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So what is this stuff?.

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1 So what is this stuff?

2 Filamentous Algae

3 Oedogonium

4 Zygnema

5 Free living algaes

6 Algae Netrium (algae)

7 Cladophora

8 Protists Perenema Blepherisma

9 Volvox / Paramecium Volvox Paramecium

10 Euglena

11 Stentor / Amoeba Amoeba Stentor

12 Cyclops Cyclops (Copapod)

13 Daphnia Daphnia

14 Ostracod Cypris Ostracod

15 Nematode Nematode (Round worm)

16 Rotifers Rotifer

17 Tardigrade Tardigrade (Water bear)

18 Microscope parts and functions

19 Making the Pond Water Slide
Place one or two drops with some algae on slide. Carefully place coverslip at a 45 degree angle and touch the liquid. Lower coverslip until it lies flat.

20 Using the Microscope Make sure the low power lens (4x) is clicked in place. (over the opening in the stage) With the light on, look through the eyepiece adjust the diaphragm until you see a bright circle of light. Place and fasten the prepared slide to the stage. Center some algae in the stage opening. Lower the objective lens so it is at its closest point to the slide. (look from the side)

21 Using the Microscope (cont.)
Looking through the eyepiece, slowly turn the coarse adjustment knob, moving the lens away until objects come into focus. Move the slide over the stage with knobs or fingers until a specimen of interest is centered. Observe specimens as desired. Then switch to medium or high power. Use the fine adjustment knob to adjust the focus.

22 Pondwater Lab On a piece of paper make drawings of 2 different organisms you see in a drop of pond water. Identify and label them from the photos. Describe if you think each organism is single-celled or multi-celled. Label any cell parts you can identify.

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