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2 The Tenth Circle is not only the title of this book it is also the title of the comic that is written by Daniel Stone, one of the main characters of this story. Both tell the tale of a father, with an estranged past, who would do anything to protect his daughter. Daniel’s daughter claims that she has been raped – but the person she’s accused was her boyfriend. Both Daniel and his comic’s hero travel through hell to save their daughters (figuratively and literally). With no doubt Jodi Picoult will break your heart and somehow mend it back together again. RESPONSE

3 Characters:  Daniel Stone - father  Trixie Stone – daughter who was raped  Laura Stone - mother  Jason Underhill – apparent rapist/Trixie’s ex-boyfriend EXPOSITION Setting:  Fall – Winter  Bethel, Maine - hometown  Monroe College – where Laura teaches  Tuluksak/Bethel, Alaska – Daniel’s hometown, where Trixie runs away to

4 Trixie claims that she was raped. RISING ACTION Laura’s affair: Laura cheats on Daniel with one of her students and he finds out. Trixie becomes infamous: Trixie gets raped and everyone starts to shun her.

5 Jason’s Death CLIMAX Friends return to Trixie: Her best friend comes back to her and apologizes for ignoring her. Laura and Daniel become closer: For the sake of their daughter and because of all that is happening to them, they tolerate each other.

6 Trixie runs away to Alaska FALLING ACTION Page 282: “The bush pilot from Arctic Circle Air had been hired to fly in a veterinarian headed to Bethel – another unfamiliar Bethel – for the K300 sled dog race. ‘You going there too?’ The vet asked, and although Trixie had no idea where she was, she nodded.

7 Trixie is put in juvenile jail RESOLUTION Daniel and Laura are close again: after learning to tolerate each other they remember why they got married in the first place. Trixie can relate better to people in juvenile jail: there are other people there that have been raped as well and some people with even worse cases.

8  There will always be people around that love you and will support you no matter what. Example: even though Trixie is raped and everyone else ignores her, her parents still love and care for her.  People do crazy things for love. Example: Trixie runs away to Alaska but her parents still follow her. THEME

9  Person v. Society – Trixie versus her school: her school calls her horrid names because she was raped.  Person v. Person – Daniel versus Laura: Laura cheats on Daniel and they know that their marriage is falling apart but they have to stick together for the sake of their daughter.  Person v. Fate – Trixie versus her fate: Trixie is raped and society ostracizes her. CONFLICT

10 Thank You!

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