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Content Team Meeting June 19, 2013 Writing SEO-optimized content that converts.

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1 Content Team Meeting June 19, 2013 Writing SEO-optimized content that converts

2 Agenda 1.Keyword & Linking Changes 2.What is Anchor Text 3.NEW! Related Links boxes 4.Tips writing News Articles 5.ACE Content Focus Task 6.How to Pick Topics 7.Page Titles and Meta Descriptions 8.Lawyer Content – What Not to Say 9.Use the Templates! 10.Due Dates Matter 11.Examples

3 Keyword & Linking Changes 1.Two types of keywords for each piece: “Focus keyword” describes the focus for the content “Practice area keyword” (NEW) 2.The “focus keyword” is the topic of the content 3.The “practice area keyword” is the link that goes to the PA page 4.Your “focus keyword” must be present in: Page title Page headline Meta description Twice per article (small variations on same keyword)

4 Keyword & Linking Changes (cont’d) 5.Variations on the “focus keyword” may be used as long as focus keyword requirements are met. 6.Provide links about the “focus keyword” for the related links box. They don’t all need to be in the copy. 7.Your “practice area keyword” is the anchor text you use to link to the practice area for each piece. Don’t link your “focus keyword” to the practice area! 8.Can you link off-site? No more than once per item ONLY if the outbound link is an AUTHORITATIVE SITE. NOTE: Keyword lists (meta keywords) are not required.

5 What is Anchor Text? Anchor text should always describe the page you are linking TO – not the page you are ON. This FAQ page links to the DSS Practice area – which is an attorney website content management system.

6 Related Links Boxes Editors can now add “Related Links” to each piece of content!

7 Related Links Boxes (cont’d) 1.Writers: Provide 3-4 related links for each piece 2.Use your “focus keyword” to find related links). 3.Use the Google Search feature on the website to find relevant content 4.Or, use Google Search operator “ keyword phrase” to find content on a site. 5.Include the links in your content template.

8 News Writing Tips 1.Only write news items in the clients’ geographic area AND their practice area. 2.Always tie the news piece back to the firm: Look case results – have they done something similar? Link to case results, write about it. Look at testimonials – don’t use names, but link to relevant testimonials. 3.Expand news item based on the facts – talk about serious injuries that happen when you aren’t wearing a seatbelt if news victim was hurt b/c they were not wearing a seatbelt.

9 ACE: Content Focus Task Check the Content Focus task in ACE What’s in the content focus? Keywords & topics from the SEO team Client’s practice area & location focus Details about the client’s “prefect client” Recent notes from the SEO team or client

10 How to Pick Topics Think outside the box…but not too far outside! Content needs to be interesting… but not weird. Don’t push the limits or write inappropriate content. “There's an episode of The Sopranos in which a member of Tony's crew, speeding to reach his destination, crashes into the rear of a parked car on a quiet country road. The car's owner emerges from a nearby house, surveys the damage, and insists on swapping identifying information for insurance purposes. The mobster offers him $500 in cash if he can just get back on the road and get where he's going, but the owner of the damaged car insists. So, while they're walking back to his house, the car's owner gets a bullet in the back of the head, and the mobster backs up his crumpled car and resumes his trip. Don’t worry. This probably won’t happen to you.” Editors: SPEAK UP! Don’t let these things slide!

11 Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Page Titles and Meta Descriptions are critical for click through from the search results page. Good titles: Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Reveals Insurance Company’s Secrets 10 Ways to Lose Your Virginia Car Accident Case Not-so-good titles: Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Explains Your Rights (vague) Types of Spinal Cord Injuries (no geo-location, bland)

12 Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Take another look at headlines and page titles – “just the facts, m’am” vs. “whoa! Check this out!”

13 Lawyer Content – What NOT to Say Each state bar has its own regulations and you cannot say that an attorney is an expert, is the best, or that they specialize in anything. Editors: do NOT let these words slip into our content!

14 Use the Templates! Content should be perfect when turned in. It should be proofread, meet all FWM writing guidelines, and should be formatted to post to the site. Follow the templates exactly. Follow file naming formats. Use bullet points and numbers throughout content – not dashes or other characters. Bold and italicize where necessary. Don’t make your editor clean up your work!



17 Due Dates Matter Due dates are not a suggestion. Due dates are not optional. Due dates are essential to our well-oiled machine. When you miss a due date, it affects the editor, your manager, the client, and Tom Foster. If you have an issue, talk to your content managers BEFORE you miss the due date. If you do not meet due dates, your work will be reassigned.

18 Content Examples Not so great content: life-threatening.cfm One internal link, which goes to bio page. Better to go to another library, blog, news or faq or to a practice area. Spacing is goofy. Location doesn’t really make sense. Better content: car-insurance.cfm Hyperlink makes sense, this info is interesting and location specific. Bullets are great. Link in title is weird, not sure if this was an error or not. Still some spacing issues. Awesome content: teen-car-crash-statistic.cfm Bulleted out, good info, linked out to a practice area and a library article.

19 Content Examples (cont’d) health-of-truck-drivers.cfm Page title: Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney | Declining Health of Truck Drivers Look at how this shows up in the search results – why would an accident victim want to click on this link? If I was a truck driver, maybe – not the firm’s perfect client! Spin the content so it speaks to a truck accident victim, not to a trucker: “3 Reasons Truck Accidents Are Caused by Health Problems” “Did the Atlanta truck driver who hit you have health problems?”

20 Further Reading Updated FWM Writers’ and Editors’ Manual Updated Templates SEOMoz Beginner’s guide to SEO: guide-to-seo guide-to-seo Google SEO Starter Guide: dlcp/ optimization-starter-guide.pdf dlcp/ optimization-starter-guide.pdf Want to know how many people are searching for a particular question, word or phrase?

21 Questions?

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