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Napoleon Rises to Power (pgs 592-593 Napoleon Rises To Power Born in Corsica which was French ruled Sent to France for a military career Lieutenant when.

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2 Napoleon Rises to Power (pgs 592-593

3 Napoleon Rises To Power Born in Corsica which was French ruled Sent to France for a military career Lieutenant when the revolution broke out Favored Jacobins & republican rule Ideas & personalities of French Revolution confusing

4 Victories Cloud Losses Rose quickly in the army during turmoil Forced British out of French Port Captured most of Northern Italy Peace made by Hapsburg Empire Network of spies & censoring the press Napoleon’s ambition was success Became Political leader Overthrew directory & set up the Consulate Was named Consul for life

5 Napoleon Crowns himself Emperor “Emperor of the French” Invited Pope to preside over his coronation During ceremony, Napoleon took crown from pope Showed throne was meant for him Held a Plebiscite Held absolute power

6 Napoleon Reforms France (pgs. 593-594)

7 Reforms in Law In 1804 Napoleon took on Frances legal system. Laws were based on Roman Law, ancient custom or monarchial paternalism. Laws were changed during the Revolution, which was difficult to determine what law applied in any given situation Not all laws applied to everyone. Under Napoleon laws were codified and written clearly so that the people could determine what law applied.

8 Reforms in Education Napoleon recognized the importance of education and built lycees. Believed that if you stated an education at a young age it would create civilized citizens. Didn’t educate woman.

9 Napoleon Builds an Empire (pgs 594-596)

10 1804 - 1812 Flourished on the battlefield Fought against combined European powers Little care for lose of men Every battle had a different plan “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” Napoleon Bonaparte


12 Strikes Britain Only country in Europe that stood outside his Empire 1805 – Battle of Trafalgar, southwest coast of Spain Admiral Horatio Nelson smashed French fleet

13 Map of Europe is Re - Drawn Annexed the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and parts of Italy Created 38 – member Confederation of the Rhine Controlled through forced diplomacy Success boosted spirit of nationalism

14 Napoleon’s Empire Faces Challenges (pgs 596-597

15 Challenges Nationalism unleashed revolts against France The people thought of Napoleon as an oppressor

16 More Challenges Spain and Austria battled France Russia winter defeats the Grand Army “All the fire-engines carried away.” (PS)

17 Napoleon Falls From Power (pgs 598-599)

18 Napoleon Abdicates Briefly In 1814, Napoleon abdicates his position and is exiled to Elba, a Mediterranean island Louis XVIII recognized as King Accepts Napoleonic Code and everything goes bad Economic Depression and Émigrés' return Napoleon returns to cheering crowds

19 Battle of Waterloo Napoleon’s triumph is short lived 100 days while enemies assemble Forces clash in Waterloo, Belgium Prussians under General Bulcher and British under the Duke of Wellington France crushed and Napoleon exiled

20 Napoleon’s Legacy Dies in 1821 but is considered a living legend Napoleonic code, Constitution, and public elections Conquests spread ideas throughout the world’ Nationalist feelings across Europe Actions help form Germany Sparks American Expansion

21 Wyatt M

22 Congress of Vienna Waterloo: September 1814 to June 1815 Included diplomats and heads of state Goal: Lasting peace through protection of monarchy and balance of power. Host Emperor Francis I of Austria had diplomats and Royalty party Work fell to rulers of Austria, Russia, Britain, and France

23 Congress Strives for Peace Most rulers had individual goals to benefit their country Peacemakers- Ring France with strong countries Promoted legitimacy: Restoring hereditary monarch- ies overthrown by Napoleon or French Rev Immediate goals achieved- Lasting peace

24 Congress Fails to See Traps Ahead Quadruple Alliance(AUS, RS, PR, GB) Concert of Europe- Powers meet periodically to discuss issues Decisions influenced Europe for next century Next decades- Nationalism hurt Europe and Latin America

25 Age of Napoleon Born August 15 th, 1769 in Corsica, France Late 1793 started a dazzling series of victories which sparked his career Reformed France through order, security, and efficiency Invaded Russia in 1812 which stared his downfall with a series of failed campaigns and eventually abdicated in 1814 Trained for military 9. He was a 20 years old and a lieutenant at the start of revolution By December 2 nd, 1804, he had gained enough power and crowned himself emperor 1802 – 1812 promoted his reputation. Annexed Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Italy and Germany Returned to the throne in 1815 in glory for 100 days before being defeated in Waterloo. He exiled to St. Helena and died in 1821

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