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MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life presentation to the MIT Working Group on Support Staff Issues New Center Initiatives Kathy Simons, Co-Manager.

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1 MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life presentation to the MIT Working Group on Support Staff Issues New Center Initiatives Kathy Simons, Co-Manager Krista D’Agostino, Administrative Assistant April 14, 2011

2 The MIT Center for Work, Family and Personal Life Our Mission The MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life fosters a welcoming and supportive environment for all the diverse people who live, work, and study at MIT—and for their families as well. Our policy and advocacy work at the Institute is a catalyst for change, bringing MIT such innovations as the adoption benefit, state-of-the-art child care facilities, job flexibility guidelines, and special reports on teens and young adults. Our work not only improves the quality of life here—it has made MIT a role model for organizations around the world. Location: Building 16, Room 151. Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am—5 pm. Phone: 617-253-1592 Email: Web:

3 MIT Human Resources The Center is part of Organization and Employee Development, within MIT’s department of Human Resources, working “to advance a vibrant and diverse work community where individuals and groups thrive and contribute to MIT's excellence.” Great managers / Great leaders Job-related learning and training Career and performance development Collaborative communities Work-life / Wellness

4 Our Services The MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life offers a range of direct services and spearheads projects that enhance the quality of life for the MIT community. Services are available at no cost to: MIT students Staff Faculty Partners and families Service Areas Child care and parenting, including Technology Children’s Centers Parents in a Pinch Teens and young adults Elders Balancing work and personal life

5 What’s New? New resources to support breastfeeding mothers New consultation and referral program: Work-Life Resources 24/7 We’ll focus today on two relatively new Center initiatives:

6 Lactation Support at MIT MIT was again recognized by the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition in 2010 as a "Breastfeeding-Friendly Employer" for "improving the health of the Commonwealth through excellence in supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies." Resources Ten (10) lactation rooms across campus, and several more in planning stages New guidelines for nursing mothers and their supervisors: private space and adequate break time will be made available for pumping New website offering information, tips, and resources within and outside MIT

7 Breastfeeding Website For Mothers Tips on Returning to Work Tips on Pumping Tips on Storing Milk Resources For Employers and Supervisors Tips for Employee/Supervisor Discussions MIT Lactation Support Guidelines for Nursing Mothers and Their Supervisors Guide to Job Flexibility at MIT (PDF) MIT Lactation Rooms Lactation Room Requirements MIT Campus Lactation Rooms User and Coordinator Responsibilities Door Sign MIT Breastfeeding Support: parenting/breastfeeding-support

8 Overview of MIT’s New Work-Life Service

9 What does Work-Life Resources 24/7 offer? Work-Life Resources 24/7 Services include Consultation with a Work-Life professional Referral to local providers and national services Comprehensive resource library of materials An easy-to-use website Information on MIT-specific benefits and services Work-Life Resources 24/7 Services are Confidential Available around-the-clock every day of the year Free for MIT Faculty, Staff, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students as well as their spouses, partners and dependents Accessible by - Toll-free telephone: 877.847.4523 - On-line:

10 What does Work-Life Resources 24/7 offer? Consultation Access to Work-Life experts for advice and referral - by Telephone - by LiveConnect sm - web-based instant messaging - by Assisted Search - web-based intake Available in 150 languages with an instant translation service International access available by phone or on-line Referrals Confirmed and matched to the user’s needs. Each provider is called to confirm services and vacancies Detailed information on services offered and fees Delivered, on average, within 12 business hours - 6 business hours for emergency requests Delivered by email, fax, mail or phone – User’s choice Educational materials also provided

11 MIT’s On-line Gateway

12 Family – Child Care Consultation and Referrals for: Child Care Centers Family Day Care Centers Back-Up Care Sick-Child Care Nannies Lactation Support Summer Camps Adoption Babysitters …and much more

13 Family – Elder Care Consultation and Referrals for: Assisted Living Facilities Nursing Homes Adult Day Care Programs Care Giver Support Retirement Communities Estate Planning Elder Driving Geriatric Care Managers Hospice …and much more

14 Schools & Education Consultation and Referrals for: Public and Private Schools K-12 Special Needs Tutors Colleges and Universities Technical Schools Financial Aid Adult Education …and much more

15 Daily Living Consultation and Referrals for: Pet Sitters Apartment Rentals Relocation Support Home-buying Employment for spouses and partners Home Repair Funeral Homes …and much more

16 Legal Assist Legal Assist provides access to qualified legal advice and council, either by phone or in-person, as determined by your need. Consultations are free, half-hour phone or in-person sessions with an attorney qualified to handle your issue There is no limit to the number of times you can use the service for different issues Coverage is available in all 50 states You receive a 25% discount from your referred in-person attorney’s hourly fee if you require his or her representation Telephonic attorneys cannot self-refer, so you are assured unbiased advice Valuable legal forms and resources can be located online at

17 Financial Assist Financial Assist provides access, either by phone or in-person, to qualified financial advisors to help you with your need. Counselors address issues via a toll-free information line, and follow-up by mailing supporting educational materials Additionally, advisors are available without an appointment Monday through Friday, or through pre-scheduled Saturday sessions Advice is objective and pressure-free ID Recovery advice is also available All counselors are knowledgeable in a wide range of financial topics Financial resources can be located online at

18 Care Coach Care Coach provides a way to hold a telephonic “family meeting” with a qualified Geriatric Care Manager (GCM), who conducts a detailed interview of family members, and helps establish a geriatric care plan that family members can agree upon. All interested family members are invited to join the care conference by way of a special toll-free conference call-in number The GCM conducts a series of assessments to identify challenges, and to determine which available resources can be of help All aspects of the elder family member’s current condition are discussed The GCM creates a care plan document for the family members to follow

19 Contact Us Our programs are developed in response to community need. We encourage you to contact us, and we welcome your feedback. MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life 617.253.1592 Room 16-151 THANK YOU Work-Life Resources 24/7 CALL 877.847.4523 WEB orklife-resources/

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