learn a series of landmarks along a trail. This helps them return to their colony. You have learned table manners. Your parents have taught you to use a knife and a fork correctly when eating. Trainers can teach seals to balance a ball on their nose, or teach a dog fetch a stick. Your super awesome teachers have also taught you how to read, multiply, divide, and even have taught you about Learned and Inherited Characteristics.

9 Learned Characteristics
OR Inherited Trait Learned Characteristics Speaking a Language Tying your shoelaces Cactus spines Color of a bird’s feathers Birds building a nest Avoiding bad-tasting prey Biting your finger nails

10 Interactive sites

11 NOTE TIME!!! An inherited trait is something passed down by a plant or animal from its parents. Many inherited traits are physical characteristics. These traits include eye color and hair color, or the shape of a leaf. Instinctive Behaviors: Some inherited traits are instinctive behaviors– such as birds flying south in the winter. Inherited traits cannot be changed.

12 NOTE TIME CONTINUED!!! Learned Behavior is something an animal learns by interacting with its environment. Learned behavior is not inherited. Learned behavior can be changed. A Learned behavior occurs when an animal has an experience it seeks to avoid or repeat. For example: A coyote learns to avoid cacti. Learned behaviors can be taught to humans. For example: we learn good table manners.

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