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BIOSPHERE JEOPARDY #1 S2C06 Jeopardy Review

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2 BIOSPHERE JEOPARDY #1 S2C06 Jeopardy Review

3 CYCLESVocabINTERACTIONSEcology Food webs 100 200 300 400 500

4 CYCLES 100 Tell how the movement of matter through an ecosystem is different than the flow of energy A: matter is recycled and moves between organisms and the ecosystem; energy moves in one direction through organisms ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

5 CYCLES 200 A: What is nitrogen cycle? Name the cycle that involves nitrogen fixation and denitrification S2C06 Jeopardy Review

6 CYCLES 300 A: What is carbon cycle? Name the biogeochemical cycle that includes CO2 in atmosphere, fossil fuels underground, photosynthesis, and respiration S2C06 Jeopardy Review

7 CYCLES 400 A: What is water cycle (hydrologic) ? Name the cycle that involves evaporation, transpiration, condensation, and runoff S2C06 Jeopardy Review

8 CYCLES 500 A: What are nitrogen fixation and denitrification? Name the two phases of the nitrogen cycle that involve bacteria. S2C06 Jeopardy Review

9 Vocabulary 100 A: What is a species? S2C06 Jeopardy Review group of organisms so similar to one another that they can breed and produce fertile offspring

10 Vocabulary 200 A: What are detritivores? Organisms that feed on plant and animal remains and other dead matter (Ex: mites, earthworms, snails, and crabs) S2C06 Jeopardy Review

11 Vocabulary 300 A: What is a trophic level ? Each step in food chain or food web S2C06 Jeopardy Review

12 Vocabulary 400 A: What is a limiting nutrient ? Nutrient that is scarce or cycles slowly in an ecosystem S2C06 Jeopardy Review

13 Vocabulary 500 A: What is an algal bloom? Rapid increase in the population of algae in a lake or pond due to the addition of extra nutrients S2C06 Jeopardy Review

14 Interactions 100 A: What is cooperation? S2C06 Jeopardy Review Name this kind of interaction

15 Interactions 200 A: What is symbiosis (parasitism) ? Name this type of interaction S2C06 Jeopardy Review

16 Interactions 300 A: What is competition? Name this type of interaction S2C06 Jeopardy Review

17 Interactions 400 A: What is predation? Name this type of interaction S2C06 Jeopardy Review

18 Interactions 500 A: What is food, shelter, territory/space, mates, or light ? Tell something organisms might compete for S2C06 Jeopardy Review

19 ECOLOGY 100 population S2C06 Jeopardy Review A group of similar organisms that live together are called a ________________

20 ____________ factors are the non- living components in an ecosystem like soil, climate, light, etc. ECOLOGY 200 abiotic S2C06 Jeopardy Review

21 ECOLOGY 300 community Different populations that live in an area make up a _________________ S2C06 Jeopardy Review

22 ECOLOGY 400 niche An organism’s _____________ includes not only where it lives, but what it eats, what eats it, how it reproduces, and how it interacts with its habitat S2C06 Jeopardy Review

23 ECOLOGY 500 competitive exclusion The _________________ principle states that no two organisms can occupy the same niche at the same time S2C06 Jeopardy Review Images from:

24 Food Webs 100 A: What is the algae? Name the organism on the first trophic level in this food chain S2C06 Jeopardy Review

25 Food Webs 200 A: It will decrease (less food will be available) ? What will happen to the mouse population if the Oak trees get a fungus and don’t produce acorns this year? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

26 Food Webs 300 A: What are centipedes/daphnia? S2C06 Jeopardy Review Name a detritovore in this food web.

27 Food Webs 400 A: What is Maned goose/ tadpole? Name an herbivore in this food web. S2C06 Jeopardy Review

28 Food Webs 500 A: What are autotrophs? Name the group of organisms that is always at the base of every food chain S2C06 Jeopardy Review

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