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P14417: B9 Particle Filter Cycle 3: System Integration and Testing Dan Anderson Thomas Heberle Perry Hosmer Karina Roundtree Kelly Stover.

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1 P14417: B9 Particle Filter Cycle 3: System Integration and Testing Dan Anderson Thomas Heberle Perry Hosmer Karina Roundtree Kelly Stover

2 Agenda Final Design System Integration Issues Requirements Update Testing Update Risks Project Plan Action Items Purchasing & Cost Summary Documentation Problem Management Review

3 Final Design

4 System Integration Two problems occurred during building: 1.Bolts were too short- easily fixed by getting longer bolts. Issue occurred due to a measurement assumption. 2. Placed mesh on wrong side of lid assembly Was not possible to fix but was able to use it for taste testing So far no problems have occurred that will prevent the collection of data.

5 Engineering Requirements and Test Plans Test Plans: HereHere

6 Turbidity & Flow Rate Testing Update Testing performed on water from pond near Global Village Genesee River was frozen over Three prototypes have been used to test how well the assembly works Testing has been successful! We plan to continue flow and turbidity tests through the first week in April. – Genesee River water – Custom water (varying levels of sand and soil added to tap water)

7 Turbidity & Flow Rate Testing Update

8 Turbidity TestSourcePrototypeInitial Turbidity (NTU)Final turbidity (NTU)% Reduction 1 pond 1322110.965838509 2 pond 224070.970833333 3 pond 147160.659574468 4 pond 342110.738095238 5 pond 17490.878378378 6 pond 26440.9375 7 pond 38460.928571429

9 Flowrate TestSourcePrototypeInitial Turbidity (NTU)Filter time (min)Flow Rate (l/min) 1 pond 1322900.105150556 2 pond 2240900.105150556 3 pond 1471000.1324897 4 pond 342640.266162344 5 pond 174770.098322597 6 pond 264770.122903247 7 pond 384850.155870235

10 Taste Testing

11 Durability Testing ● Brush ○Procedure ○Ordering ● Bucket Assembly ○Procedure ○Location

12 Risks IDRisk ItemEffectCauseLikelihoodSeverityImportanceAction to Minimize RiskStatus 1Cleaning is difficult Users may not clean properly or often enough Difficult to take apart, reassemble339 Supply cleaning instruction, minimize number of parts, minimize disassembly/assembly time, visual cues to indicate which side of filter is upClosed 2 Costs more that $25/unit Product may not be used Materials selection, construction339Design to be low costClosed 3Stress concentration Damage to filter within 2 year lifespan Repeated use of filter236Spread load out around edge of filterOpen Stress on clamp/fastener326Calculate necessary force ratingOpen 4 Flow rate does not meet requirement Not meeting customer needs Insufficient area of filter/diffuser, filter isn't porous enough236 Increase surface area of filter, find more porous materialsOpen 5 User not detecting tear in filter Particles escape into clean water undetected Filter is hidden from view224 No hidden filter, instruct user to inspect both sides of "sandwich"Open 6Corrosion Water tastes bad, equipment fails Improper cleaning, interaction of materials with water133 Use materials which won't corrode, provided clear cleaning instructionOpen 7Weight is too much Too heavy for women and childrenMaterials selection133 Ergonomic study, design to allow women and children to useClosed 8Incorrect usage Filter could break, water not cleaned Not intuitive, poor instructions133 Use visuals whenever possible, minimize text, poka-yokeOpen 9 Stability issues with bucket bucket tips, breaks, etc poor structural design, unlevel surface212 Design proper attachments, make sure surface is level prior to useOpen 10Leakage UV Absorbing particles reach "cleaned" waterNot a tight seal111 Use rubber gasket, clamped down tightlyClosed 11Filter may be too tall Not enough room for "clean" water Planning issues, imprecise calculations111 Calculate necessary height ASAP, test for fill amountOpen

13 Project Plan

14 Action Items 12Turbidity & TSS Testing (Data Gathering Phase)15-FebIn-ProgressPerry 13Build Prototype18-FebCompletedThomas 14Begin Testing on Prototype21-FebCompletedPerry 15Record Final Prototype Weight: S328-FebCompletedThomas 16Finalize Shipping Costs Estimate: S428-FebBehind ScheduleDan 17Finalize Cost Summary3-MarCompletedThomas 18Determine method of attaching brush (cleaning)6-MarBehind ScheduleKarina 19Outline Final Paper7-MarCompletedKelly 20Finalize Cleaning Materials & Procedures10-MarBehind ScheduleKarina 21Outline Final Poster13-MarCompletedKarina 22Build 2nd Prototype13-MarCompletedThomas 23Statistical Analysis for Specs: S1,S5,S10,S1326-MarNot CompleteDan 24Build 3rd Prototype27-MarCompletedThomas 251st Draft Paper1-AprIn-ProgressKelly 26Statistical Analysis for Durability Spec.: S82-AprNot CompleteKelly 27Complete Final Paper16-AprNot CompleteTeam 28Finalize Documentation & EDGE Site16-AprNot CompleteDan & Kelly 29Final Poster Designed17-AprNot CompleteKarina 30Imagine RIT3-MayNot CompleteTeam 31Project Completion6-MayNot CompleteTeam

15 Purchased Parts 4 Prototypes – Mesh – Buckets – Lids – Bolts/Nuts Testing Supplies – Cups – Spring Water Brushes for durability testing Sand and topsoil for additional cleaning and flow testing Already PurchasedUpcoming Purchases

16 Cost Summaries Product Cost Summary (BOM) No.ItemVendor Vendor item number/description Qty Price per item/Sq ft price per unit 1Bottomless bucketThe Cary Company57WCU51.002.97 2LidThe Cary Company57WCUP1.001.47 35 Micron MeshMacro Specialty Steel 200x1400 Twill Dutch Weave 316ss 1.0011.756.32 4BucketThe Cary Company57WCU51.002.97 5Hex nut 1/4"-20 threadMcMaster Carr91845A0296.000.050.27 6 Cap Screw 1/4"-20 thread, 2"long McMaster Carr92240A5506.000.281.71 7Nylon BrushHome Depot Quickie Original Iron Handle Curved Plastic Scrub Brush 1.002.19 9RodsN/A Made from cut out portion of bottomless bucket 20.000.00 total17.90 Project Budget Starting Budget: $500.00 Previously Purchased:Prototyping & Testing $(222.49) To be Purchased:Brushes $(7.00) Sand $(5.00) End of Term Balance: $265.51

17 Documentation Imagine RIT Poster - Outline created started filling in information Paper Outside Submission

18 Problem Management Review Schedule – Flow Rate Testing Pushed Back – Durability Testing Pushed Back Brush Durability – Setting up Testing Incorrect Assembly for one prototype – Taste Testing – Brush Durability

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