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South Fayette School District Department of Pupil Personnel “21 st Century Pupil Services: Light the Path to Success” Dr. Nanci A. Sullivan Director of.

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1 South Fayette School District Department of Pupil Personnel “21 st Century Pupil Services: Light the Path to Success” Dr. Nanci A. Sullivan Director of Pupil Personnel October 22, 2012

2 South Fayette School District’s Mission Statement The mission of the South Fayette School District, in partnership with the community, is to cultivate academic, artistic, and athletic excellence by instilling a spirit of collaboration and communication to develop confident, ethical and responsible leaders.

3 Quality: Great to Greater! “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” -New York Times Ad, 1939

4 Leadership A leader understands one constant…change…it just keeps happening, and rapidly!” -Charles Swan and William Spady The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. -Theodore M. Hesburg

5 Pupil Services Administrative Building

6 Demographics of South Fayette School District Residential suburban district in the far southwestern part of Pennsylvania close to the West Virginia border. (15 years ago considered a rural school district.) District is centrally located on a 160 acre track of land. – A campus environment with all buildings including central office administration and transportation located together. District is in Allegheny County of PA District’s township is 20.95 square miles

7 Student Information Student Population was 2,544 (April 1, 2012) Student Population is 2,713 (October 1, 2012) Elementary Center (grades K-4)-Blue Ribbon Middle School (grades 5-8)-Blue Ribbon High School (grades 9-12)-One of the outstanding high schools in the US according to Newsweek. Intermediate School (grades 3-4-5)-Currently being built around the S.T.E.A.M. theme and due to open September 2013.

8 Statistical Background South Fayette School District was considered the past 4 years as the 4 th fastest growing districts in the state. However, that status has changed recently and we are now considered by PSBO the fastest growing district in the state of Pennsylvania. (Increase in students by 46%--850 students between 2003-2011.) 40-45% of our staff is relatively new in the last 5 years. Pittsburgh Business Times April 6, 2012 ranked South Fayette School District as 5 th out of 72 districts in the region 10 th out of 501 public school districts in the Commonwealth according to our PSSA, PASA, etc. scores. Issues regarding growth, money, space, personnel, etc.

9 Strategic Plan Status District’s 6-year Strategic Plan was completed in 2007- 2008-Department of Pupil Personnel completed both a Special Education Plan and a Chapter 12-Student Services Plan. Addendum to Student Services Plan was sent to PAPSA as to what has been accomplished from 2008 up to this year. Three year mid-point of the Strategic Plan was completed in 2010-2011. All outlined goals of the 3- year Special Education Plan were completed. New Special Education Plan as part of the Strategic Plan was written in 2010-2011.



12 Special Education Data Approximately 196 identified special education students (PENN DATA count of December 1, 2011) – Learning Disabilities51 – Speech and Language46 – Autism26 – Other Health Impairment31 – Emotional Disturbance18 – Mental Retardation10 – Hearing Impairment/Deafness5 – Visual Impairment/Blindness2 – Multiple Disabilities5 – Traumatic Brain Injury2  Total as of October 16, 2012: 201 Identified Special Education Students

13 Chapter 15: 504 Student Services Plans As of October 1, 2012: – 33 Academic 504 Student Services Plans 10 elementary school 10 middle school 13 high school – 18 Medical 504 Student Services Plans – Total 504 Student Services Plans: 49

14 Enrichment and Gifted Education Services October 1, 2012 Data: 3 Levels of Services – Level I: Enrichment Services-Curriculum differentiation – Level II: Enrichment Services for High Ability Students-participation in enrichment groups, enrichment co-teaching model, participation in competitions, continued curriculum differentiation – Level III: Gifted Education Current Enrichment Data: – Grades 1-4 LA 74 students – Grades 1-4 Math 60 students (*Three 2 nd graders are accelerated to 3 rd grade math) – Grades 5-6 LA 64 students – Grade 5 Math-26 students Gifted/GIEPs: 17 Identified in grades K-12 Online Learning College Courses: 52 High School Students Cyber School Students: 25 K-12 (one special education student)

15 Personnel in the Department Director of Pupil Personnel – 1 Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel/School Psychologist – 1 School Psychologist/504 Plan Coordinator/Transition Coordinator – 8 learning support teachers – 2 learning support with a functional skills component teachers – 2 speech and language therapists – 5 guidance counselors – 3 school nurses – 1 In-school Mental Health Clinician (School-based Mental Health/Chartiers MH/MR) – 1 School-based Mental Health Liaison from Allegheny County Mental and Behavioral Health – Drug and Alcohol Representative from Turtle Creek – 1 Middle School Instructional Support Teacher – Middle School Student Assistance Program (principals, guidance counselors, school nurse, teachers, etc.) – High School Student Assistance Program (principals, guidance counselors, school nurse, teachers, etc.) – Elementary Child Study Team (principals, guidance counselors, school nurse, teachers, etc.) – In the process of creating an elementary Student Assistance Team – 2 English-as-a-Second Language Teachers – 3 enrichment /gifted teachers – 2 Crisis Prevention Intervention Trainers for the district – Autism Consultant from The Watson Institute ( 2x a month) – Positive Behavior Support Consultant from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit – Autism Consultant from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit – Positive Behavior Support Consultant from the Allegheny County Intermediate Unit – Community-based Instruction/Job Coaching from The Watson Institute

