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Potential of convergence with NREGS and Inland fishery in rainfed area By: Neelkanth RRA Network.

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1 Potential of convergence with NREGS and Inland fishery in rainfed area By: Neelkanth RRA Network

2 Area Profile: Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh State There are total of 1395 ponds all in this district as per government records, with 612 ponds being under fishery and 100 being irrigation ponds. More than 60 new ponds under NREGS scheme

3 Central objective or theme for planning: In 2008, MP state Govt. initiated “Meenakshi Yojna”- as aprt of NREGA program like “Kapildhara yojna”, “Nandan Falodyan”, “Sahatradhara”, “Bhumi shilpa” Planning at individual level farmers

4 Resources and program for fishery: A. NREGA fund Tank deepening, desiltation, drainage, repairing of traditional chandela tank, etc. Meenakshi yojna: -Construction of small pond for fishery purpose - Fishery department is the monitoring and technical agency -Implemented through Gram panchayat. - Plan endorsed through Gram sabha - During last two year project is cleared for 27 pond, 6 ponds completed - Maximum project size of Rs.5 lac, for pond area of 1 Hectare B. RKVY fund: Fish seed rearing nursery through RKVY. Budget limit 1 Lac for each rearing point component of 50% Grant:50% Bank loan

5 Another example: Governance pattern for convergence in West Bangal/ Burdwan Convergence with fishery (under water conservation and water harvesting, Renovation of traditional water bodies Formation of district resource group (DM, District NREGA officer, DFO, KVK, Agri. Officer,Irrigation dept, Sericulture etc. Formation of block resource group (of BDO, BLDO, AO, SGSY, NREGA officer etc.) Regular meeting with PIA and Fishery dept. KVK as technical node for Fishery, Hariyali, SGSY and Animal husbandry SGSY Group members trained, linked with fishery prog.

6 Limitation: Fishery department has role of only monitoring and providing technical guidance Pond design and implementation is responsibility of Engineering staff and Gram Panchayat Irregular fund disbursal Fishery department officials and fishing communities are not involved in planning, implementation and maintenance process Panchayat and engineering staff consider pond as water bodies, not as productive and economic resources for fishery activities Involvement of other technical institutions like KVK, Agri. university, Private operators, training institutions etc are not made part of plan Institutional and governance arrangement Convergence with different scheme and institutions require innovative approaches

7 Potential arrangements: Fishery department need to be involved as important stakeholder in NREGA planning, implementation and monitoring process NREGA has potential to be utilised for: -Developing small pond as fish seed rearing farm, converge this component with RKVY etc. -Develop Block level Small hatchery,( link this with NREGA, NABARD and Panchayat ) -Support for indivisual, private operator in construction of Seed farm as well as hatchery. -Construct village level tank for day to day use as well as for fishery purpose, these tank should not be used for irrigation purpose. -Construction of panhayat or Block level market yard, infrastructure etc. The revenue generated through these initiatives need to be shared with producer group and panchayats.

8 Thank You!

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