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Created by: Hannah Boger English II October 23th 2013 4 th Period.

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1 Created by: Hannah Boger English II October 23th 2013 4 th Period

2  What is fate? Fate is beyond someone's control that they can’t help what happens, it will just happen naturally.  Tata and Nena and the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, both have fate related into it.

3  The reason Tata and Nena is fate for a universal topic is because, Tlaoc the god of rain gave Tata and Nena a chance to live by telling them instructions, that they can’t eat the fish and they disobeyed him and so they were turned into dogs.

4  I feel that Radioactive relates a little bit to fate because I feel like in the song it means your crashing down on the inside and can’t get back up but then you see that tiny spark of opportunity, and if you didn’t have fate you wouldn’t see that opportunity.

5  Tata and Nena also has fate because if it wasn’t for the god of rain they wouldn’t of had a chance to live. The god spared their lives and they messed up and they paid the price.

6  Radioactive also kind of tells a story by how maybe someone felt depressed and things got brighter and what you went through only made you stronger as a person.  In the song Radioactive it repeats “new age” meaning age after your deep depression. Also when it says “I feel it in my bones” meaning defeating your fears.

7 Tata and Nena  Shows that the god of rain wouldn’t have gone up to Tata and Nena if it wasn’t fate. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons  Shows that if it wasn’t for fate people wouldn’t be able to get back up and see a opportunity to show themselves.

8  I can relate to fate because I have been in moments when something happened for a reason like the time I met my best friend when I went to a softball field and I didn’t want to go at first till my mom made me and that was something that happened for a reason because if I didn’t go I would of never met my now best friend.

9  Radio active and Tata and Nena go together because they have fate in all the right reasons. They might have a different type of fate but they have fate.

10  Radioactive, Imagine Dragons, 2011  Unknown, Tata and Nena.  OWTo (song) OWTo

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