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Nanotechnology Graduate Program Director & Steering Committee.

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1 Nanotechnology Graduate Program Director & Steering Committee

2 Director: 1.Hanadi Salem (MENG) Steering Committee: 2.Adham Ramadan (CHEM Chair) 3.Amr Shaarawi (PHYS and Dean of Graduate Studies) 4.Edward Smith (ENVE program director) 5.Hassan Azzazy (CHEM) 6.Magdi Nasrallah (PENG Chair), 7.Mohab Anis (EENG) 8.Mohamed N. Abou-Zeid (CENG Chair) 9.Nageh Allam (PHYS) 10.Rania Siam (BIOT program director), 11.Sherif Sedky (PYSC and YJSTRC director and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research) 12.Wael Mamdouh (CHEM)


4  Consolidation Behavior of Micro and Nanostructure  Metallic Powders - Metal matrix nanocomposites fabrication and characterization.  Bulk nanostructure material fabrication via:  Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS);  Intense plastic straining;  Micron and Nanostructural evolution and mechanical properties characterization.  Ceramic coatings characterization  Friction Stir Welding/Processing; parametric effect on the ambient, cryogenic and elevated temperature properties, aging response, and structural evolution of metals and alloys.  Superplastic forming. Hanadi Salem (MENG, Director of Nanotechnology program) Email: Location: SSE building, Room

5  Catalysis.  Nanocomposites.  Layered double hydroxides.  Solid-liquid interface at the nanoscale.  Hazardous substances and waste Management. Adham Ramadan (CHEM, Chair) E-mail: Location: SSE Building, Room 1180

6 Amr Shaarawi (PHYS, Dean of Graduate Studies) E-mail: Location: SSE building, Room 214  Theoretical studies of ultra-wideband localized pulses and ultra-fast transmission of tunneling pulses.  Modeling of ultra-short slowly decaying pulses, their generation, propagation and scattering.

7 Edward Smith (Construction and Architectural Engineering, Director of the Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering (ENVE)) Email: Location: SSE building, Department of Construction, Room 1144 Experimental evaluation and modeling of physical-chemical processes for fate, transport, and treatment of pollutants in water and wastewater; emphasis on adsorption processes Water quality analysis and modeling Industrial wastewater characterization, treatment and waste minimization Advanced treatment and reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture

8 Hassan Azzazy (CHEM, Novel Diagnostics and Therapeutics Group Leader) E-mail: Location: SSE building, Room  Clinical chemistry  Molecular Diagnosis  Developing bionanotech-based diagnostic tests as well as smart drug nanocarriers  HCV, Tuberculosis, Cancer, etc.

9 Magdi M. Nasrallah (PENG, Department of Petroleum and Energy Engineering, Founding Chair) E-mail:  Alternative and Renewable Energy;  Fuel Cell Technology;  Applied and Industrial Chemistry;  Materials Engineering;  Glass and Metallurgical Industries;  Oxidation and Corrosion;  Building Materials;  Recycling of Solid Waste;  Natural gas applications in fuel cell technology;  Membranes for liquefaction of natural gas;  Gas-Solid reactions;  Chemical Pollution;  Failure in pipelines.

10 Mohab Anis Electronics Engineering Email: Location: SSE building, Room Integrated circuit design and design automation for VLSI systems in the deep submicrometer regime Management of Technological Innovation

11 Mohamed N. Abou-Zeid (CENG Chair) Email: Location: SSE building, Room *Mechanical properties and durability of construction materials *Use of industrial by-products such as silica fume, fly ash, and slag in construction *Microanalysis of materials, using scanning electron microscopy, x-ray and image analysis *Corrosion of structural metals and deterioration of materials *Repair and retrofitting of components and structures *Linear and nonlinear finite element analysis *Fracture mechanics of concrete and structural steels *Nondestructive testing and evaluation of structures *Urban development and enhancement of construction aspects *Technical education, vocational training and human resources development aspects

12  Design and Assembly of 1D Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Conversion  Solar-Fuel Generation as an Example.  The assembly and development of new semiconductor nanoarchitectures  Interface control for the purpose of solar energy conversion  Direct solar-to-chemical energy conversion Nageh Allam (PHYS) Email: Location: SSE building,

13 Rania Siam (BIOT, Director of the Biotechnology program) Email: Location: SSE building, Biology Department, Room 2107  Cell cycle regulation,  Response regulators,  Replication origins and  Environmental genomics  Metagenomics

14 Sherif Sedky (PHYS, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, YJ-STRC Director and Micro and Nanosystems Group Leader E-mail: Location: SSE building, Room  Design, modeling and fabrication of a broad range of Micro/Nano- Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS) devices such as energy harvesters, accelerometers, gyroscopes, MEMS antennas, photonics  The introduction of new techniques for controlling the physical properties of thin films by either alloying different materials together or by localized thermal treatments using short-laser pulses.  New miniaturized devices that can convert physical phenomena such as infrared radiation, linear acceleration, angular velocity and temperature into electrical signals.

15 Wael Mamdouh (CHEM, Nanotechnology Graduate Program) Email: Location: SSE building, Room 1188  Designing novel nanomaterials,  Investigating the chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials,  Biomolecular systems,  Molecular self-assembly  Building supramolecular networks,  Drug delivery  Solid-liquid interface at the nanoscale  Polymers nanocomposites and their (biomedical) and (industrial) applications  Tissue Engineering  Water treatment

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