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1 Gayle Porster October 3, 2012 2012 GANIGP Awards and Scholarships.

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1 1 Gayle Porster October 3, 2012 2012 GANIGP Awards and Scholarships

2 2 Purpose of Session Explain the time-line Across-the-board requirements and policy issues Review of the Awards process and application Review of the Scholarship process and application Helpful hints on award submission from NIGP The evaluation process

3 3 Introduction Gayle Porster, CPPB GANIGP Chair Awards, Scholarships and Grants Committee 404-368-9236 Committee Members* Doreen Eidmann Patrick Ross Debra Brewer Nanci Glazer Gay (Will not evaluate if there is a Conflict of Interest)

4 4 Process and Timeline Early fall, committee meets to create the MOY, BOY and Scholarship applications This year, committee also created the Outstanding Service application to include categories GANIGP follows the design and methodology used by NIGP for that year for the BOY and the MOY Committee converts the NIGP application to be applicable to GANIGP Announce the application to members by email and web

5 5 Process and Timeline Receive applications by time and date per instructions Applicant will receive an email notification of receipt After date closes, committee members evaluate applications-first individually then by consensus Committee members determine winners and scholarship amounts (scholarships total 30% of EXPO proceeds) Awards and scholarships presented at annual Event

6 6 Across the Board For all Awards and Scholarships, applicant must be a 2012 paid GANIGP member in good standing Must have attended two chapter business meetings in time period (December 1, 2011 through November 15, 2012)  Committee meetings and Expo attendance do not qualify Must be actively employed full-time in position as explained in application

7 7 Across the Board May submit an application for both an award AND a scholarship, but only one will be awarded All documentation provided must be able to be read (clear) and be verifiable  Suggestions include emails, notes, minutes, certificates, transcripts, webpage print-outs, etc  If not possible, please do your best  Confirmation of committee or task force participation will be required, too The committee will not work to find information not provided

8 8 Across the Board Any application submitted that is falsified, if verified to be so, will not be considered The committee has the right to:  Not make any BOY award at all in 2012  Not make any MOY award at all in 2012  Not make any Outstanding Service award at all in 2012  Not make any Scholarship Award at all in 2012 Determine a minimum number of points to be attained for consideration of an award or scholarship

9 9 Across the Board Award partial points in a category Not award points in more than one category if information is provided in more than one category The evaluation and scoring by the committee is final and confidential Anyone receiving an award or scholarship who attends a public class or function does so representing the chapter and is expected to behave professionally and with decorum Recipients are to submit an expense form with documentation within thirty (30) days of utilization

10 10 Awards Manager of the Year (MOY) Buyer of the Year (BOY) Outstanding Service

11 11 Activity Submission information MUST reflect activities from the time period of January 1, 2011 through November 15, 2012 only. (Any information provided outside of that time period will not be evaluated or considered) Categories Judged On  Contributions to the entity he/she serves  Contributions to the GANIGP Chapter  Contributions to NIGP/Profession Manager of the Year and Buyer of the Year

12 12 For each question that you answer, supporting documentation and narrative must be submitted unless otherwise noted. PROVE YOUR RESPONSES! PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE! Include Confirmation from Committee Chair or Task Force Head Must attain a minimum of 30 Points for application to be considered and to receive an award Manager of the Year and Buyer of the Year

13 13 Submission Requirements Submission form must be included as page 1 followed by supporting documentation and narrative—failure to include this form will cause the application to be rejected Must be submitted on a CD or USB flash drive and be received or postmarked by Thursday November 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM EST.  Hint: Check your CD or flash drive prior to submitting. Make sure your file is complete and all information is there If you need to make changes to a submission, a new CD or flash drive containing the complete new submission must be mailed by the due date to the Chair of the committee Emailed submissions will not be accepted Questions or requests for clarification must be submitted by email to the Chair of the committee no later than the date indicated

14 14 Submission Requirements Following the submission form, supporting documentation and narrative must be one continuous file (PDF or Word™) For each activity on the submission form, supporting documentation and narrative must be submitted (unless otherwise noted) Please label each section and supporting documentation accordingly: A.1 or B.11 Date all supporting activity If you have multiple examples to offer under an activity, identify them as A.1a, A.1b etc. Do not submit the same documentation for more than one category or section since you will not receive points for the same activity more than one time

15 15 Submission Requirements Hyperlinks are allowed but check to make sure they are direct links to supporting documentation. May also insert graphics and pictures. They do not need to be full sized but must be readable Evaluators will not search for evidence, make assumptions of work done or “read between the lines”—must be presented in the application As stated before, evaluators may award partial points There is no page limit, but understand the application is evaluated based on Quality—NOT Quantity Must be in a position deemed to be “Manager” per the application if applying for the Manager of the Year Award Must be in a position deemed to be “Buyer” or eligible per application if applying for the Buyer of the Year Award

16 16 Suggestions for MOY Applications It is okay if you delegated a task, but provide evidence that you did so and that you monitored and followed-up  Emails  Meetings  Example might be a directive to revise a manual Provide evidence that you enacted a policy—not just that you continued the policy already in place Recruiting staff—provide evidence that you did the work or enabled the recruitment  Job announcements—especially old ones vs. new ones  Evidence you made a request to fill positions/ upgrade a position

