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Governmental Relations and General Counsel March 30, 2007 Planning Presentation.

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1 Governmental Relations and General Counsel March 30, 2007 Planning Presentation

2 Organizational Chart Miles Postema General Counsel Yolonda Barnes Labor Rel./Aff. Action Asst. Cynthia Bauman Paralegal Richelle Boerma Legal Secretary Geri Johnson Govt. Rel. Assistant Deb Yost Executive Secretary Vacant Director of Govt. Relations Vacant Assistant General Counsel Kenneth Plas Staff Attorney Steven Stratton Director of Labor Relations Vacant Director of Affirmative Action

3 Successes Completed search for Director of Labor Relations Completed bargaining for successor FFA and Nurses collective bargaining agreements. Reviewed 4550 applicants for 277 positions.

4 Successes Trained 400 students on the topic of diversity. Trained over 165 students in Creating a Respectful Workplace. Resolved 16 complaints alleging harassment and/or discrimination.

5 Successes Maintained job responsibilities of the Director of Labor Relations, Director of Affirmative Action and Assistant General Counsel in absence of personnel. Completed the search for a part-time Staff Attorney. Responded to 45 FOIA requests.

6 Successes Responded to 33 subpoenas. Reviewed 81 contracts, such as MCO-TLC, IRC construction contracts. Directed the successful acquisition of the Copy Center property. Legal guidance to Student Affairs on student due process and disciplinary matters.

7 Successes Member of Steering Committee during the collective bargaining negotiations with the faculty union. Inclusion of Michigan College of Optometry building in capital outlay bill (later defeated by Governor’s veto). Hosted visits to campus by several legislators.

8 Successes Continued to support community efforts through Town/Gown Council, Leadership Mecosta, Chamber of Commerce, and Historical Task Force Committee. Re-established Lansing Legislative Luncheon.

9 Successes Lansing Legislative Luncheon March 27, 2007

10 Successes


12 Goals Commence and complete negotiations for successor collective bargaining agreements with AFSCME and POLC. Develop and implement joint labor/ management training on labor relations issues. Develop and implement supervisory training.

13 Goals Revise division web site. Complete search for Director of Affirmative Action. Develop and implement training for entire campus workforce on creating and maintaining a respectful workplace. Update employment recruitment CD.

14 Goals Update and develop recruitment resources. Support the Staff Attorney’s assimilation into the campus community. Continue to provide assertive and strong response to all claims and litigation. Provide training opportunities on a wide variety of legal topics.

15 Goals Review staffing of Governmental Relations. Concentrate on establishing relationships with newly-elected legislators. With UA&M, develop and initiate a campus open house Increase efforts to encourage legislators and other state officials to visit our campus.

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