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La Primera Capital de España Presentación Jeanine Carr.

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1 La Primera Capital de España Presentación Jeanine Carr

2 The medieval city of Toledo is situated on a high hill above the Tajo River in central Spain. Toledo was the capital of the Visigothic kingdom in Spain. The city has narrow winding streets and contains many historic sites. Photo Researchers, Inc./Susan McCartney

3 TOLEDO La primera capital de España Vista general del Rio Tajo Arriba, la Catedral y el Alcazar Alrededor de la ciudad: la Muralla

4 El Puente Romano y el Álcazar

5 El Álcazar de Toledo Es un edificio muy grande de construcción cuadrada

6 La Catedral de Toledo de noche Es una iglesia muy importante Es un edificio católico Es de estilo gótico Las iluminaciones de noche

7 El Conde de Orgaz por El Greco Dentro de la Capilla cerca de la Iglesia de San Tome Las personas son altas y delgadas Las figuras son seriosas Es una pintura religiosa

8 Santa María la Blanca Era una Sinagoga judía De estilo árabe Los Católicos, los Judíos y los Moros juntos en Toledo

9 THE JEWS OF MEDIEVAL IBERIA. The Romans brought los Judios to Iberia, for they were good administrators and skilled entrepreneurs. The Romans brought Christianism after 300. The Visigoths (Germanic tribes) then conquered Iberia; they too were Christians. When los Moros invaded Spain in 711 and had conquered almost the entire Peninsula by 718, they were tolerant of the religious differences. Los Judios lived mainly in the area of Toledo while a cluster of Christianos inhabited the mountainous regions of the North. By the year 1000, the Moorish kingdom collapsed in smaller states and the Christianos began to expand and pushed los Moros southward. The Jews enjoyed the Golden Age in Spain between 1000-1300. Jewish philosophers (Maimonides), poets and scholars produced many important literary works. The Inquisition, started in 1480, imprisoned or killed those suspected of not following Catholic teachings. Los Reyes Católicos Fernando e Isabel finally achieved the Reconquista by defeating the Moros in Granada in 1492. They expelled the Jews from Spain (Sephardim who fled to Europe, to America). Some became conversos to Christianism. Many conversos were suspected of secretely practicing Judaism and were tortured and executed at the infamous auto-da-fé (act of faith), whereby heretics were burned for their faith.

10 La Casa del Greco - Museo

11 TOLEDO and EL GRECO. Located some 40 miles, on a hill south west of Madrid. It was the capital of Spain from the 11th century with King Alfonso VI of Castilla to the mid 16th century, when Felipe II made Madrid the capital in 1561. It is an old Roman city surrounded by walls. Several gates with watchtowers mark the entrance to the old town. Surrounded by the Tagus River, el Tajo, the hill town can be accessed through an old Roman bridge. It was the general center for the Jewish community in the Middle Ages. It has a Catedral Gótica and also a wonderful Sinagoga known as Santa María la Blanca with Moorish arquitectura. El pintor famoso El Greco lived and worked in Toledo. He painted mainly mannerism portraits for wealthy families and large scenes for the Church. To his regret, El Greco was never given a royal commission. His style is with elongated figures and later a touch of impressionism in the View of Toledo Swords, armors and Toledo ware (gold inlaid steel work known also as Damascene) are plentiful.

12 Toledoware: swords and armors

13 Damascene Artifact de Toledo

14 La Tuna de Toledo

15 Resultado de la Consulta 1 grupo en total ( 1 tuna, ): Tuna Universitaria de Toledo

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