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Vision 2015 Justice Information-Sharing in California.

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1 Vision 2015 Justice Information-Sharing in California

2 California Department of Justice Vision 2015 Tony Doonan, DOJ

3 Vision 2015 is a collaborative California criminal justice information-sharing project. Vision 2015

4 Business Managers Alliance Local Law Enforcement Agencies Statewide California Highway Patrol Administrative Office of the Courts Other CA State agencies, other states & the FBI DOJ Business Partners Include: Corrections and Rehabilitation Probation and Parole

5 Goals of the Project Goal 1: The first goal of Vision 2015 is to develop a statewide policy on the implementation of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) to facilitate information-sharing between multiple criminal justice agencies.

6 California Office of the State Chief Information Officer Team Lead: Teri Takai or her designee State of California Department of Justice (Doonan) California Highway Patrol (Chappelle) California Administrative Office of the Courts (Calabro) California State Sheriff’s Association (Smith) California Police Chiefs Association (Bull) California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Rodriguez) California Probation Officers Association (Blevins) California District Attorney’s Association (Kochly) CLETS Advisory Committee / SSPS (Spiegel) California Peace Officer’s Association (CPOA) (McDonnell) Consultant Group: Search Group California Integrated Criminal Justice Information-Sharing Architecture – Governance Team

7 Linda Denly, DOJ Business Planning and Implementation Chris Rogers, DOJ (HDC Enterprise Architecture & NIEM planning) Snori Ogata, Orange County Superior Court Grant Walker, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Mark Dusman, Assistant Division Director, AOC Gerry Milani, San Bernardino / Riverside Jerry Harper, San Bernardino / Riverside Leisa Rackelman, CDCR NGA Policy Academy Team The California Department of Justice has assembled a team to attend the National Governors Association NIEM Policy Academy January 17 th and 18 th in New Orleans. Subsequent to this meeting the team will work to develop a California NIEM policy that will complement the state’s Enterprise Architecture model. Team members include:

8 Goal 2: To implement mobile technology for cite-and- release (arrest) processing to: Increase arrests received by DOJ by 30% Populate court calendars with arrest & verifying fingerprint information Complete arrest cycle and forward information to FBI Allow courts to submit dispositions w / fingerprint to positively link with original arrest. Goals of the Project

9 Goal 3: Create an arrest and disposition interface between the DOJ and AOC Goals of the Project

10 Goal 4: Make the mobile device multi-modal for traffic citation generation and interface to traffic courts and DMV. Goals of the Project

11 Goal 5: Failure to appear bench warrants will be transmitted to the DOJ and the FBI and have a fingerprint associated with the warrant for positive identification. Goals of the Project

12 Goal 6: Interface juvenile arrest and disposition processing with individual county juvenile courts. Goals of the Project

13 Goal 7: Involve District Attorneys to close the loop on cases (disposition) upon which no charges are ultimately filed. Goals of the Project

14 Goal 8: Support for field identification of high-risk targets and persons under investigations or deemed a possible threat to public safety. Goals of the Project

15 Goal 9: Expand Cal-Photo capability to share photos on a national basis and deploy a facial recognition as an investigative tool. Goals of the Project

16 Information Flow Overview

17 Goal 10: Participate in the development of national information-sharing strategies.

18 Complete Business Requirements12/07 – 03/08 Develop data exchange components: UML Models, Mapping, Spreadsheets, Schemas (NIEM Conformant) 03/08 – 05/08 Risk Mitigation12/07 – 06/08 Planning and procurementFY ’07/’08 ImplementationFY ’08/’09 Deployment, testing and peer review (statewide)FY ’09/’15 Proposed Timeline The DOJ has formed a NIEM policy implementation group and expects this group to complete work by June 2008. Other timeline elements include:

19 ATTORNEY GENERAL CJIS BUSINESS MANAGERS ALLIANCE CLETS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Integrated Justice Business Architecture Executive Working Group Zone 1 Cal Photo Working Group DNA Working Group V2015 Working Group DLE BUSINESS MANAGERS ALLIANCE Working Group AG’s ADVISORY COMMITTEE CLETS Standing Strategic Planning Sub-Committee Working Group Working Group Legis. Working Group Tech Working Group Admin Working Group Executive Working Group Zone 1A Executive Working Group Zone 2 Executive Working Group Zone 2A Executive Working Group Zone 3 Executive Working Group Zone 4 Executive Working Group Zone 5 Executive Working Group Zone 6 Zone Meeting Strategic Oversight


21 Funding  State funding  Grant funding  Earmarks Expanded client interfaces Business driving the network Establish a NIEM policy committee Future Milestones

22 Marketing Support Strategy The Stanford Executive Seminar for Policy Support (completed) NGA Policy Academy Search Group for technical support The CLETS Standing Strategic Planning Subcommittee The Attorney General’s Criminal Justice Advisory Committee The CLETS Advisory Committee The Governor’s Criminal Justice Advisory Policy Committee County RAN boards California State Sheriff’s Association California Probation Officers Association Chief Probation Officer’s Association California Police Chiefs Association California District Attorney’s Association

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