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Installing BkAssist® Tutorial on the BkAssist Setup program.

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1 Installing BkAssist® Tutorial on the BkAssist Setup program

2 Scope of Tutorial This tutorial covers initial installation Who should view this tutorial: –The IT professional who is responsible for maintaining your system –Anyone who is installing BkAssist for the purpose of evaluating it

3 Using BkAssist with Dropbox If you plan to use BkAssist with Dropbox, you need to take several preparatory steps before installing BkAssist. Click here to skip the Dropbox part of the tutorialClick here

4 Dropbox and BkAssist Dropbox is an Internet based service that allows you to seamlessly share files between computers. Visit to learn more and to download their If you are the only person in your office who will use BkAssist, you can keep your installation in your Dropbox folder. This will allow you to use BkAssist from any computer, anywhere. Don’t try to use Dropbox with BkAssist if more than one person will be simultaneously using BkAssist in your office. [This is a technical limitation, not a licensing restriction. The shared BkAssist databases will go out of sync, and we have to way to re-sync them.] We don’t know if the procedure we describe here will work on a Mac under Parallels or another Windows simulator because the procedure depends on the “reparse point” feature of the NTFS file system.

5 Preparing your Dropbox Folder Before you begin installing BkAssist, install and configure Dropbox according to their instructions. You will designate a folder that Dropbox will replicate on all the computers where you install Dropbox. This folder can have a different name on each computer. Let’s suppose this folder has the full name “c:\users\ElmerFudd\Dropbox” on one computer and “d:\My Dropbox Folder” on another computer. [We’re deliberately making this a bit complicated.] Create a subfolder of your Dropbox folder named BankruptcyCases. On Windows Vista and later systems, open a command prompt and enter these commands: C\:Users\ElmerFudd>cd \ C:\>mklink /j BankruptcyCasesDropbox c:\users\ElmerFudd\Dropbox\BankruptcyCases -or- C:\>mklink /j BankruptcyCasesDropbox “d:\My Dropbox Folder\BankruptcyCases” On Windows XP, first visit and download the “junction” utility. Open a command prompt and enter these C:\\Users\BugsBunny>cd \ C:\>junction BankruptcyCasesDropbox c:\users\ElmerFudd\Dropbox\BankruptcyCases -or- C:\>junction BankruptcyCasesDropbox “d:\My Dropbox Folder\BankruptcyCases” The mklink/junction step creates a “reparse point” that effectively makes BankruptcyCasesDropbox an alias for the BankruptcyCases subfolder of your Dropbox folder. This is key: BkAssist has to use identically the same name for your home directory on all your computers.

6 Installation with Dropbox After you prepare your Dropbox folder as described on the previous slide, you can install BkAssist on each of your computers. Pick the “Run On This Computer Only” option. Specify “c:\BankruptcyCasesDropbox” as the home directory. If you wish, you can also install the BkAssist executable files in your Dropbox folder. To do this: –Create a subfolder of your Dropbox folder named BkAssist. –Specify that subfolder as the “installation directory” when setup asks you. [You’ll probably find it easiest to use the Browse button when the time comes.]

7 How to Install for Evaluation Follow this pathway to try out BkAssist for evaluation when you plan to install your whole office later if you like it. If your computer is the only one where BkAssist will ever be used, do a full production install instead of following the procedure outlined on this slide. Install the product from the web site or disc, picking the option to install on your workstation only. (Later slides explain how to do this.) You do not need to install ECF monitoring or to enter any attorney names. You will have the full product, minus certain features that will only be unlocked after you register your license. Try it out. You won’t be able to generate any production documents or to use any of the automation features just yet. Use the Send verb from the File menu to package up any case files that you want to save. Uninstall the product. [Visit the Windows Control Panel and click on “Add or Remove Programs” (Windows XP) or “Programs and Features” (Vista and later versions of Windows).] Re-install the product, taking care to configure it for production use in your office. Use the Receive verb from the File menu to import the cases you setup during your tryout.

