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Fate vs. Macbeth Thesis:

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1 Fate vs. Macbeth Thesis:
The character, Macbeth, is not a victim of fates harsh cruelty but rather a facilitator in his own self-fulfilling downfall. Jake Winn- AP Seminar

2 Topic- the character of Macbeth suffers from qualities of pride, fear, thirst for power, and belief in the supernatural that leads him to believing and instituting the absurd predictions of the witches- which were otherwise just guesses.

3 What Impacts Macbeth’s Decisions?
1. Lust for wickedness The mysticism of the witches Need to make the witches predictions a reality 2. Need for power Envy of Banquo and his blood line Direct reason for regicide 3. Desire to be immortal lady Macbeth and having children

4 Historical Background of Macbeth
People of the Shakespearean age held a strong belief in: Ghosts Malevolent spirits Witches- “a physical manifestation of evil and a threat to society's moral and religious fiber.” 1400 to 1700= era of witch hunts and witch trials. Queen Elizabeth I passed the 1562 Elizabethan Witchcraft Act forbidding "conjurations, enchantments and witchcrafts."

5 The Witches and the Plot
The witches play several roles within the text Emblems of the hostile powers in nature Mysticism of fate and pre-determined destiny “they are ignoble and vulgar instruments of hell” Designed to bring out the worst in Macbeth Cunning, manipulative and it is unclear how much future-predicting ability they truly posses

6 The Role of Lady Macbeth
When discussing Lady Macbeth’s role in Macbeth’s fate many questions should be asked: What actions did she convince Macbeth to do? Would he have done what he did without her? Child birth Does Macbeth blame Lady Macbeth for not baring children? If so his mortality is pinned on her

7 Conclusion He was given freewill to decipher the information he was given and he chose to make it come true. Macbeth was doomed tragically from the start, as is all men. His death was immanent, but his path to the death was determined by the actions that he took which led him there.

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