16 Continuation of Personnel in the Department Paraprofessionals (K-12): – All highly qualified previous years as well as the current school year – 2005-2006: Required candidates for have 2 or 4-year degrees If the candidate has a degree in an area other than education, they are required to complete modules for the the PA Paraeducator Competency Credential. – 22 Special Education Paraeducators (classroom paraeducators and personal care paraeducators) 5 personal care paraeducators 17 classroom paraeducators – 3 Title 1 Reading Paraeducators

17 Continuation of Personnel in the Department Administrative Clerical Support: – 1 Department of Pupil Personnel Administrative Assistant – 1 Department of Pupil Personnel ACCESS Coordinator/Administrative Assistant – 1 Middle School Guidance Administrative Assistant/Attendance – 1 High School Guidance Administrative Assistant – 1 PIMS/Child Accounting Administrative Assistant

18 Pupil Personnel Staff Development Trainings Special Education Team Leaders 2 “PERFECT” Special Education Cyclical Monitorings A commendation was awarded from PDE to the Department of Pupil Personnel for Professional Development/Trainings – 48 months: 158 documented trainings/in-services – 2010-2011: 39 trainings/in-services – 2011-2012: 43 trainings/in-services – 2012-2013: 15 trainings/in-services (October 2012)

19 Summer Co-teaching Academy Co-teaching began with one team of co-teachers in 2009 Three co-teaching teams, middle school, principal, and Director of Pupil Personnel participated in an AIU co- teaching training throughout 2010 “Summer Co-teaching Academy” was created in the summer of 2009 Director of Pupil Personnel and 3 Teacher Trainers (2 regular education teachers and one special education teacher) conduct the academy. 3 Teacher Coaches visit throughout the year the co-teaching classrooms to provide support and answer questions. 3rd Summer Co-teaching Academy 2012: 9 teachers will be trained 18 Teachers have been trained through the academy the last 3 years-total number of teachers trained after August 2012= 27 teachers. Dr. Marilyn Friend, presented to our entire faculty on “Co-teaching and Differentiation” in August 2011. Dr. Marilyn Friend and the district conducted its first skype session in March 2012 with all co-teachers. Co-teaching is not for every student and it should not be considered as “remediation”. We continue to have the full spectrum of services. Co-teachers and Special Education Teachers have received ENO/SMART Boards Student test scores have been tracked and our PSSA scores have increased with co-teaching. Assistive Technology for Special Education: ***2010-2011: ENO/Smart Boards, Projectors and training for all special ed. classrooms and co-teaching classrooms. ***2011-2012: Technology Pilot: iPADS/Apps, Video-conferencing, iMovie – ***2012-2013: 71 iPADS for teachers and students with disabilities

20 Pupil Services: Historical Perspective of the Last Eleven Years Prior to 2001, there was one school psychologist. 2001-2002: Director of Pupil Services was hired. 2002-2003: Administrative Assistant was hired for the department. 2004-2005: Turtle Creek D/A Representative 2005-2006: Added Team Leaders 2008-2009: Allegheny County Department of Behavioral Health provided us with a “School-based Liaison” out of the Bureau of Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services 2010 July: Moved into newly renovated “Pupil Services Center” 2010-2011: 2 nd School Psychologist was hired to provide group counseling, individual counseling, and to be a transition coordinator. 2010-2011: ACCESS Coordinator/Administrative Assistant was hired. 2011-2012: School-based Mental Health was added through Chartiers MH/MR-In-school Clinician 2011-2012: Collapsed Chartiers MH/MR School-based Clinician/SAP Representative from the same agency.

