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Romeo and Juliet Act V 4/15/2017.

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1 Romeo and Juliet Act V 4/15/2017

2 Act V Scene 1 What was Romeo’s dream? What is Balthasar’s news?
Who was he supposed to hear from? What is Balthasar’s concern? Which problems here are caused by fate, and which are caused by human error (rashness)? 4/15/2017

3 Act V.1 Continued What is Romeo’s plan?
Is his plan consistent with his personality & behavior so far? Explain. Why is Romeo confident that the apothecary will sell him poison? Where will Romeo go to use it? What comments does Romeo make about money? 4/15/2017

4 Act V Scene 2 Who comes to Friar Laurence’s cell?
Why does Friar John say he couldn’t deliver letter to Romeo? What did the letter say? What is Friar’s plan? Is it fate or human error that prevented delivery of this letter? 4/15/2017

5 Act V Scene 3 Summarize scene. 4/15/2017

6 R & J As Tragedy A tragedy is a drama that:
begins in calm and ends in violence, often with the death of one or more of the main characters/ where Fate/Hamartia is a major cause of the tragic ending or “catastrophe” How is Romeo & Juliet a textbook tragedy Romeo Fate? Hamartia? Juliet 4/15/2017

7 Who is to blame? Who or what is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? If you were the Prince, how would you judge the Friar for his actions in this scene? What might have happened if he had stayed in the tomb? Who else might the Prince blame? Section off room into Romeo, Juliet, Parents, Friar, Nurse, Fate, and Other. Students should gather under the name of the person they think is to blame and come up with reasons. Discuss and debate for five minutes as a group, then come together as a large group and debate for remainder of period. 4/15/2017

8 True or False? Romeo would be alive if the apothecary had followed the law. The Capulets are to blame for the death of Juliet because they forced her into a marriage. If Prince Escalus had punished the Montagues and Capulets earlier, the entire tragedy would not have happened. Romeo’s impulsiveness, immaturity, and emotionalism caused him problems. A 14-year-old is not capable of true love. People in positions of power must take responsibility for the actions of those under them. A person cannot change the role that fate has ordained for him or her. Love is worth dying for. Our own personalities shape our lives, and we can shape our personalities by the choices we make. Events outside our control shape our lives.

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