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AILA’s Stop Notario Fraud/UPL Efforts Michelle Singleton Practice & Professionalism Center

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1 AILA’s Stop Notario Fraud/UPL Efforts Michelle Singleton Practice & Professionalism Center

2 Outreach & Education AILA created in A multilingual resource designed to prevent consumers from falling prey to immigration fraud Information for victims who need help or want competent, affordable legal service providers in their state A useful resource for attorneys who assist victims

3 The Fight Against Immigration Fraud First, prevention by hiring the right help – Resources on how to hire immigration assistance – Consumer education Increasing resources for victims of fraud – Filing complaints – Pursuing legal action – Difficulty of immigration relief

4 The AILA Effort Identify, Report & Investigate Fraud FAQ’s from FAQ’s Reporting Scams/Fraud FTC & Local Consumer Protection Agencies State Attorneys General or State Bar – EOIR (Attorneys, BIA Reps) Local Business Licensing Authority AILA National Committee/Chapter UPL Liaisons Identify Victims Encourage Reporting Assist with Referral

5 Where to Get Help

6 Resources for Victims: Filing Complaints Avenues to pursue complaints: – File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission through Consumer Sentinel – File a civil complaint under state consumer protection laws – File a complaint to state attorney general offices or local prosecutors (For a partial list of contacts go to help.php) help.php – File complaint to state bar associations, where possible to committees on the unauthorized practice of law (“UPL”) Some of these options may require the assistance of an attorney. ABA hotline: 202-442-3363, 9-5, Monday through Friday, English and Español

7 Immigration Relief for Victims -Motion to reopen where a deportation order has been entered against the applicant (from Judge) -Motion to subpoena the notario (from Judge) -Prosecutorial discretion (from ICE Office of Chief Counsel) -U visa (from local law enforcement and USCIS)

8 Resources on Hiring Legal Assistance EOIR list of free legal service providers: BIA accredited organizations: IAN’s http://www.immigrationlawhelp.org Private attorneys: Many local bar associations offer referral options. ABA - ABA Fight Notario Fraud Project accepts referrals for pro bono civil litigationABA Fight Notario Fraud Project

9 Free Consumer Education Resources Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Has flyers, brochures, wallet cards, and recordings in multiple languages. Can be bulk ordered. The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has a toolkit Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC): Has a series of publications that can be printed out for distribution. resources AILA has resources including short video clips discussing notario fraud:

10 Electronic Platforms Website Available in English, Spanish Chinese and Polish- link your community Companion Facebook page launched in 2012

11 Spread the Word! The Truth About Notarios: La Verdad Acerca de Los Notarios:

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