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Chairs: Flemming Cassee Teresa Fernandes 110 members.

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1 Chairs: Flemming Cassee Teresa Fernandes 110 members

2 New: Reprotoxicology focus group eco-immunosafety

3  International Congress of Immunology (Milano, Italy, August 22- 27, 2013): the workshop "Immunopharmacology" led by me and Giselle Penton-Rol has included three oral presentation on immunosafety. ◦ Boraschi, D., and G. Penton-Rol. 2013. Perspectives in immunopharmacology: the future of immunosuppression. Immunol. Lett., pii: S0165-2478(13)00201-0; doi: 10.1016/j.imlet.2013.11.017  Boraschi, D. & A. Duschl (authors/editors). 2014. Nanoparticles and the immune system: safety and effects. Elsevier – Academic Press, Oxford, UK.  In the activities of NANoREG, the protocols for testing immunosafety are being defined and included among the important issues both in in vivo and in vitro safety testing (WP4 and WP5).

4  Very active network of major genotoxicity groups that includes many labs, EC countries  Meeting in the OECD nanotoxicology workshop Genotoxicity in Ottawa, November 2013 (Hannu Norppa and Shareen Doak had presentations).  New cell transformation assay for genotoxic as well as nongenotoxic nanomaterials  The focus of the group is towards High throughput methods for nanotoxicology (nanogenotoxicology). New COST action proposal both in in vivo and in vitro safety testing (WP4 and WP5).

5  Very active network  2° MANET (Marine Ecotoxicology) International workshop be probably mid November  Contributions to the newsletter of the NSC

6  March workshop in Amsterdam on maternal exposure to inhaled nanosize particles  Preparing report => NanoReg and NSC  Review  Aiming new workshop SOT2015


8  Soil pH is a major factor governing metal-based ENM fate and effects in soils, and the effect of pH seems to overrule that of other factors like organic matter content.  In addition to pH, ionic strength and/or salinity are a major factor affecting ENM fate and effects to aquatic organisms.  The presence of a coating may increase toxicity of metal-based ENMs but may reduce their dissolution rate.  Long-term equilibration of metal-based ENMs in soils may lead to a slow dissolution of metal ions over time, which may still continue after 1 year; this process is concentration and pH dependent.  Long-term equilibration may decrease toxicity of ZnO ENMs, but may lead to increased toxicity of Ag ENMs.  Metal ENMs and ions have different uptake routes and toxicokinetics leading to different internal levels of metals as well as different toxicodynamics.


10  Collect information & data via our WIKI  Collect & share protocols via the NSC website  Contribute to EU NanoSafety Cluster – Self evaluation  Contribute to Nanosafety forum for young scientists Syracuse, Italy ; Oct 8-9, 2014

11  Specify project(s) and achievement(s) ◦ See presentation Iseult Lynch Cluster review  Key recommendation and lesson learnt ◦ in vitro toxicological data ◦ in vivo toxicological data ◦ mechanism of action ◦ toxicological testing protocols ◦ data on biodistribution

12  Read our information and subscribe Sponsored by For meetings and teleconferences

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