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Urban Ecology Center By: Casie Dana & Carly Spotts.

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1 Urban Ecology Center By: Casie Dana & Carly Spotts




5 This is the pond that I located in the front of the Urban Ecology Center. They find many different kinds of bugs and other water creatures in the pond that they fish and identify.

6 This is the front of the building that has a wrap around porch made from wood scraps from the construction of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. You can see the overhang in the front and to the left on the roof is where the solar panels are.



9 Our experience at the Urban Ecology Center.

10 ~This is one of the trails we covered with woodchips. ~Riverside park is right next to the urban ecology center and this is the park we laid woodchips at. ~We also put down broken off branches so people know where the paths are.

11 Pulling Garlic Mustard

12 This is a picture we found from Google images of a forest where Garlic mustard has not been picked This is a picture of what Garlic mustard looks like up close. This is what the Riverside Park would probably look like if the Urban Ecology Center didn’t pick Garlic Mustard. Garlic mustard grows from 30-100 cm tall. The leaves are stalked triangular to heart shaped, with a coarsely toothed margin. (info from Wikipedia)



15 They provided food like brats, hot dogs, chips, soda, water, ect. They had a room for arts and crafts. They had face painting. A Korean Traditional drum group come play.


17 Animal Olympics


19 Our experience at the Urban Ecology Center was a very positive one. We learned a lot about what they do to help the environment and the different ways we can help out the environment on our own. The group leaders that we met for service learning were very helpful and knowledgeable about the different types of plants in the park and what we need to do to take care of them, and how to remove them if need be.

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