17 17 Suggestions for MOY Applications Budget work done—provide evidence you developed the section’s budget or contributed to the development of the budget  Emails or Meetings  Not just submitted a repeat of the prior year’s budget Presentations made—not just providing a welcome or thank you to participants but actually making a presentation Evidence of staff development program initiated and or continued Retaining staff—evidence you did work to keep staff  Request to upgrade a position or offer a promotion  Professional development or membership payment requests Service on a committee or task force—provide evidence you served, attended meetings—and confirmation Trainings attended AND completed—provide certificate or transcript

18 18 Suggestions for BOY Applications Provide evidence that YOU initiated, recommended and/or worked on activities  Using emails, meeting appointments and/or notes, etc  For concept that leads to Excellence, manual revisions, policy or procedure development or changes Provide evidence and confirmation your served and did work for a committee or task force Provide evidence you received an award and explain what the award was for If you provided a presentation, provide evidence of the presentation  Must be more than offering a welcome or thank you Trainings attended AND completed—provide certificate or transcript

19 19 Outstanding Service Award Nomination of a 2012 Chapter Member in good standing by a Chapter Member or work associate Nominee must have attended a minimum of two chapter business meetings within the time period designated Nominee must have served as either an office of the chapter or as the chair of a committee or as an active committee member during the time period designated Includes at least one reference besides the person nominating In 2012 application process includes short-answer sections that will be evaluated and not one full essay

20 20 Scholarships

21 21 Scholarships Types and Information Scholarships for training classes  Must provide documentation of class or classes  Provide a good estimate of total cost (not to exceed cost) Scholarships to pursue certification or recertification  Will be asked before receiving award amount to provide evidence of acceptance by certifying organization Scholarships to attend Forum  Good chance the full amount will not be awarded, depending on the number of applicants  Provide an estimate of total cost Other types? Can be combined with a grant award May be more than one of the above, but then must be prioritized

22 22 Requirements, etc. for Scholarship Applications Application must be submitted using the application and process indicated with supporting documentation  Must be send electronically and be received by the Chair by the date and time indicated Only work and/or activity done during the time period indicated will be evaluated Stay within the page limit indicated—25 pages Provide evidence or documentation for each activity—do not assume information is known by evaluation team members Documentation will only be “counted” once Stay within the word limit for the essay—do not have too few words and do not have too many– (300-500 words)—only includes the body

23 23 Requirements, etc. for Scholarship Applications There may be a maximum amount determined by the committee for every scholarship Partial points may be assigned Partial scholarships may be awarded Minimum points for a scholarship award in 2012 is 50 The same requirements regarding providing evidence of participation and confirmation of committee, task force, etc work applies as with MOY/ BOY

24 24 Responsibility of Evaluators Evaluate each application fairly and without prejudice and done in a way to preserve confidentiality Provide a basic explanation to applicant if application is not awarded or partially awarded—but will not reveal individual or consensus points  Objective is to offer suggestions for future submissions Provide information to chapter members on winners of awards and scholarships, but not on scholarship amounts or indicate who did not win

25 25 Helpful Hints—provided by NIGP

26 26 Helpful Hints Identify the criteria. If offering up multiple examples, identify them – a, b, etc.

27 27 Helpful Hints When embedding a document, make sure the judges know precisely what page/section proves your point. Judges don’t want to guess. Show/tell where they should be looking

28 28 Helpful Hints Good job of telling the relevance of your response. Good job of attaching the relevant doc/page. Good job of presenting an email that proves your response.

29 29 Helpful Hints Emails are great proof! (If you haven’t saved your emails, email people/agencies and ask them to verify what it is you are trying to prove.)

30 30 Helpful Hints Good supporting documentat ion: Title page with forum logo. Official forum material that proves you really did do this!

31 31 Helpful Hints. Show agendas or flyers or other formal documentatio n that proves your response. Get in the habit of putting the year (and not just month and day) on your materials to prove the actual date you did this.

32 32 Helpful Hints. Don’t just type out the names Show the roster that proves it.

33 33 Helpful Hints. Don’t just type out the names of your instructor information Show the official documentatio n that proves it.

34 34 Helpful Hints. A Certificate proves this individual served on a Chapter committee.

35 35 Helpful Hints. Again, don’t just state it, show it

36 36 Other Helpful Tips Offer up clear and convincing proof for each answer! Date your documentation – and only submit documentation for the time period Do not handwrite Do not draw circles, arrows, or other shapes Do not attach documents that are sideways, too small to read, blurry, etc.

37 37 Other Helpful Tips Do not use an inactive link—make sure it works Do not use a link that takes the evaluators to a “members only” page (unless you provide a user/password). Do not skip a criteria or misnumber a criteria Do not answer a question with “See question xx.” Include page numbers Start early! A great application takes 40+ hours Proof it carefully. Enlist others to proof, check links, etc. If in doubt, ASK!!

38 38 Questions? Contact Gayle Porster 404-368-9236

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