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The Kremlin and Russian Cathedrals

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1 The Kremlin and Russian Cathedrals
Music: Ural Kozaken-The legend of Ataman Gyuri

2 Archangel Michael Cathedral

3 Annunciation Cathedral

4 Kremlin cathedrals

5 Cathedral in St. Euphimius Monastery

6 Cathedral from a Fairy Tale

7 Blue and Gold Domes-Assumption

8 Byzantium style Cathedral

9 Cathedral – Moscow River

10 Cathedral of the Transfiguration

11 Cathedral of the Nativity

12 St Basil’s Cathedral

13 Church of St. Sergius

14 Church from the time of Peter I

15 Famous Cathedral between trees

16 New Jerusalem Resurrection Monastery

17 Golden domes of the Cathedral

18 On the way to the Bell

19 Grotto near a pond

20 St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

21 Krasnye Vorota (Red Gates)

22 The Mother of God Church

23 Kremlin Towers Churches

24 The Kazansky Cathedral

25 Trinity Cathedral

26 Kremlin in Izmailovo Near the Pond

27 The Sign of the Holy Virgin

28 Moscow Kremlin

29 Red Cathedral

30 Kremlin church towers

31 Interior of Dormition Cathedral

32 Kremlin

33 Changing of the Kremlin Guards

34 Clouds above the Kremlin

35 Kremlin Kutafya and Troitskaya Towers

36 Ukhtomsky

37 Victoria

38 The Kremlin Embankment

39 Tsar cannon in the Kremlin

40 The Czar's Bell

41 Russian souvenirs Russian souvenirs

42 Kazan Kremlin The End

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