21 Team Leaders in Every Department Special Education Enrichment/Gifted Guidance Counselors School Nurses

22 School Psychologist Hired 2 nd school psychologist 2009-2010 to fulfill the role of a social worker K-12. ACCESS monies 1:1 psychological counseling (29 students K-12) Groups: facilitates at all grade levels (12 groups this school year based on needs.) – Elementary: interaction, social skill development, friendship – Middle School: 6 th & 7 th grade girls pre-adolescent regarding promotion of positive relationships, self-image, stress and emotions, promoting dignity and respect of self and others. Transition/504 Student Services Plan Coordinator

23 Chartiers MH/MR: In-school Clinician Therapist who provides therapy not counseling South Fayette School District provides office space that had to be pre-approved by PDE Parent insurance covers costs Therapy continues over the summer Currently, provides therapy to 28 students/families Over last summer continued to provide therapy on our campus for 24 students/families In-school Clinician from Chartiers MH/MR attends all of my guidance and school psychologist meetings

24 Scheduled Department Meetings as Needed During the School Year Pupil Services Team Meetings: school psychologists, guidance counselors, lead school nurse, Chartiers MH/MR In-school Clinician, Allegheny County Mental Health and Behavior School- based Liaison, and Director of Pupil Personnel. Principals attend these meetings as needed. Special Education Team Leader Meetings: Three lead special education teachers from each building, two school psychologists, and the Director of Pupil Personnel. Department of Pupil Personnel Building Team Meetings: Two school psychologists, administrative assistant of the Department of Pupil Personnel, and ACCESS coordinator/administrative assistant of the Department of Pupil Personnel, and the Director of Pupil Personnel. Department of Enrichment/Gifted Education Department Meetings: 3 enrichment/gifted education teachers, two school psychologists, and the Director of Pupil Personnel. Principal Meetings: Discuss co-teaching, staffing, curriculum, PSSAs/PSSA-M/PASAs, curriculum, etc.

25 Child Find Notice Postings South Fayette School District’s Pupil Services site – – Pupil Services Booklets can be located in all main offices and guidance offices on our district’s campus Annually published in “In-South Fayette Community Magazine” that is placed in every resident’s mailbox in the district. Student/Parent Handbooks SAP Pamphlets in the middle and high school’s guidance departments Special education parent meetings, ESL parent meetings, elementary PTA meetings, and middle school PAC meetings.

26 Consultants for Pupil Support Services Autism Consultant from the Watson Institute Autism Consultant from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Positive Behavior Support Consultant from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Community-based/Cooperative Work consultant, job coach, etc. from the Watson Institute

27 Pupil Support Services Elementary student groups: School Psychologist/Chartiers MH/MR In-school Clinician Elementary guidance counselor, school psychologist, In-school clinician individual counseling Elementary: Child Study Team (Currently, we have a group pending training for elementary SAP.) – Academic – Behavioral – Medical – Emotional – Social Elementary: RAC Reading Rooms: Highly Trained Reading Specialists/3 highly trained Title 1 Paraeducators K-AM/K-PM: One RAC Room 1 st Grade: Two RAC Rooms 2 nd Grade: Two RAC Rooms 3 rd Grade: One RAC Room 4 th Grade: One RAC Room

28 Continued Pupil Support Services Middle School: Instructional Support Teacher Middle School: Reading Specialist-”Language!” Middle School: PAWS Program Middle School: “Girls Night Out” Middle School: “Rachel’s Challenge” Middle School: After School Math Program Middle School: Homework Club Middle School: 7 th Grade “In Search of Character” video helps teens develop into caring, respectful, responsible people Middle School: 8 th Grade “Premier ‘Go’ Program-DVD/Workbook training program on making positive choices under pressure. 2 Middle School Guidance Counselors, school psychologist, In-school Clinician Middle School SAP: Academic, Behavioral, Medical, Emotional, Social Turtle Creek D/A Representative

29 Middle School PAWS Program: Positive Actions Wanted School-Wide’ PAWS is a program implemented at the middle school several times a month during activity period in conjunction with our district-wide UPMC Dignity and Respect Campaign. Every student and every teacher in the middle school engages in this program through meaningful lessons which teach and foster compassion and respect. The 5 th grade utilizes a series of videos on character building which sparks conversation related to that week’s topic. The 6 th -8 th grades are involved in “Rachel’s Challenge.”

30 Middle School: Rachel’s Challenge and the Friends of Rachel Club Rachel’s Challenge is a series of student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and any feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion. The programs are based on the writings of the life of 17 year-old Rachel Scott who was the first student killed in the Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school. As a component of Rachel’s Challenge, our middle school has also implemented the “Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club” where students meet with FOR sponsors to discuss ways to spread Rachel’s message school-wide.

