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Pond Athletic Association

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1 Pond Athletic Association

2 STLWAA Association Structure of Organization (Working agreement amongst PAA, BAA, and EAA)

3 Boys Levels

4 Baseball Justin Bobbitt (Overall Boys Coordinator) Ranking/Level meeting earlier today 8U Boy’s Coordinator – Open 9U Boy's Coordinator - Angela and Andy Lochmann 10U Boy's Coordinator - Andrew Burns 11U Boy’s Coordinator – Justin Bobbitt 12/13U Boy's Coordinator - Garrett Cizek 14U Boys’ Coordinator - Brent Beeler High School Coordinator - Open

5 Girls Levels Stl West Blue – Advanced Stl West Red- Intermediate Stl West White – Rec level

6 Softball Keith Ellis (Overall Girls Coordinator) Ranking/Level meeting earlier today 8U Girl's Coordinator- Angela and Andy Lochmann 9U Girl's Coordinator - Pat Steinlage 10U Girl's Coordinator - Bob Kraemer 11/12/13/14U Girl's Coordinator – Tim Sommer High School Coordinator – Keith Ellis

7 Bat Rules Baseball Wood bats are allowed BBCOR bats are acceptable Softball Bats must note Softball, no Baseball bats permitted

8 Playing on Multiple Teams Out of age group: Cannot play down an age group If playing up an age group…skill level does not matter Full teams can play UP an age group but will be ranked accordingly for skill level for each of those age groups

9 Scheduling For 2015 Schedule process allows managers to view home & away schedule and league standings from their “Manager’s Home Page”. Scheduling of away games is performed automatically. Games are no longer scheduled during Scheduling Meeting with all manager’s in attendance as was the process in the past. Schedules will still have “conflicts” that need to be resolved. Home managers are responsible for rescheduling game conflicts through their home association’s scheduler. Two new, as of 2014, menu options available from the “Manager’s Home Page” 1) STLW Sched 2) STLW Stand

10 STLW Schedule Page Click “Record” to enter game results (option is disabled until the date of game) Includes opposing managers contact information For Manager’s with more than one team, select team from dropdown on Manager’s Home Page to switch between teams.

11 Website You will be able to access your scheduling information at the Pond AA Website.

12 Reschedule Fee Game rescheduled with 3-10 days could have a reschedule fee of up to $25 to do this. Games cannot be rescheduled within 3 days of playing except in extreme emergencies.

13 STLW Standings Page

14 Notes: Opposing manager is sent email confirmation of game reschedule notice, but home manager is still responsible for confirming opposing manager’s acknowledgement. Suggest opposing manager’s reply to reschedule notice. (No email confirmations are sent when a game date is changed by the Scheduler – as done during Schedule Conflict Resolution meetings) Manager’s are responsible for entering games results. Either Home or Away manager can record game results (or assistant managers if they are entered into system and given “manager’s home page” access by primary manager). A confirmation email is sent when a game score is entered. There is a slight delay between a game reschedule and the time it appears on the opposing manager’s schedule. If the changes is not posted within 30 minutes please contact the League Administrator. If your contact information changes during the season, contact your scheduler so they can make sure your new information is propagated to the opposing managers.

15 Umpires Umpire treatment and training Your son or daughter may be an umpire someday. How would you like them to be treated?

16 Umpires Unacceptable actions –Yelling at umpires –Intimidating umpires –Hostilities toward other team coaches, players, parents, or other fans –Vulgar language –Disrespect of the game Managers are responsible for their coaches, players and parents

17 Practices Tim Sommer - Coordinator Thank you for coaching this year. We truly appreciate all the time and energy you put into your respective teams. This email is about pre-season practices. As you probably know, Pond is one of the few ballparks that does allow teams to practice before the season begins. This year our pre-season lasts until April 5. If your team would like to reserve practice time, please email with your requested time slot. Once the season begins, you can reserve practice time but we will not have recurring practice slots due to limited field In the pre-season, you may request one recurring weekday and one recurring weekend practice slot per team. This is on a first come/first served basis. Please keep in mind that all game activity supersedes any practice time so it is imperative that you check the park schedule on the website (especially on weekends) before heading to the park. I have tried to mark in the “Notes” field on the attached document when there might be conflicts. The attached will explain what slots are currently available. This is on a first come, first served basis so please email if you want a practice slot. Some slots are already reserved by Pond Board Members, who do receive that privilege for their volunteer efforts at the park. For those that are new to this process, here are a few key things to keep in mind about practicing at Pond. Lights, pitching machines, bases, etc. are only available to teams who have a board member present. Fields 1-3 do have lights. All other fields do not. Depending on field availability and volume of requests, you may need to share one of the larger fields with another team in the pre-season. Training league fields are not shared, but are typically only reserved for 7U and some softball teams. Make sure to look at potential conflicts in the “Notes” field on the attached. Training league fields should only be minimally impacted by the dates on the sheet. Pre-season practices may begin whenever fields/weather permit and will end on April 5. After April 5, we will schedule practices using the normal practice scheduling rather than recurring. If you do cancel a practice, please make sure to email It is important to let me know when practices are cancelled. Based upon discussion, we will monitor non-use without notice, and teams may lose If you have questions, please call me or email me at Tim Sommer Pond Board Member 314-578-7672

