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1 AZAcomp. African Field Test Trial Test Site: Chegutu, Zimbabwe, Municipal Sewage Pond #3 Test Start Date: September 10, 2009. Test Duration: Ongoing.

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1 1 AZAcomp. African Field Test Trial Test Site: Chegutu, Zimbabwe, Municipal Sewage Pond #3 Test Start Date: September 10, 2009. Test Duration: Ongoing Pond Size: 50m x 50m x 3m Testing Coordinators: Dave Kempen and Tim Fennell Chegutu City Engineer: Douglas Chimhande Effluent testing: GNK Laboratories (Pvt)Ltd t/a Zimlabs Amby, Msasa, Zimbabwe

2 2 Note: Only primary pond #3 is being treated in this trial.

3 3 Project Overview This project was initiated to show the effectiveness of AZAcomp in Zimbabwe. The Town of Chegutu was chosen as a test site because it possibly had one of the the worst cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe in 2008-2009. Chegutu was set up by the government as a control center for all cases of cholera in the Mashonaland province. This had far reaching implications. The cholera cases were inadequately isolated with the general population of Chegutu becoming infected as well. Within a very short period of time, there were 160 deaths, and 3000 more cases. Water released from the final pond in Chegutu's ZMDC Sewage Pond should be used for irrigation and/or allowed to free flow into a near-by river. The ponds however are over-loaded and raw sewage is currently flowing into the river.

4 4 Project Overview continued… Town of Chegutu population: 120,000 This ZMDC sewage treatment plant is one of two plants servicing Chegutu. The inflow and outflow pipes of pond 3 were restricted initially for the purposes of this test trial, allowing AZAcomp to work in a closed system. (Under normal circumstances, the entire lagoon system would be treated.) Shortly after 01/10/2009, the inflow and outflow pipes were fully opened with flow rates, greater than 2 megalitres/day, of screened raw sewage flowing through the pond. The application rates used in this trial: 4kg/day for month one. 4kg/week for month two.

5 5 View of right side of test pond.

6 6 View of left side, and date of AZAcomp’s introduction into the pond.

7 7 Less than one week after the first application.

8 8 One week after the trial’s start.

9 9 Pond being viewed by city engineer, test coordinators, and aid agencies.

10 10 10/10/2009 Results 30 days after AZAcomp’s introduction into pond.

11 11 36 days after the first application of AZAcomp. Pond liquefied.

12 12 Comparative Chegutu Sewage Pond #3 Test Results Dates tested Tested for: 08/09/2009 17/09/2009 01/10/2009 16/10/2009** TCV (c.f.u./ml) TNTC TNTC 400 Coliforms (c.f.u./ml) 400 TNTC 4000 260 E.coli (c.f.u./ml) positive positive positive positive pH 7.80 7.80 6.60 7.80 Total Nitrogen (mg/l) 3.91 8.05 0.01 4.49 Nitrate (mg/l) 1.45 0.56 0.89 1.56 Ammonia (mg/l) 4.75 9.77 0.02 5.42 DO –1Day (mg/l) 710.00 63.00 30.00 56.00 BOD-5Days (mg/l) 180.00 41.00 25.00 48.00 COD (mg/l) 140.00 132.00 140.00 92.00 Suspended Solids (mg/l) 184.16 1.81 8.75 2.79 Permanganate Value (mgO2/l) 14600.00 1260.00 600.00 1120.00 ** After pond opened up to unrestricted inflow of >2Ml/day of screened raw sewage.

13 13 11/01/2010 Test pond after four months of treatment.

14 14 Four month overview of AZAcomp’s field test. 10/10/2009 11/01/2010

15 15 Comparative Chegutu Sewage Pond #3 Test Results Tested for: 30/10/2009 12/01/2010** TCV (c.f.u./ml) TNTC 4000 Coliforms (c.f.u./ml) TNTC 2700 E.coli (c.f.u./ml) positive positive pH 8.00 6.70 Total Nitrogen (mg/l) 5.98 12.35 Nitrate (mg/l) 2.11 19.24 Ammonia (mg/l) 7.26 23.36 DO –1Day (mg/l) 37.00 5.90 BOD-5Days (mg/l) 52.00 1.40 COD (mg/l) 52.00 T/F Suspended Solids (mg/l) 3.58 1.33 Permanganate Value (mgO2/l) 740.00 120.00 ** This test reflects the daily effluent inflow from 60,000 inhabitants. Note: As only one primary lagoon is being treated and not the entire lagoon system, the outflow test results reflect that this wastewater requires further treatment in secondary lagoons in order to bring the outflow readings to environmentally acceptable levels.

16 16 Caveat to Laboratory testing results We were informed that high levels of E.coli and coliforms still exist within the town system. It was general consensus that due to the inflow, albeit initially restricted, it would be very unlikely that AZAcomp would make an impact upon those counts, however even after unrestricted flow-through, the bacteria counts are down. This outcome was met with great enthusiasm. In order to restore this wastewater treatment facility to its original intended capacity, and to achieve environmentally acceptable outflow test results, this facility requires AZAcomp treatment of the entire system -from where the effluent enters the system right through to the primary and secondary lagoons- to clean up the overloaded crust and sludge filled lagoons in order for the whole system to function efficiently. These test results, both pictorial and lab certified, show conclusively what AZAcomp can accomplish.

17 17 Project Analysis The use of AZAcomp requires no expertise to apply and very little management for treating wastewater facilities. AZAcomp is very cost effective particularly in comparison with mechanical infrastructure which requires electricity, maintenance, management expertise, and spare parts. With regular treatment AZAcomp will virtually eliminate sludge/effluent in lagoon systems and reduce/eliminate outflow contamination of water ways. The AZAcomp compound specifically targets/lives on organic effluent, so once the wastewater is completely treated, it will die out. AZAcomp, with its aerobic and anaerobic qualities, will follow its food source (the effluent) to clean up underground pipes, and wastewater treatment facilities.

18 18 AZAcomp ‘Simply the best’ For more information please contact: In Africa: Dave Kempen/Tim Fennell cell: 263- (0)11 401 025 tel: 263- 4 490947 email: All other: Bill Powell Jay Lundy tel: 1 250-442-2700 tel: 1 403-504-1064 cell: 1 250-679-4691 cell: 1 403-580-1337 email: email: AZAcomp is manufactured by Acti-Zyme Products Ltd. (Canada) for use in Africa.

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