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THE LION AND THE LAMB CHRIST OUR PASSOVER. In Heaven Before time Began Christ is the Word of God He is on the throne He was slain from the foundation.

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2 In Heaven Before time Began Christ is the Word of God He is on the throne He was slain from the foundation of the world He reigns as the ‘Alpha and the Omega’ His head and hairs were white like wool His eyes were as a flame of fire

3 The ‘Lamb, the Lion of Judah Around God’s throne are four living creatures, the highest angels He is worshipped by the four living creatures. He is worshipped by the 24 elders Rev. (5:12)

4 The Four cherubims each have four faces. The faces are: A Man, A Lion, An Eagle and Ox The each have four wings They represent the Lamb’s lordship over all creation. Lion-king of wild animals Ox king of domesticated Eagle king of birds Man king of created order

5 Fall of Lucifer Lucifer’s role was to cover the throne of God He was the highest, most beautiful angel He was decorated with precious stones – sardius, topaz, diamond, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, emerald, gold, carbuncle His heart was lifted up He was cast out of heaven.

6 Fall of Man Lucifer(light-bearer)becomes Satan He envies man, God’s highest creation. Mankind falls, Satan assumes legal dominion of earth. God promises that the ‘seed’ of the woman would destroy the ‘serpent’ Women don’t have seed; the word seed is masculine, singular – a miraculous conception

7 Satan attempts to eliminate the seed Cain kills Abel Seth takes Abel’s place. The first generations tell the gospel in their names Seth – a substitute Enos – a mortal man Cainan – in the womb Mahalel – praise, rejoice Jared- coming from above Enoch- a good teacher Methuselah- when he dies, it is finished Noah –rest from the curse

8 Noah’s son preserves the line Satan attempted to assimilate mankind – the line of Seth with the world. God preserves Noah and his family Noah’s son, shem’s descendants declare the gospel of the coming Messiah in their names Shem-the name, God Arphaxad- a healer Selah –the rock, finisher Eber – Passover Peleg –Separation, dividing Reu- a friend, pasture Serug-the branch Nahor-the breath, spirit Abraham - father of the nations

9 Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – The Seed, the lamb Abraham has a son, Isaac (laughter) Isaac is a ‘miracle’ child He brings laughter Isaac gives birth to Jacob (Israel) A nation, Israel (which means ‘a prince will reign as God) is born Israel will be God’s sovereign territory on earth. The Messiah will come through Jacob’s fourth son, Judah

10 God meets Moses It is time for God to establish his heavenly law on earth To bring heaven to earth To establish a godly nation on Satan’s territory To bring Israel out of Egypt

11 The blood of the lamb saves Israel The Israelites sacrifice a lamb and daub the blood on the doorposts They must take a lamb without blemish, a male They must gather on the 10 th day and sacrifice it on the 14 th day in the evening. The 15 th day is the feast of unleavened bread God brings israel out of Egypt

12 Heaven’s image comes to earth God created Israel a nation under his law-the ten commandments He replicates the pattern of the heavenly temple in an earthly temple with the four creatures, the elders, the lampstand and the sanctuary

13 The priests come before God The priest is covered with the same precious stones that Lucifer had. The image of the heavenly temple comes to earth God’s law is established from Mt Sinai The lamb is coming to redeem mankind through Israel

14 The temple furniture mirrors that before God’s throne The lampstand and table in the holy place typify the 7 lamps before God’s throne and elders around the throne The golden cherubim covering the ark signify the angels spreading their wings behind the throne

15 Arrival of the Lamb of God, the Lion Israel often departed from God and were punished accordingly. The line was preserved. Abraham – Isaac – Jacob- Judah – Phares – Esrom –Aram – Aminadab – Naashon – Salmon – Boaz – Obed –Jesse – David – Solomon –Rehoboam – Abijah – Asa – Jehosaphat – Joram –Ozias – Jotham – Ahaz – Hezekiah – Manasses –Amon – Josias – Jechonias – Salathiel – Zerubbabel – Abiud – Eliakim – Azor – Zadok –Achim – Eliud – Eleazar –Mattan –Jacob - Joseph - JESUS, The Lamb of God Jesus conceived miraculously -He was sinless, a lamb without blemish - He came to Jerusalem and was inspected and no fault found - he was sacrificed on the 14 th day of Nisan He was whipped -His death was a perfect atonement, substitution for the sins of mankind -He restored the dominion of mankind to those who receive him He took the keys away from Satan

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