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EcdyNews Official Newspaper of the 16th International Ecdysone Workshop Vol 1 n° 1Ghent, July 10, 2006.

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1 EcdyNews Official Newspaper of the 16th International Ecdysone Workshop Vol 1 n° 1Ghent, July 10, 2006

2 Today’s program Monday, 10 July, 2006 8h00- :Registration + coffee 8h30-9h00:Welcome and Introduction of the Karlson Lecture 9h00-10h00:Honorary Karlson Lecture by L.I. Gilbert (USA) 10h00-10h30:Coffee 10h30-12h30:Oral session 1 “Model systems in ecdysteroid research” (part1) 12h30-13h30:Lunch 15h00-16h30:Poster viewing and discussion corners for posters of sessions 1, 2 & 3 13h30-15h00:Oral session 1 “Model systems in ecdysteroid research” (part2) 16h30-18h30:Oral session 2 “New tools to study ecdysteroids: using RNAi to probe ecdysteroid function”

3 General agreements for the lunches at Ecdysone Workshop For all paid participants Buffet formula: à volonté Drinks (coffee/thee/water/soft drinks): free and continuously present at self service corner Smakelijk – bon appetit – Guten Appetit – Enjoy your meal - ….

4 Lunch on Monday (12h30  13h30) Typical Flemish buffet: Warm grilled ham on bread with ‘tartare’ mayonnaise or famous Tierenteyn mustard (Ghent speciality) Every day a alternative suggestion for vegetarians is also provided

5 EcdyNews Tourist Supplement The Castle of the Counts Daily from 9am-6pm Admission: adult €1.2/6 Impressive and unique Every stone breathes history; every room fires your imagination. Visit the torture chamber.


7 Castle of the Counts

8 Daily 10am-6pm Admission:€2.5/6 Free 45’ guided tour at 2:10, 3:10 and 4:10pm Testament to the past Excellent overlook of the city with the dragon on the top scanning the horizon Huge “Klokke Roeland” warns the burghers against enemy invasions Carillon announces important visitors In the basement: tourist office … Unesco heritage monument EcdyNews Tourist Supplement The Belfry


10 EcdyNews Tourist Supplement The historic centre across the centuries Area between Belfry and Vrijdagsmarkt Gotic City Hall Beautiful Graslei and Korenlei

11 Of the numerous medieval buildings of Ghent, the town hall is the one that shows most clearly the history and the fate of the city from the end of the 15th century until now.

12 Beautiful Graslei and Korenlei: Portus Ganda. Ghent, originally named Ganda, arose at the confluence of the Lys and the Scheldt. Today the historic centre enjoys more than ever the unique atmosphere provided by the rivers and canals.

13 Vrijdagsmarkt with statue of Jacob Van Artevelde

14 The Belfry Vrijdagsmarkt City Hall Graslei

15 Burgundian lifestyle Eating in one of the many restaurants in Belgium is a party. It makes no difference whether you opt for gourmet cooking or for one of the famous mussel restaurants, the meal will always be wonderful and the atmosphere right. The same is true for the countless South-American, Asiatic or African restaurants.

16 Traditional Cuisine: Gentse Waterzooi Favorite Dish: Speciality from the Flemish region, waterzooi is a dish composed of breast of chicken, leeks, carrots, celery, served with a bechamel sauce. This dish is ideally serve with mashed potatoes or steamed potatoes...

17 Favorite Dish: Fries Fries... Belgians are very fond of it. In every town, you will at least find one place (frituur) where they will sell this golden food. You can buy the fries in mini, small, medium, large and extra large. Keep in mind that the quantity is much more than what you will find at a McDonalds. (The portion on the pic is a "small" and you can only see the top). Add some of the many delicious sauces, (our favourite one is mayonnaise) and some pieces of meat (too many to choose from). When you ask for fries "special", you will get fries with mayo, ketchup and fresh-cut onion. Dutch: fritten French: frites

18 Favorite Dish: Vol-au-vent Vol-au-vent is composed of poultry meat (mainly chicken) and mushrooms, the whole prepared in a bechamel sauce. This dish is ideally served with rice, Belgian fries, pasta or potatoes

19 Our Wednesday excursion to the historical centre of Ghent

20 When? Departure: Wednesday afternoon after lunch at 2 pm We walk from the venue to the center (about 15 min) Duration excursion: about 3-4 hours Price: we did an extra effort to make this free for you Interested?  Put your name on the list before Tuesday 4 pm

21 What will we visited? 14h30-: Guided tour in Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

22 Saint Bavo’s Cathedral Emperor Charles V was christened in this cathedral in 1500. This splendid cathedral combines various styles: Romanesque style, high Gothic, late Gothic The christening chapel contains the famous masterpiece the “The Mystic Lamb” (15th century) from the Jan and Hubert brothers Van Eyck (separate admission: €2.5/3) other art treasures, e.g. 22 alters, crypt, painting of Rubens

23 16h30-: Walking on water - Boat trip An enthralling historical passage through medieval Ghent admiring its wide range of monuments: –Old guildhalls –Impressive castles –The old fish market facing the even older Meat Hall built for donkey’s years –Monasteries –The ancient port of Ghent with along with its quay-walls and mercantile houses

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