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Sci. Fi. Book Project By Aidan B. Smith L.A.3 Book: Ender’s Game Book 1 in a series of three!!!

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1 Sci. Fi. Book Project By Aidan B. Smith L.A.3 Book: Ender’s Game Book 1 in a series of three!!!

2 THE SETTING The Setting in Ender’s Game changes from minor places, such as the hospital, school, and Ender’s home, to major places, such as Battle School, and the world of the Buggers.

3 Battle School S Battle School is located somewhere in the asteroid belt, Battle School in general is compromised of many settings. I shall name and describe all four of them, 1.) The Bunks, the bunks look like long cylindrical tubes with a flat floor, and bunk beds on either side, each bed has a “desk”, these desks serve as an average computer.

4 There is also the Mess Hall, the mess hall looks like a huge dining hall with numerous long rectangular tables. There is also the Game Room, which looks like a arcade with numerous violent battle strategy games. Finally, last, but not least is the battle room, which is a large box shaped room with no gravity, the students do battle games in this room. Battle School Con. S

5 Eros S Eros, like Battle school is located in the Asteroid belt, yet unlike Battle School, Eros is not a contingency of random rooms connected by long cylindrical tubes, instead Eros is a singular sphere that has a light field that is almost as dark as a black hole. It has three landing platforms that hold shuttles capable of transporting people to the surface of Eros.

6 Eros Con. S The inside of Eros looks quite different, it used to be a Bugger colony world, yet it has been changed into Command School, and the command center for the I.F. fleet. There is also a simulator in the command school, the simulator puts “lucky students”, like Ender in real life battle situations in deep space. Also in Eros there is the Ansible, a device that can transwarp messages across time and space.

7 CHARACTERS There are numerous characters in Ender’s Game, that range from minor characters, such as Miss Pumphrey, to major characters, such as Ender. I will be writing about to major characters, Ender, and Valentine.

8 Ender C 1.) Ender is nice, yet violent, main character, major character, protagonist.

9 Valentine C 2.) Valentine, Ender’s sister, kind & nice, major character, is able to persuade people to do things for her.

10 Razer Mackham C Razer Mackham, teacher on Eros, famous commander of a fleet that destroyed a Bugger fleet in the Second Invasion, supposedly dead, (supposed whereabouts known by the local populace, UNKOWN), protagonist.

11 THE PLOT LINE The plot line is the story of the Sci. Fi. Novel and all the books and movies that have been made.

12 The Plot Line P The Rising Action: The plot line in Ender’s Game is this, aliens known as the Buggers have invaded Earth twice and forced peace upon mankind, thus to ensure humanity's survival as species, the U.S. government has created a fleet out of everything humanity could produce, also they train young, “lucky” cadets such as Ender to fight of the alien menace. No known knowledge of another Bugger invasion is known, yet humanity has begun to lapse into there old ways of fighting each other, should the Buggers not attack again, of course.

13 The Plot Line P The Climax: Ender leaves Battle School and returns to Earth for three months and spends those three months in a library next to a lake. Meanwhile Valentine and her older brother, Peter make up fake identities to try and take over the world. Ender soon goes to the Command School, located on a desolate sphere, called Eros. Upon Eros he meets someone who is thought to be dead by the local populace. His name is Razer Mackham.

14 The Plot Line P Falling Action: Razer Mackham teaches Ender. Ender meets some of his old friends from battle school, they train together. Then one day Ender is allowed to sleep in for some time. He wakes some time later and the door is unlocked. Confused he goes to the simulator room, there he sees that Razer Mackham, Mr. Anderson, & Colonel Graff, Razer says that this final test shall determine the fate of mankind. Ender then enters the simulator, yet something is different, in this test, there is a planet, Ender must destroy the planet to succeed. He does, and then he finds out that he just destroyed the Bugger homeworld, and with it the entire Bugger species. Soon humanity fights each other in 5short days, called the League Wars, which was stopped by the Locke Proposal, which allows peace, and colonization of other worlds.

15 The Plot Line P The Resolution: Ender & Valentine leave Eros and travel to a Bugger colony world, now empty. They set up a colony, and Valentine became a writer for the stories of the living. Ender soon received a contact from Earth about another colony ship approaching the planet that they currently live on. Ender searches for a suitable colony location, during his searches he finds a place that seems familiar to him, a ruined tower, in which he finds a Bugger Queen cocoon, he then decides to search for a world where the buggers and humans could live in peace.

16 CONFLICTS The conflicts of a story are vast and range from numerous topics, among which are Man v.s. Society, Man v.s. Character, and Man v.s. Fate.

17 Conflicts C 1.) Man v.s. Society: Ender does not want to do what society wants him to do, he wants to live on Earth again, while society wants him to fight off the Bugger threat. Man v.s. Character: Ender does not always agree with his teachers. Therefore, sometimes he disobeys the rules.

18 Conflicts con. C Man v.s. Fate: Ender does not want to follow the fate that has been forced upon him, by society, fate, etc., yet he will learn that he must go down this path through to it’s bloody, violent end, or humanity will be obliterated by the Buggers.

19 The Theme T I am not sure what others may think about the theme of this book, yet I for one think that the theme is this. War destroys, yet peace heals, so let this be a warning to you, do not fight, do not kill, instead bring peace and love to the world.

20 Citations 1.) 2.)

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