8 Locate the Setup Program If you received a CD, run Setup from the root directory of the CD. To install from the web, type this URL into your browser: Setup has a digital signature that references a certificate issued to Walter Oney Software. If Windows verifies the signature, you can safely tell your anti-virus software to trust Setup.

9 Specify the Type of Installation The first setup screen asks about your networking environment:

10 Run On This Computer Only The first choice (run on this computer only) is appropriate when this is the only computer where BkAssist will ever be used or when you are evaluating BkAssist (see the 3d slide in this tutorial for more about that option). The first choice is also appropriate when you are installing on a laptop that you will use as a portable workstation while you’re away from the office. You will also install BkAssist (in a separate run of the setup program) in your networked office environment. You’ll use the “synchronize” tool to keep your client data up to date on both installations. Other people in your office will not be able to access your cases if you pick this option.

11 Shared Files on This Computer The second choice (networked, shared files on this computer) is appropriate when you are setting up the server in a multi-user networked environment. Setup the server before setting up any of the workstations.

12 Shared Files on Another Computer The third choice (networked, shared files on another computer) is appropriate when you are setting up a workstation in a multi-user networked environment. Setup the server before setting up any of the workstations. You must run Setup on every workstation. (The technical reason for this rule is that BkAssist depends on the Windows registry, which is local to each workstation.)

13 End User License Agreement Read the end user license agreement (EULA). You must click on “I agree” to proceed with setup. –If you picked the third installation choice (networked, shared files on another computer), you will asked whether you understand or not. Someone already agreed to the EULA when they installed your server.

14 BkAssist is Licensed Only to Attorneys If you are not an attorney or someone working for an attorney, stop now—you may not use BkAssist. BkAssist is licensed only for use by attorneys and people working under the direct supervision of an attorney (including a virtual assistant who works for one or more attorneys). In particular, you may not use BkAssist if –You are an individual who wants to file for bankruptcy. –You are a paralegal working independently or a paid petition preparer.

15 User Name and Master Password If you picked the first or second type of installation (this computer only or networked with shared files kept on this computer), Setup will ask you to enter a firm name and a master password.

16 More About User Names Use the full name of your firm, spelled exactly the way you will eventually want it to appear in our license records. –If you don’t follow this advice, you will probably have trouble registering and renewing your license later. –The firm name must be at least as long as the master password, which itself must be at least 8 characters long. The login screen BkAssist will present each time anyone in your office starts the product will be pre-initialized with the name you pick now. So choose wisely. Someone logging in to BkAssist with the master password can change the user name later on. But you would still be wise to specify your complete firm name now.

17 More About Passwords BkAssist encrypts all client data on your hard drive and all passwords to other services using the master password you specify now. Without the login password, the client files will be gibberish. We have no way to determine your master password or to recover the data in one of your encrypted client files if you forget your password. Write your master password down so you don’t forget it! BkAssist also allows you to define two additional passwords for daily use that you can change later: –The Attorney Password is for attorneys, who can download credit reports and file cases. –The Staff Password is for non-attorney members of your staff, who should not be allowed to download credit reports or file cases. –You do not have to setup attorney and staff passwords during installation (because you can do that later), but we strongly recommend that you do.

18 Attorney Password If you picked the first or second type of installation (this computer only or networked with shared files kept on this computer), Setup will also ask you to enter a password that attorney users will login with to do their daily work.

19 Staff Password If you picked the first or second type of installation (this computer only or networked with shared files kept on this computer), Setup will also ask you to enter a password that non-attorney users will login with to do their daily work.

20 Installation Directory The “Installation Directory” is where the BkAssist executable and help files will be kept on this computer. BkAssist picks a default location that you can override by typing a different pathname. (We don’t recommend changing the default, because doing so will make it harder for us to provide support.)

21 Home Directory The “Home Directory” is the place where BkAssist will keep client files. –Once you install BkAssist, you can read the help page titled “Dude, Where Are My Documents?” to learn all about the directory structure BkAssist uses. All network users must have read/write access to the home directory. Setup presents three different screens, depending on the type of installation you specified. BkAssist currently has no way to let you change the home directory later. So choose wisely.

