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Fish Pond Owner I support the development project!

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1 Fish Pond Owner I support the development project!

2 As a fish pond owner When the fish pond is sold out, I will get a compensation the compensation is much higher than that I earn from selling fish Get more money than before. My living standard will be improved as I have large amount of money to support my life in the future


4 Government Support developing Fung Lok Wai Set up laws to restrict the height of the buildings that build in Fung Lok Wai to preserve the environment and prevent wall effects Invite NGO e.g. WWF to monitor the project so as to minimize the pollution caused Organize talks to educate the public and raise the social awareness of conserving the environment Keep on following the Ramsar Convention as this can protect the natural resources in Hong Kong

5 Developer

6 Fung Lok Wai development project As a developer, I agree with the project. That piece of land has a beautiful view and has high potential to develop into a low density and high-class residential area. Selling these flats can earn more income. If the land is developed successfully, we can gain reputation and more investors will invest.

7 Environmentalist Group 2: Charlie Lau Sharon Lo Mimi Ma Rinki Ng Brianna To We oppose the project!

8 Social Better air qualitiy  higher living standard Educate the people about the importance of conservation Arise social awareness Economic Environmental Green Environment  will not cause visual pollution Marine organisms ( eg. birds and butterfly ) can stay in Fung Lok Wai Will not destroy the habitat of marine organisms and harm the original ecology Build a conservation centre  earn money from the visitors Cooperate with the Government to hold some seminars or some visits for the schools in order to gain profit

9 Developer

10 -As developers are economic men, building the residential land use can generate profit from residents -Developers may build recreational facilities or develop into tourists spots that attract tourist to earn income - Build low density estate is at most 3-4 floors, so as to achieve green environment.

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