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Sheerness Generating Station Water Consumption and Use Red Deer River Watershed Alliance.

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1 Sheerness Generating Station Water Consumption and Use Red Deer River Watershed Alliance

2 Background Information Sheerness Station is co-owned by ATCO Power and TransAlta Utilities. ATCO Power manages and operates the facility. The Station employs approx. 125 people with about another 100 employed by the supporting coal mine (Prairie Mines Royalty ).


4 Background Information Two turbine/generators, 408 MW Gross ea. Each boiler produces 1,125,000 kg (2.5 million pounds) steam per hour at 17.2 MPa (2,500 psi) and 536°C (997°F). Station maximum output is 780 MW Net. Consumes approx. 11,000 tonnes coal/day.

5 Plant Process

6 Water Source Pumphouse on the Red Deer River approx. 40 km SW of the generating station into a pipeline. Pipeline supplies water for agricultural users and the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission. Remainder to the 475 hectare cooling pond. Water from cooling pond released into ESRD’s (Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development) blowdown canal.


8 Aerial Photo

9 Red Deer River Pumphouse Three pumps:2,600 KW each. Capacity:7110 m 3 /hr. (1.975 m 3 /s). Diversion:Calculated from pump flow curves. Typically one or two pumps operate but occasionally three. Diversion only during warmer months. Average diversion since 2007 is approx. 16,780,000 m 3 annually.

10 Water Licence (Pumphouse) ATCO Power Licence Allocation: 22,000,000 m 3 annually. Rate of Diversion: 2.5 m 3 /s. Average diversion since 2007, approx. 16,780,000 m 3 annually. ESRD (Alberta Environment) Licence Allocation: Additional 13,800,000 m 3 annually. Rate of Diversion: Incorporated into the licence issued to ATCO Power.

11 Public Use Withdrawals from the pipeline and the blowdown canal for agriculture. Potable Water for Hanna, Oyen, and surrounding communities produced by the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission. Recreation at Prairie Oasis Park.

12 Generating Station Use At full load: 2.5 million pounds of steam per hour for each turbine. Largest use: cooling water for main condensers, necessary to condense steam for reuse in boilers. Approx. 25,200 m 3 /hour recirculated through pond. Average pond evaporation since 2007 is approx. 9,206,000 m 3 annually.

13 Other Station Uses Demineralized water production for boilers and turbines. Potable water for station personnel. Demineralized water and potable water approx. 221,000 m 3 annually.

14 Blowdown Canal (BDC) Water released from cooling pond for agriculture. Flows into ESRD’s blowdown canal to Carolside Reservoir. Crown Entitlement based on the water licence. Calculated from a base volume of 2,500,000 m 3 + 1.12 m 3 /gross MWh. Average release since 2007 is approx. 7,753,000 m 3 annually.

15 BDC Water Analysis What’s in the River is in the Cooling Pond. Samples collected from:- Red Deer River -Cooling Pond. -Blowdown Canal. Samples sent to commercial lab for analysis. Both required and voluntary performed. ESRD Approval specifies monitoring and reporting on the blowdown canal. An Approval is like a licence.

16 BDC Water Quality Continuous Monitors:pH, temperature and flow. Visual Checks:signs of oil, solids, or foaming. Weekly Samples:Fe, Total P, TDS, TSS. Monthly Samples:COD, (NO3+NO2)-N, TKN, Dissolved O 2. Semi-annual Samples:Al, As, B, Cd, Cr, Hexavalent Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Na, Pb, Mn, Hg, Mo, Ni, Se, Ag, V, Zn, Ca, K, Cl, SO 4, Reactive Silica, Total Alkalinity, Conductivity, T urbidity, Total Hardness, TOC, Colour.

17 Water Balance Water Into Cooling Pond Water diverted from the Red Deer River. Pipeline withdrawals. Annual rainfall and snowfall. Average since 2007 is approx. 1,592,000 m 3 annually. Water From the Cooling Pond ESRD blowdown canal allotment. Water consumed at the Generating Station. Cooling pond evaporation. Cooling pond volume change.

18 2013 Water Balance Crown Entitlement: 8,532,673 m 3 To the Cooling Pond Total Diverted:16,982,679 m 3 Total Pipeline Withdrawals: 1,537,229 m 3 Total Pumped to Cooling Pond:15,445,450 m 3 Total Rainfall: 1,456,333 m 3 From the Cooling Pond Total into Blowdown Canal: 7,685,345 m 3 Total Consumed by Power Station: 220,825 m 3 Total Evaporated from Cooling Pond: 8,904,964 m 3 Change in Cooling Pond Volume: +90,649 m 3

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