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Mahalia Jackson By Julius Lester.

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1 Mahalia Jackson By Julius Lester

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3 Active Instruction Set the Stage
Rate and review the vocabulary words independently This week you will read Mahalia Jackson by Julius Lester. As you read, you will compare and contrast information in the story. Good readers compare and contrast story elements as they read so they can better understand what they read. imagine sorrow stomped expressive attending appreciate

4 Set the Stage What are the three purposes for reading
Fill in team score sheets and begin new team score sheet To be informed To follow directions To be entertained

5 Team Cooperation Goal: Complete tasks
The team cooperation goal is designed to work with your teams behavior. If you can follow the team cooperation goal than you are using good behavior and working as a team. When you do this it allows you to be a better reading and have a better understanding of the story.

6 Vocabulary Celebration

7 imagine Think about I like to imagine what life would be like if I lived as a princess long ago.

8 sorrow sadness You experience a great deal of sorrow and are very unhappy when a good friend moves away.

9 stomped Stepped heavily
Jason stomped off to his room making a loud noise because he was unhappy that he didn’t get his way.

10 expressive meaningful
The baby made a very expressive face when he tasted the sour lemon and you could tell he didn’t like the taste.

11 attending Going to I will be attending my niece’s baby shower in two weeks.

12 appreciate Be thankful I appreciate when my students pay attention in class because it makes my job easier and they learn more.

13 Team Practice: Vocabulary
Pick 3 words from your list and write a meaningful sentence for the word. Make sure your sentence shows that you understand the meaning of the word Ex: stomped I stomped off to my room and the loud noise I made with my feet woke up the baby. Boy was my mom mad!

14 Build Background-Compare and Contrast
Irwin was a quiet, shy turtle who lived in the brush at the edge of the pond. His best friend, Shania, was an outgoing, bubbly goldfish who lived in the pond. The two became friends last year when Shania introduced herself to Irwin as he sunned himself on the bank of the pond. Never a day went by that the two didn’t see each other and swim together. They often had scavenger hunts in the pond, which was their favorite game to play.

15 Compare and Contrast Continued!
This story is about Irwin and Shania. In some ways these friends are similar and I some ways they differ. Irwin and Shania both like to swim. That is a similarity, so I just compared the two friends. Irwin is a turtle, but Shania is a goldfish. This is a difference so I just contrasted the two friends. Now with your partner compare and contrast other items from this passage.

16 Listening Comprehension – Why Don’t You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?
This story is a biography What are the characteristics of a biography? Read pages 32 and 33 Subject is a real person The author is not the subject Includes important details about the subjects life While reading this book we realize that Samuel did not ride a horse and did not really seem interested in learning to ride one. Here we learned that Samuels’ cousin John Adams loved to ride horses. Samuel differed from John. By identifying this difference, I contrasted Samuel to his cousin John.

17 Prepare to read How does the author describe blues music?
To what did the author compare slavery? Where did blues music begin? Which of the following is an example of a simile?

18 Teamwork – Partner reading
Read 352 with partners – Clarify unknown words using sticky notes Restate as you read Read page 353 silently If you finish ahead of your team reread page 353 for fluency.

19 Team Discussion Discuss and answer all Team Talk Questions – do not write any answer until all the questions have been discussed Use the job cards. Pass them around the table every time you begin to answer a new question Write the answers to in your journals

20 Let’s celebrate our answers!
Class Discussion Let’s celebrate our answers!

21 Adventures in Writing What is your favorite type of music? Give two reasons to support you opinion. -You answer the question pts -Your answer explains or describes with at least two details pts -Your answer makes sense and has part of the questions in it pts -Your answer is written in complete, correct answers pts -Your writing has correct capitalization and punctuation pts TOTAL PTS

22 Fluency Practice reading page 214
Using the fluency rubric, practice fluency with your partner

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