22 Home Directory (1) If you picked the first installation type (run on this computer only), Setup will ask for a pathname to a directory. By default, Setup will use a folder name BankruptcyCases within the document folder for the current Windows user. You can override the default if you wish. We do not recommend overriding the default because it will make it harder for us to provide support later on.

23 Home Directory (2) If you picked the second installation type (networked, shared files on this computer), Setup will ask for a local pathname and a network share name:

24 More About Share Names Windows allows you to assign a “share name” to a folder that you publish on your local area network. By default, Setup will use “BankruptcyCases” as the share name for the home directory. When you installed Windows, you gave your computer a name. For example, if the server is named “OFFICESVR”, the name everyone will use to access the home directory will be something like “\\OFFICESVR\BankruptcyCases.”

25 Home Directory (3) If you picked the third installation type (networked, shared files on a different computer), Setup will scan your local area network looking for the home directory. The scan can take a while. If Setup can’t find the home directory, or if it finds the wrong directory, you can override the default setting.

26 ECF Monitoring (1) BkAssist provides (at no extra charge) automatic docket and free-look capture by monitoring the e-mail messages you receive from the Bankruptcy Court. If you receive court notices at a dedicated e-mail address, select the “standalone” method. If you receive court notices at an e-mail address that you also use for receiving other kinds of e- mail, select the “proxy” method.

27 ECF Monitoring (2) With the standalone method, BkAssist will install a program that periodically logs in to your e-mail server and retrieves e- mail messages. Specify the URL of the e-mail server and your login credentials. Use port number 110 for unencrypted POP3 access and 995 for encrypted access. This example uses port 995 because gmail is an encrypted service.

28 ECF Monitoring (3) With the proxy method, BkAssist installs a “proxy” program that sits between your regular e-mail client program and your e-mail server. Each time your e-mail program fetches messages from the server, the proxy saves a little bit of information about each court notification that is being downloaded. BkAssist can automatically configure some Microsoft e-mail client programs. If you are using Windows 8, or if the list of e-mail accounts is empty, you should select the “manually configure” option. Plan to visit the ECF Monitoring tab of the General Settings sheet after you finish setting up BkAssist.

29 Attorney Setup Setup will ask if you want to setup the list of attorneys as part of the setup process. We recommend that you do the attorney setup right away, because many of the automation features BkAssist provides depend on knowing which attorney is assigned to a case.

30 State Practice Modules To use all of BkAssist’s case preparation and management facilities, you will need a practice module tailored for the state(s) in which you practice. Do not install practice modules for states where you won’t ever practice—it will complicate the update process later on.

31 Registration Setup can register your license if you already have a license registration code.

32 Attorney Setup (1) For each attorney who will prepare or file cases, click on the Add button. Unless you are installing for evaluation, we recommend setting up every bankruptcy attorney at this time. It will save grief later on.

33 Attorney Setup (2) Fill out the form completely. You will never have to enter any of this information again. BkAssist uses this information in a variety of places. If you don’t provide all of it, you may be baffled later on when features don’t work as expected. Be sure to designate one of the attorneys as the default attorney for new cases (check the box near the bottom of the form).

34 About PACER Credentials Typically, a law firm will have a single PACER id, which can be used to access case information in any federal court anywhere in the country. The PACER id and password are different from the login id and password that you use when you file documents through CM/ECF.

35 Electronic Filing Information Within the Attorney Information form, click on the Add button for each judicial district in which this attorney files cases. Remember: the CM/ECF credentials pertain to a single judicial district and are usually different from the national PACER credentials.

36 Chapter 13 Logins BkAssist provides one-click access to information about chapter 13 cases on the and sites. BkAssist automatically imported a list of the trustees in your state, along with links to their information sites. Setup lets you enter login information for each attorney. To enter login information, use the Attorneys command on the Settings menu in the main window to modify the attorney information.

37 Registration If you elected to register your license, complete the form and click on Submit Your name must be identical to the name under which we created your license key— consult the e-mail we sent you. This requirement is why we recommended that you specify your full firm name as the BkAssist login name.

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