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2 Think Ahead SAPFB accepts applications each semester for events that will happen in the following semester For example: Applications accepted in September of Fall 2013 will be requests for funding events occurring in the Spring 2014 semester, January 1 st – June 30 th It is important to plan ahead!

3 Eligibility for Funding Your group must be one of the following: a UH-Mānoa…  Registered Independent Organization (RIO)  For RIO info, contact James Frizzell at the SLD office in Campus Center 208: phone: 956-8178 or email:  UHM Department  Affiliated program That has… an interest in promoting co-curricular programs to benefit the UHM student body

4 RIO Eligibility Each RIO must be in good standing to apply for and receive funding from SAPFB This means the RIO has applied or renewed for the 2013-2014 academic year by the SAPFB application due date: October 6 th, 2013 For more information about RIO policies, please see /rio/appendixII.pdf

5 Activities, events, projects, & programs funded by the SAPFB must be non-discriminatory with regards to: Race Gender Age Religion Color National origin Ancestry Disability Marital status Arrest and court records Sexual orientation Veteran status *Funding cannot go to Sectarian Groups- see following slide for detail

6 Restrictions on allocating public funds: According to University policy, SAPFB “will not disburse any funds from RIO funding programs that are intended to actually benefit a sectarian program or activity of an RIO.” (Memorandum of Agreement between Albert Simone, President of the University of Hawai’i; Warren Price III, State Attorney General; Kirk Cashmere, ACLU Hawai’i staff attorney; May 1989). To comply with the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement, SAPFB shall apply the 3-prong Lemon test (Lemon v. Kurtzman 403 U.S. 602). Does the program have a valid purpose? Does the primary effect of the program advance religion? Will the program create an excessive entanglement of church and state? When reviewing an application, line “a” should be determined as being true, and lines “b” and “c” as being false, in order for the application to be considered for approval. If the appropriation fails to meet any portion of the test as determined by the SAPFB board, until circumstances warrant otherwise, that particular program shall not be eligible for funding.

7 Past SAPFB Awards have been given for the following types of expenses: Conference attendance costs including the airfare to conference (arriving no earlier than 24 hours before the conference starts and leaving the day after the conference ends ONLY), lodging fees, and registration expense Fees for room rentals and associated equipment Event and project supplies Transportation costs for field trips Food for events

8 Application Procedures The application process is two-fold: you will submit a written application and present to the board between October 11-20, 2013 Fill out a separate application for each activity, event, program or project funding is being sought Go to for the link to the online application and make sure you read everything!

9 For the Fall 2013 Semester, applications will only be accepted online! Must be received by Sunday, October 6st, 2013 at 11:59pm

10 More important information… Make sure you send a complete and accurate budget with your application (See more information on Funding page) Only three applications per group can be submitted! Sign up for your preferred funding hearing time-slot when you submit your application when prompted (you must do a separate presentation for each application you submit)

11 Funding Hearings Remember: when you submit your application, you must sign up for funding hearing  Hearing timeslots are on first come, first serve basis Hearings are approximately 10 minutes long:  5 minutes to present/clarify  5 minutes for the Board to ask questions At least one authorized representative must attend  Suggestion: Authors of the funding application and budget should be present

12 Funding Hearings 1 hearing slot is required for each application submitted Confirmation of the hearing date & time will be sent to individual(s) you listed as a contact  Please list the individual(s) who will be attending the hearing as your point of contact(s) on the sign-up sheet  Only e-mails may be used for contact Failure to attend a hearing will result in the forfeiture of your application(s)

13 Important No automatic Re-allocation of funds in between approved categories is allowed Any unused award monies will be returned to SAPFB- funds not utilized in total will be forfeited and not applicable to other expenses relating to the event or program

14 Budget Preparation Anticipate your budget requirements as early as possible  Improve your group’s chances of having enough funds to accomplish your event goals  Amount of funding available for your event will largely determine the kinds of preparations you make Create an event budget that includes all anticipated expenditures funding is being requested for(such as arranging for travel, food, printing, and other expenses)

15 Budget Research Include all possible pricing options, unless you have received a firm commitment of prices or services from a particular vendor  Finding a competitive price range for each item/expense will help you to do the most with the funds you are awarded Be as specific and detailed as possible  This will help SAPFB ensure that student monies are being spent wisely

16 Example of the type of detail to include  Budget Proposal– “Multicultural Fest”  Food≈[$700 or $910] Option 1: Sodexo – (140 people at $5.00/person) = $700or Option 2: Ono Stuffs – (140 people at $6.50/person) = $910 Comment: “Need to hear back from each vendor on ability to meet order.”  Fliers$50 Klinko’s – color printing at $0.35/copy, 140 copies  Speaker’s Fees$300 Mr. Smith from Ahi Tuna, Big Island, expert in Big Game Fishing  Travel$200 Round trip airfare from Big Island to Honolulu  Room Rental$200 Campus Center Ballroom (Saturday fee $200, Thursday fee $175) Comment: “Waiting to hear from Campus Center Meetings and Events for room availability.” _________________________________________ TOTAL≈[$1,275.00-$1,485.00]

17 Restrictions on allocating public funds: Appropriation shall not be awarded for salaries, wages, costs of fundraising events, membership drives, club dues, daily operations and equipment. For example, we do not fund:  The purchase of computers for your organization  Renting meeting rooms for silent auctions or other types of events  Prizes/Gifts such as centerpieces, t-shirts, etc. Please read “APM Limitations in Purchasing” and “APM Specialized Purchasing” Found as PDF’s on the funding page

18 Evaluation of Proposals SAPFB is looking specifically for… Significance and Purpose of the program Possibility of success Group initiatives of securing funds Contribution to diversity of co-curricular opportunities History of past funding Project/event coordination Originality and creativity of project/event Cost-benefit analysis

19 DIRECT PAYMENT or REIMBURSEMENT If we are awarded funds, how can we access them?

20 If you are awarded funding by SAPFB, you must… Return a signed, original copy of award acknowledgement letter and agreement Meet with SAPFB Assistants, board members or Advisor to review reimbursement packet Publicly credit SAPFB in all publicity releases to the funded event Send an invitation to your event to Submit a post-activity report that includes a flyer from your event Failure to do so may affect consideration of future funding

21 You are STRONGLY ADVISED to make a copy of the completed packet being submitted If the packet submitted is lost or cannot be located, the copy can be insurance that the reimbursement will still be processed. If you do not retain a copy of the reimbursement packet and it is lost, SAPFB cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed for any expenses that were incurred as a result of funding. So…. MAKE A COPY OF YOUR PACKET BEFORE YOU TURN IT IN!!!

22 Application Workshops SAPFB will be hosting workshops for the application process and answering any questions on the following days: Tuesday September 24 th, 5:30-7:30pm Campus Center Room 310 Wednesday September 25 th, 1:00-2:00pm Campus Center Room 310 Thursday September 26 th, 4:45-6:45pm Campus Center Room 310

23 Contact Us! QUESTIONS? Phone: (808) 956-4842 Email:


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