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The Glorious Revolution of England pt. I Setting the Stage for Political Revolutions.

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1 The Glorious Revolution of England pt. I Setting the Stage for Political Revolutions

2 What was it? ► The Glorious Revolution was the overthrow of James II of England in 1688 ► This was the first in the series of 3 political revolutions that shaped modern democracy ► France and the American colonists used the Glorious revolution as an example to limit government and secure the natural rights of the people

3 The Problems of English Monarchy 1. Since the Catholics and Protestants were continually fighting for power, the Divine Right of Kings became a political struggle 2. England had a Parliament, or Legislative government body, established by the Magna Carta in 1215. 3. The political rights of Parliament clashed with the Divine Right of the King setting the stage for a political revolution




7 The Problems of English Government ► James II became the Catholic King of England since 1685 ► Protestants had control of Parliament and passed laws unfavorable to English Catholics ► By 1686 James was removing Protestants from high offices and replacing with Catholic supporters ► This was viewed as an abuse of the Divine Right of the King’s Power




11 Abuses of the Divine Right 1. Relaxed the Penal Laws, a series of laws that sought to uphold the Protestant Church of England 2. Formed a King's Political Party in Parliament to have more legislative support 3. Created a large standing army and employed Catholics in positions of power in the army 4. Declared Freedom of Religion granting Catholics more legal rights

12 Conspiracy and Revolution ► James’ daughter Mary, a Protestant was set to inherit the throne ► But James fathered a son during his Kingship who would then become the next Catholic King ► The idea of a Catholic Dynasty ruling England angered many Protestants ► 1688, an anti-Catholic group decided to dispose of James and put Mary and her Dutch husband William of Orange on the throne




16 Conspiracy and Revolution ► William and Mary began to plot the invasion of England and the overthrow of James ► The English army, mostly Protestant, fully supported William and Mary’s plan ► James awaited William’s invasion and refused outside help for fear of losing public support ► However James fled at the last moment and abdicated his throne

17 English Uprisings in December 1688 ► Riots broke out in the streets of London burning and looting Catholic homes ► Foreign embassies of Catholic countries were overrun and set afire ► A rumor started about an Irish invasion and 100,000 people joined together in London to defend the city

18 The Final Days of King James ► James returned to London to calm the public and run the government ► William decided that it was time to remove James from the throne for good. ► William ordered all English troops to leave London and not protect James which they did. ► Just as William entered London in December 1688, James abdicated his throne again

19 A New Government is Formed A New Government is Formed ► On December 28, William took control of the government of England ► William and Mary were crowned King and Queen of England in February 1689 ► Before they accepted they had to agree to the following: 1. To declare certain natural rights of the English people 2. To uphold the laws passed by Parliament ► This established the Constitutional Monarchy of England which they still have today


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