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Lesson 13- The Rootsa Pend- Pens- and Pond

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1 Lesson 13- The Rootsa Pend- Pens- and Pond
append dispense expendable expenditure impend 6. pending 7. perpendicular 8. preponderance 9. recompense 10. suspension

2 1. append (verb) To add as a supplement. To fix to; attach.
Related Word: appendage Ex: Rachel appended a bibliography to her research paper.

3 2. dispense (verb) To prepare and distribute in parts or portions.
To administer. To exempt or release, as from a duty or obligation. Related Word: dispensation Ex: The machine dispensed fruit juices.

4 3. expendable (adj) Viewed as not worth keeping or maintaining.
Subject to use or consumption. Related Word: expend Ex: Paper plates are expendable dishes.

5 4. expenditure (noun) The act or process of consuming or using something up; outlay. An expense. Related Word: expend Ex: The manager had not anticipated that completion of the project would require such a large expenditure of staff time.

6 5. impend (verb) To hang or hover menacingly
To be about to take place. Ex: In the winter a heavy, overcast sky is a sign that snow impends.

7 6. pending (adj) Not yet decided; awaiting conclusion. Preposition
While awaiting. Ex: Until Shawna improved her grades in English; her place on the varsity soccer team would be pending.

8 7. perpendicular (adj) Intersecting at or forming right angles.
At right angles to a horizontal line or plane; vertical; exactly upright. Noun A line or perpendicular to a given line or plane. Ex: Victorio held the cross piece perpendicular while his brother nailed it in place.

9 8. preponderance (noun) Superiority in weight, quantity, power or importance. Related Word: preponderant Ex: Trevor was relieved to see the preponderance of A’s on his report card.

10 9. recompense (verb) To award compensation to, as for services rendered. To make a return for an action. noun Payment to compensate for another’s loss. Payment in return for something given or done. Ex: We recompensed our elderly neighbor for his many kindnesses by shoveling his sidewalk during the winter.

11 10. suspension (noun) The temporary deferment of an action.
The period during which one is excluded from privilege, office or position. A device from which a mechanical part is hung. Related Words: suspend Ex: The traffic division put into effect a suspension of the usual parking regulations on Sunday.

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