31 Continued Pupil Support Services High School: After school tutoring on Wednesdays High School: “Teen Institute” High School: “Circle of Friends” and “Annual Mardi Gras Dance” Transition Services/Annual Transition Fair High School: Community-based Vocational Experiences/ Instruction/Shadowing/Coaching/Placement Two high school guidance counselors, school psychologist, In- school clinician High School: SAP Academic, Behavioral, Medical, Emotional, Social Turtle Creek D/A Representative

32 Continued Pupil Support Services Mental Health/Emotional Framework – Levels of Support: Level I-Level VII Refer to Handout for Discussion

33 District Student Risk-Assessment Completed Student Risk-Assessment 2010- 2011 (9 months to complete) District Student Risk-Assessment was copyrighted on September 29, 2011 – Handout for Discussion

34 Guidance and School Psychologists: Summer Reading Summer Reading 2011: – Book: “Understanding Girl Bullying and What to Do About It” Dr. Laura Crothers, D.Ed. Associate Professor of School Psychology in the Department of Counseling, Psychology, and Special Education at Duquesne University Focus: Relational Aggression in Adolescent Girls Presentation of Dr. Crothers on January 16, 2012

35 Guidance and Psychological Services Summer Reading 2012: – Book: “Making Data Work” by Anita Young, Ph.D. and Carol Kaffenberger (2009)-An ASCA national model publication. Collecting and analyzing data through school counselors and school psychologists to identify achievement gaps, understand educational issues and assess programs to ensure they are making a difference for all students.

36 Elementary and Middle School: Kids on the Block Children’s Institute: Kids on the Block Elementary School: All first grade classrooms rotation on one day. Used Puppets and engagement with our students regarding differences, disabilities, and tolerance. Middle School: 5 th and 6 th Grades Children’s Institute Facilitators of “Kids on the Block "in the classrooms with videos of students Two speakers were on site and spoke to the entire 6th grade student body on a rotational basis within the 6th grade classrooms. They spoke to the students about specific disabilities and how important it is for everyone to demonstrate acceptance and tolerance. The 6th grade teachers thought it was a valuable learning experience and wish to continue this as part of a transition to the MS. Tolerance and Diversity, two words that make the world a better place. And you can help children understand how — with The Kids on the Block show. Each show is designed to be a fun way to increase awareness and understanding of children with disabilities. A typical show lasts approximately 50 minutes and features a choice of any three skits: Cerebral Palsy Deafness Down Syndrome Asthma Autism Learning Disabilities Blindness Spina Bifida Bullying After each skit, students are invited to ask the puppets questions about their disabilities. Teachers are also provided with supplemental activities for use with students throughout the year. The Kids on the Block is an affiliate and limited licensee of The Kids on the Block Incorporated, Columbia, Maryland, USA.*The Kids on the Block Incorporated

37 Kids on the Block

38 UPMC Dignity and Respect: 30 TIPS 30 TIPS – Documents/dignity_respect_poster.pdf Documents/dignity_respect_poster.pdf K-4 October 25, 2011 “Took the Pledge” First day of school at the elementary, Dr. Diggy, is the mascot for Dignity and Campaign and he greeted the students as they got off their buses and there was a short assembly with Dr. Diggy. Elementary teachers have come up with different ways in their individual classrooms to express “Dignity and Respect” such as bulletin boards, mosaics, poems, stories, etc. Mostly, important they do “Pride Cards” for the students- ”catch a student doing the right thing.” Pittsburgh Steeler Charlie Batch was part of a video feed to districts that took the Dignity and Respect pledge and answered questions that students posed to him. Board Policy: Embedded the 30 TIPS for Dignity and Respect

39 Pittsburgh Steeler-Chris Batch: Dignity and Respect Pledge

40 PAPSA Rubrics: Professional Standards PAPSA Rubrics have been utilized for the following positions at South Fayette School District: - 2009-2010: Began to utilize the PAPSA rubrics – School Nurses: Aligned the components of the rubric to our district’s evaluation form – Rubric Components 1a-1d aligned under “Planning and Preparation” – Rubric Components 2a-2e aligned under “Environment” – Rubric Components 3a-3e aligned under “Delivery of Services” – Rubric Components 4a-4f aligned under “Professional Responsibilities” – Guidance Counselors – South Fayette School District’s Evaluation Form: Planning and Preparation Environment Delivery of Services Professional Responsibilities

41 Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI)/Positive Behavior Support District Trainers: Assistant High School Principal and School Psychologist District trainers for three years provided CPI training to small groups in our district as part of positive behavior support process. All paraeducators were trained in “positive behavior support” through multiple sessions with the AIU Behavior Specialist Consultant.

42 Itinerant Emotional Support Meetings held in each building with guidance, principals, and school psychologists to collect data Meeting to discuss: – What do have in place that is working? – What is not working? – What does the data reflect as the greatest needs? – What type of emotion program would meet the needs of our students? Two Presentations were given from two outside agencies (Wesley Spectrum Services and Holy Family Institute) of possible emotional support programs End of April 2012: Scheduled visitations to emotional programs in the Mt. Lebanon School District and the Upper St. Clair School District. (Principals, guidance, psychologists, In-school Clinician, School-based Liaison, Director of Pupil Personnel.)

43 The End…… P.S. There really is no ending! Vision and Goals: “If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” ~Lawrence J. Peter Excellence: Pursue it, set goals, and commit yourself to excellence!

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