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Macbeth Journal Entries

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1 Macbeth Journal Entries

2 Act 1, Scenes 1/2 Free write for ten minutes. Use the following for ideas of what to write: Summarize the day’s reading Ask questions about what you read Predict what will happen next Write your thoughts/reactions about a character or event Write an idea or suggestion for next time

3 Act 1, Scene 3 Answer the following questions: 1) Summarize the scene.
2) Compare the reactions of Macbeth and Banquo when they hear the events of the scene (ie: the witches’ prophesies and Ross’ news). What do these reactions say about their chareacters?

4 Act 1, Scene 4 Paraphrase (put into your own words) lines How do these lines contrast with Macbeth’s earlier thoughts about destiny (look at pages22, 23 of the graphic novel).

5 Act 1, Scene 5 What “nature” of Macbeth’s does Lady Macbeth fear (pg. 224, line 13)? What type and how much of an influence do you think Lady MacB has on Macbeth? Use support.

6 End of Act 1 Reflection If you were to answer the argument prompt right now, what would your response be and why? Use support. Are the events of the play the result of fate/destiny or of the characters’ own actions? c

7 Act 2, Scene 1 What words/phrases about the dagger does Shakespeare use to show that Macbeth believes he is fulfilling his destiny? Why do those words symbolize Macbeth’s belief?

8 Act 2, Scene 2 Rewrite the scene as a text message exchange between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. You may use 160 characters per message. If one person’s speech goes above that, you may have to separate it into two messages or condense it to fit the limit. You may use emojis, and text message language (ie: lol, brb, r, u, etc.)

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