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Ode to Lely High Class of ‘78 Your Invitation.....

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1 Ode to Lely High Class of ‘78 Your Invitation.....


3 The time has gone Remember the fun? Let’s take a look back, Have a little re-run. Beach Blitz 1975 Those classy P.E. uniforms! Homecoming Skit Night 1978

4 Our backgrounds varied: East Naples, Marco, Golden Gate Way So we kept it real. And made it OK. Add pics from newspaper Question of the Day - Have you been successful finding employment for the summer and what are your plans for the fall? Naples Daily News: June 1, 1978

5 In ‘78 Our Trojans ruled. That other school Wasn’t nearly as cool!

6 Artists, musicians- ‘had more than a few. Actors and singers, Plenty of them too!

7 Those after school clubs Sure were fun. We fooled around, Kept those teachers on the run.

8 The jocks and cheerleaders Sure could play. With the marching band, Won that game on Homecoming Day!

9 Grace has 16 cigarettes in her pocket. She has 8 Marlboros, 4 Cools, and 4 Camels. What is the minimum number of cigarettes she must smoke to ensure that she has only one of each brand left in her pocket? A)4 B)8 C)12 D)13 E)16 Simon is a male escort who arrived at the club at 8:15 P.M. and left at 10:30 A.M. Simon gets paid by the hour at a rate of $10 and time and ½ for any hours worked over 8 in a night. How much did Simon get paid for getting laid? A)$120.25 B)$160.75 C)$173.75 D)$180 E)$182.50 Graph coordinates! VECTORS! A The brains and nerds Helped the school look its best. Kept our averages up On all those standardized tests.

10 The island party animals Were always out late. Breakin’ the rules. Temptin’ fate!

11 Naples Daily News: Aug 12, 1975 Yes, the beach livin’ lifestyle, Warm sand and bright sun. Our days and our nights, It sure was fun.

12 Seize this moment Celebrate your past Remember the good times And make them last……….

13 The time has arrived.


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