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HSE CHANGES 2013 RATIONAL Reduction of Government Department budget.

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1 HSE CHANGES 2013 RATIONAL Reduction of Government Department budget

2 HSE changes Points of reference L74 third edition Guidance on Regulations INDG214 (rev1) First Aid at Work questions answered GIS3 Selecting a first aid training provider Hse41 Enforcement Policy Statement

3 L74 important bits Sets out the basic requirements for the provision of First Aid at Work Look at this guidance to establish a working practise for First Aid at Work It’s a minimum standard Minor changes in 2013 to guidance only, the Regulations remain the same

4 L74 third edition 2013 Ambulance called in serious cases An appropriate first aid qual and remain competent Four tier system Appointed person, EFAW, FAW and additional training Appendix section assists with risk assessment and determination of requirements for the workplace

5 GIS3 important bits Selection of a first-aid training provider – HSE does not advocate, promote or support any particular option “internal or external” – Must do “Due Diligence” Qualifications of Trainer & Assessors Monitoring & Quality assurance systems Syllabus content Certification

6 External training providers Choose from: – Offer regulated qualifications (awarding body) – Operate under a voluntary accreditation scheme including trade/industry body (FAIB) – Operate independently of any such scheme (Ref Page 1 & 2) – Voluntary organisations St Johns etc

7 Trainer/Assessor Competence

8 Why the First Aid Industry Body? Ian Kershaw Trade Body Standards are the same and stricter (handout) Greater inspection Clear specific support and guidance FAIB guidance 1 (handout)

9 FATE-Medicade Ltd New Ltd status Business development plan New certificates Updated/refreshed FAW manual Updated certificates Improved website: Updated lesson plans & presentations

10 FATE-Medicade Ltd Access to subject specific information – Knowledge sessions/presentations CPD programme 2014 (3 hours) – Basic assessment skills – Neck & Spinal injuries – Paediatric assessment skills March, June and September

11 Administration Register courses on the website Order certificates on the website Return registers quickly Return Registers and certificate lists only New email addresses – –

12 Trainer area






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