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Prey Genre: Teen Fiction Setting: Atlanta Georgia No. of Pages: 196 Niina Ali.

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1 Prey Genre: Teen Fiction Setting: Atlanta Georgia No. of Pages: 196 Niina Ali

2 Lurlene McDaniel Lurlene is an author well known for writing books about young adult who have gone through tough times in their lives. She started writing after her son was diagnosed juvenile diabetes She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee Some of her bestsellers are Don’t Die, My Love; I’ll be seeing you; Till Death Do Us Part; Hit and Run

3 Characters Lori Settles: She is a woman in her thirties, who had an affair with two of her students. She is only attracted to teenage boys because her father raped her as a child. Therefore she believes all men are disgusting. She moved to Atlanta from Chicago because she was caught having an affair with one of her students. She was then caught having an affair with one her History students in Atlanta. Lori was later on sentenced to 6 months in jail. Ryan Piccoli: Ryan is a very attractive high school freshman. He has a lot of friends, a father who is constantly out of town because of his job and a mother who committed suicide when he was 2 years old. Everything is going well in high school until his very beautiful History teacher asks him to help her with moving furniture. After that they form a very intimate relationship and he completes shuts out everyone in his life. Honey Fowler: Honey is a very athletic girl who has a crush on her long time bestfriend, Ryan. She soon because very curious about what her friend has been doing in all his free time. She later on finds out about Ryan affair with Lori because of some explicit pictures on his computer and tells the authorities.

4 Summary This book is about a High school student who falls in love with his History teacher. It all starts out with an invitation to help with her apartment. They then start going on dates and after a couple weeks of spending time together, they start having sex in her apartment. Ryan eventually starts to isolate everyone form his life and everyone starts to get suspicious. Ryan’s best friend, Honey finds out their secret after going through his email and finding explicit photos of Ms. Settles. Honey then tells everyone.

5 Likes and Dislikes I loved everything about this books. I liked the cliff hangers, the characters, and how the author developed Lori’s and Ryan’s relationship The only thing that I disliked about the book was Honey’s chapters. She wasn’t an important part of the book and she aggravated me all the time.

6 Vocabulary accommodating Verb (of physical space, esp. a building) Provide lodging or sufficient space for. Fit in with the wishes or needs of: "it's hard to accommodate the new management style". Synonyms adjust - adapt - fit - lodge – conform 2. Churning (Verb) Verb Agitate or turn (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter. Produce (butter) in such a way. 3. squad Noun A small group of people having a particular task. A small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task. Synonyms team - party - group - section - gang - troop - platoon

7 4. wreck·age Noun The remains of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed. Synonyms wreck - debris - shipwreck - ruin – ruins 5. con·clu·sion Noun The end or finish of an event or process. The summing-up of an argument or text. Synonyms end - inference - termination - ending - close – finish

8 6.electrifying present participle of e·lec·tri·fy(Verb) Verb Charge with electricity; pass an electric current through: "an electrified fence". Convert (a machine or system, esp. a railroad line) to the use of electrical power.

9 Theme The theme of this book it to love who ever makes you happy I learned that I should like anyone I want because at the end of the day hater are gonna hate and the only thing that matters is your happiness

10 Prey Review This book was amazing. I would recommend it to teenagers. I would give it ***** out of *****. The relation ship of Ryan and Lori was explained very well and the author always had me wanting to read more.

11 Changes I would change the title to The Student Predator. I was going to change the ending, but we are not allowed to reveal it.

12 Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? You have? Well it won’t be hard to relate to Ryan then. He had a crush on a teacher and turned it into an affair? Hopefully you didn’t turn your into an affair

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