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Match the words. Touching Crossing Walking under Breaking a Worried about nº Open an Carrying a lucky Drop See a Fingers 13 Salt Black cat Wood A ladder.

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3 Match the words. Touching Crossing Walking under Breaking a Worried about nº Open an Carrying a lucky Drop See a Fingers 13 Salt Black cat Wood A ladder Charm Mirror Umbrella in the house

4 Bad or good luck? It brings bad luck… Nº 13 Walking under a ladder Dropping salt Opening an umbrella inside the house Breaking a mirror Seeing a black cat … It avoids bad luck… Touching wood Crossing fingers Carrying a lucky charms …

5 How supersticious are you?. Listen and fill in the gaps Are you down-to- _______________ Read out the sports ______________ Take no ________________ It makes _________________ Walk under the ladder to ___________ Oh dear, I´ ll _________________ Never _____________________ I´ll keep _____________________ You are told the house is __________ I can hear ___________________ I hope we ___________________ I don ´t believe in ghosts. It´s ________ Earth or on another planet? Results instead notice No difference anyway Prove it isn ´t unlucky Have 7 years of bad luck Mind- I´ll buy another one My fingers crossed Haunted Footsteps coming this way We won ´t see any ghosts All nonsense!

6 The opposite of bring bad luck A ______ bad luck “Pasar”” No prestar atención” T _____ No N ______ Oh my God! It´s said in America in Britain is O___D __ To avoid bad luck you can K ____ your F ____ C___ ! Tonterías! N __________ ! ¿ Estás con los pies en el suelo o…?. Are you D ____- T __ - E ___? An object we use for getting to high places L ______ “No importa “ N _____ M _____ “esa casa está encantada”. That house is H ______ He will read the sports results I ___ “Encuentra la información aquí” F _____ O _____ H ____ If you see a painter on a ladder, Will you W ______ R ___ or U ____ it? Object we use to avoid bad luck L _____ C _____ “Oí pasos que venían hacia mi” I heard F _____ C _____ this W __ “Lee el horóscopo y sigue el consejo”.Read the horoscope and F ___ __ A ______ -AVOID -Down to earth -find out here -Take no notice -A ladder -Walk round or under -Oh dear! -Never mind -Lucky charm -keep fingers crossed -Haunted -Footsteps coming way -Nonsense -Instead -- follow advice

7 1.Translate into English 1.¿Estás con los pies en la tierra o en las nubes?. Si tu amigo te dice:¿Te leo el horóscopo? ¿Sigues el consejo, te lo crees si es bueno o mejor te lees los deportes? 2. Si mañana es 13, ¿Te quedas en casa, sales y vas con cuidado o pasas por que no va a pasar nada. 3. Si ves a un pintor en una escalera, ¿La evitas o pasas por debajo? 4. Si rompes un espejo, dices” santo cielo, voy a tener 7 años de mala suerte”, “No importa, compro otro” 5. Estás en una casa y te dicen que está encantada. Entonces empiezas a oír pasos que vienen hacia mi o pasas “Son tonterías”. 6. Un amigo está preocupado porque tiene un examen mañana. Tu dices: “ no te preocupes, te presto mi amuleto”, o “Te ayudo a estudiar para el examen?” Are you down-to-earth or in another planet. If your friend tells you, Shall I read the horoscope?. Do you follow advice, do you believe only if it´s good or do you read the sports results instead? If tomorrow is 13. Do you stay at home?, Do you go out but you´re careful? Or you take no notice as it makes no difference anyway If you see a painter on a ladder, Do you walk round or do you walk under he ladder? If you break a mirror, you say”Oh, Dear!, I´ll have seven years of bad luck”, “never mind, I´ll buy another one” You´re in a house and you are told that the house is haunted. Then you start to hear footsteps coming your way or you take no notice, “It´s all nonsense” A friend is worried about an exam tomorrow. You say: “ Don ´t worry, I´ll lend you my lucky charm”, or Shall I help you to revise for the exam

