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Chapter 7, Part II Organization and Execution

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1 Chapter 7, Part II Organization and Execution

2 Goals of Our Government
1. To Form a More Perfect Union 2. To Establish Justice 3. To Insure Domestic Tranquility 4. To Provide for the Common Defense 5. To Promote the General Welfare 6. To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity

3 House of Representatives
The Constitution Legislative Executive Judicial Senate President U.S. Supreme Court House of Representatives Vice-president

4 The Articles I. The Legislative Branch II. The Executive Branch
III. The Judicial Branch IV. The States V. Amending the Constitution VI. The Supremacy of the Constitution VII. Ratification

5 Legislative Branch Congress Senate 6. Make laws / Bill 100 435
House of Representatives Number of members How elected/ constituents represented Title of members Length of term Title of Presiding officer Name of current presiding officer Unique responsibilities 100 435 By voters in their district By voters in the whole state Senators Representatives 6 years 2 years Speaker of the House President Barack Obama Nanci Pelosi Approves treaties and certain appointments Originates revenue bills

6 Department of Homeland Security
Executive Branch & Vice-president Department of Homeland Security

7 Judicial Branch 13. President/ Life terms/ good behavior
14. courts/ state/ county 15. unconstitutional/ constitution Judicial Branch B. Jury – listens/ decides A .Judge - presides C. Witness - testifies D. defendant - defends E. Prosecution / plaintiff

8 Checks and Balances A system that gives each branch of government different powers so that each branch can check the authority of the others.

9 Checks and Balances

10 Federalism National Government State Government Concurrent Powers
Maintain army and navy Establish local governments Collect taxes Borrow money Coin money Conduct elections Establish courts Declare war Regulate marriages Enforce laws Build roads Establish schools Regulate trade between states and with foreign nations Protect safety of the people

11 National Leaders President Barack Obama Vice-president Joe Biden

12 State Leaders Senator Roger Wicker Senator Thad Cochran
Representative Alan Nunnlee District 1 Representative Bennie Thompson District 2 Senator Roger Wicker Senator Thad Cochran Representative Gregg Harper District 3 Representative Steven Palazzo District 4


14 Ch. 7, Part II Organization and Execution
Review Puzzle Down 1. to forbid 2. newest department of the cabinet 3. Branch of government that makes laws 4. the people who select a representative 5. term for supreme court justices 7. proposed law 9. dealing with issues in the nation 12. who can veto a bill 15. A person or group that brings a criminal charge against someone 17. second in line to the presidency 18. what branch is the Supreme court a part of H O M E L A N D S C U R I T Y V E T O L E G I S A T V L I F E C O N S T I U E B I L DOMESTIC PRESIDENT PROSECUTION V I C E P R S D N T J U D I C A L Across 2. acronym for the department of Housing and Urban Development 6. the House of Representatives and the Senate 8. acronym for US Department of Agriculture 10. to ask a higher court to review 11. highest court in the country heads of departments 14. the removal of a high government official 16. acronym for Department of Transportation 18. having authority 19. powers shared by federal and state governments HUD CONGRESS USDA APPEAL SUPREME CABINET IMPEACH DOT JURISDICTION CONCURRENT



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