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“Holes” created by: Louis Sachar William G. Davis.

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1 “Holes” created by: Louis Sachar William G. Davis

2 Genre For “Holes” adventure, satire

3 Setting for “Holes” The story is set in late 1990’s in a juvenile detention center Camp Green Lake, a dried up lake bed. The flashbacks in the story are of the town Green Lake 110 years earlier.

4 Theme: One theme of holes is fate, it was fate that sent Stanley to Camp Green Lake, he was accused of stealing shoes that he thought “fell out of the sky” and were a “sign”. Fate brought him to Camp Green Lake and so it brought Stanley and Zero together.

5 Theme: A second theme of “Holes” is friendship. Stanley did not have any friends until he went to Camp Green Lake and he formed a bond with Zero and other boys.

6 Vocabulary: 1. perseverance: persistent determination. All the heroes displayed great perseverance.

7 2. gesture: motion of hands or body to emphasize. My mom gave me a thumbs up gesture during the game.

8 3. expelling: any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body. My family got a stomach bug and we were expelling our dinner all night.

9 4. deftly: with dexterity He balanced the spinning ball deftly on his finger.

10 5. scarcity: a small and inadequate amount There was a scarcity of food after the flood.

11 6. desolate: providing no shelter. The town was desolate after the hurricane.

12 7. expanse: a wide scope. vocabulary.Com Sam showed me the grassy expanses in the park.

13 8. excavate: recover through digging They will excavate the mummy next week.

14 9. perimeter: the boundary line or area immediately inside the boundary. The police put tape around the perimeter of the crime scene.

15 10. juvenile: relating to characteristic of or appropriate for children. The rides were made for juveniles and adults.

16 11. grimace: a contorted facial expression. I had a grimace on my face when I broke my arm.

17 12. stifling: a forceful prevention, putting down by power or authority. The police were stifling the robbers with tear gas.

18 13. preposterous: inviting ridicule, incongruous. The uniforms for work are preposterous.

19 14. Forlorn : marked by or showing hopelessness. The man was forlorn after he got fired from his job.

20 15. curse: an evil spell intended to harm someone. The witch put a curse on her enemy.

21 Author Page, Louis Sachar Louis Sachar was born in East Meadow, New York on March 20,1954. He was inspired by J.D. Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut’s work. Louis Sachar is an American author of children’s books. He is best known for the book “Sideways Stories from Wayside School” and “Holes”, for which he won a National Book Award and the Newberry Medal.

22 Iguana Kingdom:Anmalia,Phylum:Chordate,Class:Sauropsida, Order:Squamala,Suborder:Iguania,Family:Iguanidae,Genus: Iguana.

23 Comparison Chart Both were poor and They were both in group D.”Holes” People accused him of stealing Clyde Livingston’s shoes. Overweight and big. Had a home and a family. He went to Camp Green Lake a few weeks after Zero did. Stanley Zero He actually stole Clyde Livingston’s shoes. Light and small. Was homeless and remembers his mother. Zero went to Camp Green Lake a few weeks before Stanley.

24 Problems and Solutions Problem, Stanley went to Camp Green Lake. Solution, he served his time there. Problem, Zero runs away from Camp Green Lake and might die of thirst. Solution, Stanley runs away from Camp Green Lake and found Zero under the boat “Mary Lou” eating what he called “Splush”. Problem, Stanley and Zero will die of thirst if they cannot find water. Solution, They went to “God’s Thumb” and found food and water. Problem, Stanley cannot teach Zero how to read because he is always out of energy after digging. Solution, Zero Digs some of Stanley’s hole so he can have energy to teach Zero how to read. “Holes”

25 Figurative Language Simile: “Zero sat as still as a statue.” Metaphor: “It was full of clear cool water that sparkled like a giant emerald in the sun.” Personification: 1. The author describes the rocks that Stanley finds his salvation as “a thumb”. 2. The author describes the onion as having a personality. Irony: The warden made the boys dig to build character but he had a hidden agenda to find a


27 Flashback Summary In the first few flashbacks in the story are about Stanley’s great-great- grandfather. Stanley’s grandfather is in love with the woman of his dreams. When he asks her father for her hand in marriage her father says he wants a big heavy pig but a man name Igor can offer that. So Stanley’s grandfather ask Madam Zeroni to help him. She says that if he brings a pig on top of a mountain and give it the spring water and sing a special song to it, it will be bigger than Igor’s pig and he will grow stronger himself. On the day to weigh the pigs he does not do it and a curse is put on him and he realized that the girl did not love him and he left for America. The next few flashbacks were about Kissin Kate Barlow. She is a teacher at Green Lake town. There is a black man named Sam who sold onions which could cure most sickness. Sam also had a mule called Mary Lou. Sam fixed the school house for Barlow and peaches. Barlow falls in love with Sam and kisses him. Someone saw them kiss and when they were trying to escape Sam was shot and killed and so was Marry Lou. Trout Walker tracks down Barlow after many years and tells her to tell him were all here loot is. But Barlow is killed by a yellow spotted lizard. “It was destiny,he realized.It was his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great great grandfather.” “Holes” ch.6 p 25

28 WORKS CITED Sacher,Louis,”Holes”.Farrar,Straws,and Giroux.1998.print

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