8 What about …? Problems / situations I don ´t understand the English teacher Maths exams are terrible Solutions / offers / promises OK, I´ll tell him to speak Spanish Don ´t worry, I´ll tell teh teacher to do them easier OK, I´ll tell him to speak Spanish Don ´t worry, I´ll tell teh teacher to do them easier OK,I promise I´ll tell him to speak Spanish

9 James Morrison – Broken streets But you broke me___ It's the last chance to feel again___ Let me hold you___ Now I can't feel anything___ For the last time___ When ______________________, It's _______________ I can't even _________________ When I_______________________ It's the _____________________ Oh it tears/ fears me/my up I try to hold/ hole on, but it hurts/hearts too much I try to forgive, but it's not enough/ in off to make it/eat all okay You can't _______________________strings You _______________ that your ______ don't want to feel I __________________________that ain't real Oh the truth hurts ___ How can I give anymore ___ When I love you a little less than before ___ And lies worse___ Oh what _____________________ We are ____________________dust ___________________ in the ruins of us Running back/ pack through/threw the fire When there's nothing left to save/ safe It's like chasing the _____________ train when _____________ 4 3 1 5 2 I love you So untrue Convince myself Am speaking voice of someone else Tear / me Hold / hurts Enough / it Play on broken Can ´t feel anything / heart Can ´t tell you something 1 3 4 2 Are we doing? Turning into Playing house Back/ threw Save Very last It´s too late

10 Will / won´t/ shall For Instant decisions Ex. Teacher: I need a person to get a piece of chalk. Martin: Don´t worry teacher, I´ll go For Predictions (based on what you think) Ex. I think in the year 2050 everybody will have cars fuelled by hydrogen For offers and promises Ex. Shall I help you? Ex. I promise I will do it

11 BE GOING TO (I´m gonna...) For Intentions Ex. I´ve failed the exam. What are you going to do now? - I´m not going to tell my parents, that´s for sure. For Predictions (based on what you can see or know) Ex. Victor is a big mouth, the tutor is going to punish him some day

12 Will or going to? Will Am going to / will Will Is going to Will/ will Are going to have will


14 Match the following Murphy´s laws 1.If a subject is interesting to the teacher 2.If you want a book from the library 3.If you´re allowed a calculator in an exam 4.If you are early 5.If you are late 6.If you do the homework on the computer 7.If you copy someone else´s homework 8.If you lend your friends your notes A.It will be out B.The school bus will be late C.They will lose them D.It will crash before you have saved the work E. the battery will be flat F. the teacher will find out G. It will bore the students H. the school bus will be on time 1 – G 2- A 3- E 4- B 5- H 6- D 7- F 8- C



17 Listen and fill in the gaps Afraid Scared of heights You´ll feel better On Met Instructor Runway Airfield Confidence Took off Turned back towards Take over Steady Took her hands off Much worse Face Held Up to you Land Chance Unconscious Take it easy Above Push Drop Pull Gently Knob throttle

18 Are you scared of H _____ Aterrizar y despegar= T _____ and L ____ Gary got a M _____ w_____ surprise T _____ it E ____ means – Calm down, relax. Keep your hands S _____ = move hands G _____ R _____ = place used by planes for taking off or landing T _____ O ____ = take the control of something It´s U ___ T ___ Y ___ = tú verás in English P _____ and P ___ = empujar y tirar in English Press that big button or K ____ A _______ = place where you can fly planes C ______ = all the instruments in the plane used for flying a plane U ______ = when a person doesn ´t react but he´s not sleeping D_____ = dejar caer, tirar T ____ = object used for accelerating or reducing speed -Heights -Runway -airfield -Take off/ land -Take over -controls -Much worse -Up to you -unconcious - -take it easy -Push / pull -drop -Steady/ Gently -Knob -throttle

19 1. we´ll miss the train 2. you´ll have to pay for them 3. we won´t let you go to the party 4. if you help me with my Maths 5. if you tidy your room 6. I´ll turn it off



22 What can you here? I can hear a … A door banging A car coming A woman creaming People clapping their hands People cheering A baby crying A phone ringing A person laughing A person running A motorbike leaving

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