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Welcome to 1Copsetic Class! Room 114 Ms. Mays Ms. Lexa Mays-Poulakos Teacher name: Ms. Mays 23 years experience (22 in 1 st grade) 2010 National Board.

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2 Welcome to 1Copsetic Class! Room 114 Ms. Mays

3 Ms. Lexa Mays-Poulakos Teacher name: Ms. Mays 23 years experience (22 in 1 st grade) 2010 National Board of Professional Teachers certification 1989 graduate of Pitt –Masters of Arts in Teaching 1977 graduate of Kansas University –B.A. Psychology Born and raised in Iowa

4 Schedule 8:50-9:10 Students arrive, select lunch, unpack 9:15-11:05 Communication Arts 11:15-11:45 Lunch 11:45-12:15 Recess 12:15-1:15 Math 1:15-2:00 SPECIAL 2:10-2:40 CA – Word Building 2:40-3:10 Science/Social Studies

5 Special Schedule Monday- Art with Miss DeAndrea Tuesday- P.E. with Ms. Lepant –Tennis shoes Wednesday- Music with Miss Coss Thursday – Library with Mrs. Tomczak - Bring books Friday-Integrated Arts -6 week rotations -Currently in Music with Mrs. Steele

6 Team Students TeacherParent

7 Teacher Do not…keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” Plato Deliver instruction Be Interesting and Creative Incorporate different approaches to keep young students engaged “

8 CA (Communication Arts) Story Town- Harcourt Thematic Components –Various Genres –Phonemic Awareness –Phonics/Spelling –High Frequency Words –Comprehension –Fluency –Robust Vocabulary –Grammar –Handwriting –Writing

9 Handwriting - D’Nealian Slants and Curves Grip

10 Math Developing concepts w/ manipulatives Practicing for understanding Developing fluency of numbers & facts Topics: –Addition & Subtraction Concepts –Addition & Subtraction Facts up to 18 –Graphs –Numbers to 100 –Geometry –Addition & Subtraction to 20 –Money –Time –Fractions –Measurement –Operations –Data –Problem Solving Texts/Resources: –Every Day Counts (calendar system) –Harcourt Math Pennsylvania Edition –Otter Creek Math Facts (Rocket Math) –Problem Solver

11 Rocket Math How to Practice –Use practice sheet that comes home to have your child verbally read the problem and the answer. If your child hesitates or gives an incorrect answer, tell the correct answer, your child repeats it, then goes back 3. –Flashcards (model)





16 Science Living and Nonliving Habitats How Plants and Animals Live Life Cycles Food Chains Land, Water, and Air Weather

17 Pond Walks Pond Walk –Each season, weather permitting, we will take a “Pond Walk” to the pond that is located behind our playground. –Our pond walks are always tentatively scheduled due to weather, volunteers, and possible other factors. –Please have your child wear old tennis shoes on the day of a scheduled pond walk. –Our first pond walk: ________________(weather permitting


19 Report Card

20 Parent Well rested and fed Establish homework routine Read the directions sometimes they have multiple steps Check for directions and accuracy

21 Homework Practice, practice, practice!! Accuracy and Automaticity Reading … like you talk Math … basic facts

22 Homework Folder PLEASE check this folder every night! LEFT at home- keep all of these papers. Bring RIGHT back- this will almost always be your 1 st grader’s homework for the evening, or it will be something else that needs to be returned.

23 Homework Spelling (Monday-Thursday) –Practice every night! Math (Monday-Thursday) –Typically the “Practice” side is homework, the “Problem Solving” side is optional Reading –Rereading stories, sentences, etc. for fluency

24 Word Building Homework Reading practice Lessons 1-30 (entire year) Follows Lessons Matches spelling

25 Sticker Books Sticker books are OPTIONAL practice to help increase your child's fluency. A fluent reader can read smoothly and accurately. Sticker books can be turned in as soon as your child can read at least ONE page fluently. It will be sent home again once an adult or I have read with your child. Parent volunteers will be asked to read Sticker Books with students in the class.

26 Think Central

27 eHarcourt (Math) UserID: na + Student ID # Password: Student ID#

28 Student Try their best It’s ok to make mistakes sometimes that’s how we learn the most Participate


30 Website NA Marshall Elementary Building Staff Mays, Lexa Curriculum Calendar

31 Go GREEN! Class news & announcements –Greater effort to use E-MAIL rather than paper copies. –If this isn’t a good way to communicate with your family, please let me know.

32 Lunch Money POS system Pin number Money may be applied to your child’s account on any day. (NA website) Envelope with all information Cash (in an envelope with your child’s name)

33 Parent Volunteers SOS … love to have you! Report to the office first. Come to my room … oops no wandering!! Sorry no sibs while volunteering  What happens in 1C …. Stays in 1C Confidentiality is a MUST!!

34 Parent Volunteers (con’t) Facilitating Centers (small group) or Stations (2 students) Reading with individual students Bulletin Boards Misc.

35 Birthday Celebrations We like our children to share birthday celebrations with their classmates! Due to the “Wellness Policy” and to protect children with allergies, please consider a non-food item if you want to provide a treat. Edible treats MUST be approved by nurse 48 hours prior to distribution. We will celebrate half birthday for those who have summer birthdays. Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless there is one for every child in the class. We don’t want any hurt feelings.

36 Communication E-mail: I check it in the morning before 9AM and after school when the kids leave. Voicemail: 724-935-4044 –I will check my voicemail each morning before 8AM (once it is set up). Write a note –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today Call school secretary –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today

37 Behavior Management Set clear expectations Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Use THINK cards to change behavior Take back the THINK cards when caught being good 1 st Quarter … 4/day … 5 th = phone call home 2 nd Quarter … 3/day … 4 th = phone call home 3 rd Quarter … 2/day … 3 rd = phone call home 4 th quarter … 1/day … 2 nd = phone call home

38 Incentives The class will earn “leaves” for good class behavior –Working/Walking quietly –Working cooperatively –Following directions Individuals will earn a leaf for the class –Random acts of kindness –Thoughtfulness and consideration

39 Book Orders Order ONLINE Activation Code: HK3PC Also order by Check Order by: due date on orders Orders CANNOT be placed after due date.

40 Recess The children go outdoors for recess unless it is extremely cold, raining, or snowing. It is always windy on this hill. Please keep these factors in mind and dress your child accordingly.

41 Star Student Done Alphabetically by their first name Monday- Oral presentation with All About Me bag Other STAR activities –Estimation jar –Lead Every Day Counts –Line Leader –Helper Starts end of September beginning of October Letter and Bag will be sent home

42 Anti-Bullying Program Getting Better At Getting Along Olweus Bully Prevention Program (OBPP) –Monthly Themes (i.e., respect, responsibility) –Anti-Bullying Rules –Class Meetings –Role Playing

43 MES Anti-Bullying Rules 1.We will not bully others. 2.We will try to help students who are bullied. 3.We will try to include students who are left out. 4.If we know someone who is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

44 School-Wide Theme Every homeroom is working together Building character and reinforcing positive behavior.

45 Reminders Names on EVERYTHING!!! Email list Volunteer list Write a note to your child!

46 Donations Pick an apple from the tree Help our class and you will see How much fun learning can be Thank you for your generosity

47 CogAT Testing The CogAT (a cognitive abilities test) will be administered to the First Grade students November 11-November 15. –Make sure your child is well-rested and has eaten breakfast!

48 Questions

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