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The Coming of Beowulf Part 2.

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1 The Coming of Beowulf Part 2

2 The Coming of Beowulf This story doesn’t actually take place in England... Herot is actually set in _______, hence the Danes (Danish people) and Beowulf comes from the tribe called the _____(Line 91) who live in modern day Sweden. Lines refer to which of the Anglo-Saxon heroic characteristic of _________________. Line tell us that Beowulf only felt the need to bring _________men with him. (repetition of the heroic self confidence.

3 The Coming of Beowulf Line describes the men as eager to fight Grendel, much like the football boys in the tunnel pre-game. Line 112 mentions the oak-hard boat, which is an example of an ________. The author gives us a great example of _______here in line 114, comparing the ship to a bird, in the way that they both glide gracefully through their elements.

4 The Coming of Beowulf Line 124 is an interesting contrast to the pregame battle attitudes of a few moments prior… This is another example of the poet’s inclusion of ___________into the pagan myth. Lines introduce us to my favorite character in the whole poem: Hrothgar’s lieutenant. He embodies __________and _________to the upmost degree.

5 The Coming of Beowulf Beowulf begins to speak and the author provides us with an interesting ___________, comparing his heart to a locked treasure chest in lines Lines is Beowulf’s (familial) resumé, ending with an ultimatum… The Lieutenant offers a caveat to Beowulf in lines , warning him to make sure he can put his money where his mouth is!

6 The Coming of Beowulf Line 192 gives us an example of a synecdoche, which is a substitution of a _____for a ______: curving prow for ship. Lines offer us beautiful imagery of Herot… we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto… Herot has to be exquisite because it _____________Beowulf’s rise to the throne. Line give us a more elaborate portfolio of Beowulf’s prior exploits… (next pg)

7 The Coming of Beowulf Boasting is common in epic poetry. It allows the hero to show he has already won fame and intends to do so again. This combo of boasting and fame was especially important to Anglo-Saxon heroes because their pagan religion offered no hope of reward in an afterlife; thus their fame was their only hope for immortality. There wasn’t much the poet could do to remedy this scenario… Keep a list of the accomplishments Beowulf lists.

8 The Coming of Beowulf Line 241, Beowulf begins a request to Hrothgar that he can fight Grendel _______, without the help of the Danes. What are possible reasons he wouldn’t want their help? Lines tell us his plan of attack with Grendel. Why does he decide not to use weapons? Lines provide gruesome imagery!

9 The Coming of Beowulf Lines express a characteristic Anglo-Saxon view of life and introduce us to a theme of ________. He understands that if it is his fate to die at Grendel’s hands, then he accepts the kind of horrible death it will be. How are Christianity and Fate intertwined? (Line 268)

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