18 PAA Manager/Coach Background Screening Jeff Bievenue - Coordinator Background checks for managers are mandatory and must be completed. Protect U Sports

19 Important dates Conflict scheduling March 7 th (Ballwin VFW Hall) Work Day – March 7 th, March 14 th, March 21 st PAA Trivia Night - February 28 th (EAT, Equine Assisted Therapy) Equipment handout date – March 14 th, 10:00-12:00 Season starts on Monday, April 14 th (PAA Home dates 4/15) Season ends July 26 th 6/1/15-8/2/15 - STLWAA High School season PAA Golf Tournament

20 STLWAA PAA Picture ID’s / Rosters It is now a STLWAA rule that players must have an ID card. PAA will have a table at the location to check the birth certificate for each player to verify DOB, then send them over to get their picture taken. Trotter will print the cards, then we will distribute them to the managers. The ID cards will be used to verify rosters going forward. We will no longer have to get players signatures on rosters, just the managers. The manager will verify that the right kids are on their pre-printed roster, sign it, keep one copy for themselves, and then turn in two copies. One copy stays with Pond and the other copy is forwarded to the STLWAA baseball or softball coordinator. If there is every a roster called into question, the coach will just need to supply a copy of his roster. The player in question will need to show his ID and then the ump can check to make sure the player is actually on that roster. I would suggest that the MANAGER holds onto all of the ID's during the season so that he knows they will be available during the game if ever needed. The manager can then pass them back to the players after the season. That way, in case the player changes teams in 2016, manager quits coaching, etc. the players will have their own cards back for NEXT year. ID cards will be good for at least three seasons from the issue date, so anyone that gets one this season will not need to get a new one for 2016 or 2017 seasons. Picture ID: by Trotter Photo Location: TBD Dates: March 7 th & March 28 th Times: 9:00am – 2:00pm

21 March 7th schedule conflict resolution meeting at Ballwin VFW Hall Baseball and Softball: ALL TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Boys: Girls: 10:00am 10u 10:00am 8u 10:30am 9u 11:00am 9u 11:00am 11u 12:00pm 10u 11:30am 8u 1:00pm 12u 12:00pm 13u 1:30pm 14U 12:30pm 12U 1:00pm 14u

22 PAA Pictures Jeff Bievenue - Coordinator Pictures: by Trotter Photo Location: Living Word Church Dates: April 11 th & May 9 th On-Line Signup

23 STL West AA Tournaments STL West Preseason Tourney (April 7 th -13th) USSSA Baseball Tournament (June 4 th -7 th ) Pond Diamond Softball Tournament (June 12 th -13 th ) PAA 7 Up Baseball Tournament (June 12 th - 13 th ) Father’s Day Baseball Tournament (June 19 th –21 st ) GMB Baseball Tournaments

24 GMB Baseball Eric Hooper

25 SportsCare Outreach Manager Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center Justin Denman

26 Misc. Batting Cages Concession Stand Fields OneCall

27 DICK’S SPORTING GOODS -POND ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SHOP DAY -PAA is proud to partner with Dicks Sporting Goods Chesterfield Valley Location, sponsoring our PAA Days. -All PAA families will receive 20% entire purchase (exclusions apply) -March 7th & 8 th -Link for discount sheet soon to be available at PAA’s Website -Sign-up Sheets for Baseball, Softball &Tee Ball Buckets along with Batting Nets available for purchase.

28 2015 Trivia Night Fundraiser for Park Improvements Saturday, February 28th EAT (Equine-Assisted Therapy) 3369 Hwy 109, Wildwood, MO 63038 Doors open at 6:30pm Questions start at 7:00pm

29 Questions?


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